Friday, August 7, 2009


Last night I made a Strawberry and Chocolate Birthday cake, it came out pretty Fantastic.

Not much going on school is out for the two weeks (YAY) and I am thinking tonight a friend and I will do dinner and a movie…right now its looking like the " The Collector".

I hope everyone has an Great Weekend. I am working on a few things, so I hope on Monday I have some more exciting news to share.

And I leave you with some nice Eye Candy….



  1. I'm not even going to show these photos to my man, because I would be afraid that he seriously would head down to Texas and try to steal you from your boyfriend lol! And the eye candy was quite delicious. Is that Carey Hart? Man he's hot.

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    its worth readingg i promiseee;;)

  3. Way to go on starting your business. How EXCITING......

  4. That cake is awesome! I'm hungry!

  5. ooh yummy!!! I mean the cake ;)


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