Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WAAAAAAA Wednesday!!

Its not even noon and I have dealt with nothing but MEAN, RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL People!!

People can be so rude sometimes and it amazes me. I think it takes WAY more energy to be rude and ugly, then it does to put a smile on your face…. Just Saying!!

But looking at pretties that I need in my closet are making it all better…

Ahh...all is better now (oh and Cher blasting on Pandora doesn't hurt either!!)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Recap...

The weekend is over and its back to the daily grind of things…..BOO!!! Why can’t I be a princess (I mean other than in my head) so I can just do princess things all the time, like sleeping in a castle waiting for some hot guy to kiss me, or biting into an apple and falling asleep, and waiting for some hot guy to kiss me….hmm, I am sensing a trend here….I need more sleep….LOL!!

We bailed on our movie plans and stayed in again, watching some things we got from Netflix. The boy always cringes when it comes to my movie selections, but in the end we always end up laughing at the cheeseball flick I’ve selected. We ended up watching a very bad 80’s movie called “The Class of 1984”.
Basic premise; new teacher comes to a school run by a crazy gang of punk rockers, who will win!! It was super crazy and worth the hour of my life I lost from being entertained from it!!  We also got the first season of Weeds, and I am loving it.  Its a very clever show.  Any other Weeds fans out there?

Went to a new Canjun restaurant that was super yummy. The dessert was rather, eh…but the food very much made up for that.

(Oyster Po'Boy)

(Blackened Chicken Pasta)

(Blackberry Cobbler, with the most amazing Vanilla bean ice cream!!)

(Bread Pudding in the STRONGEST Bourbon sauce EVER!! I swear I was getting tipsy just from the fumes)

Then this morning we found out they not only charged us for our food, but someone else’s, so depending on how this issue is handled, will determine if we go back.

Made a stop into Target (my mecca!!) and they were giving out free cotton candy...SCORE!!  Does anyone else love Target as much as me?  They are starting to bring out their summer dresses, and my poor checkbook is already hurting.


(Please disregard the HORRIBLE shirt he is wearing, this is a very heated subject amongst us!!)

I vote that everywhere start giving out free cotton candy, I would have no problem waiting at the post office, if I know cotton candy was in the works...Just Sayin!

Also, thinking its time someone had a date with a pair of clippers, the other day bringing him in, there literally was a whole tree stuck in his fur, but we love him anyways.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Its Friday!!

Its Friday, Its Friday, I so escited, so escited (score if you know the referenc..., and if you don't DAMN DUDE, you been living under a rock)  .
( I love sneaking random pics at work...LOL!)

Its Friday, Its Friday, I so escited, so escited (score if you know the reference…LOL) .

Well it’s Friday and I am so looking forward to the weekend. I have an interview on Saturday at a cake studio for my externship, I got some plans to get my spare bedroom all organized and create a creative space where I can start working on some things that have been stored in the old noggin!! I think were going to go and see “Suckerpunch”, which is either going to be mind blowing AMAZING, or make me want to leave ninja kicking!!

My main goal is to go into this weekend with the mindset of being motivated, creative and inspired to make things Happen!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fashion Inspiration....

I’m on a blog roll this week…. Woo Hoo!! (I promise I am trying to get better) Anyhoo, the other day I was enjoying some Teen Nick when this show True Jackson, V.P came on. The concept is kind of out there, a teen girl is made Vice President at a fashion company, but hey it’s written for a demographic that might believe it. The thing that caught my attention were the super cute outfits for the main character, True. (I think I love that name too)

Since she works in an office setting, they seem to dress her in fun, modern but still age appropriate outfits. I think a lot of the stuff could still work for an old granny like me. I really love the mixing of colors, who would have thunk it…Red, White, Blue and YELLOW (that’s crazy talk!!) but it works!!

(Click on pic to get a better view)

Honestly, when it comes to my taste in clothing I don’t find many TV personalities inspiring. (I think there are enough Kim Kardashian’s walking around). So its always refreshing when you come across something that gets your creative fashion juices flowing. Another person I always took note from, was Niecy Nash (minus Reno 911…LOL)

(Doesn't she look AH-MAZING!!)

So who or what inspires your fashion.  I am always looking for ideas to get me looking decent!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things I love on "Tuesday"

It's Tuesday and I actually managed to make it to work still standing (LOL) and thought I would share a few things that are making my day!

I love sharing music, I love sharing songs that make me happy.

When it comes to music, I tend to fall in love with the same things. Great lyrics and music that makes my heart go flip flop. I will be the first to admit my musical taste are all over the place, but I listen with open ears and not what people EXPECT me to like!!

When I came across this band it met all my much needed requirements. “He is We”, is such a cute group that sings lyrics that are so relatable.

After listening to their songs over and over, I was hooked.

Steel Cut Oats....Oh how yummy these are. 

I tried them awhile ago at this coffee shop and recently had the boy stalk them out at our local grocery store. They are are whole grain groats (the inner portion of the oat kernel) which have been cut into only two or three pieces by steel rather than being rolled. They are golden in color and resemble small rice pieces. (Thank you Wikipedia!!)  I love mine with tons of brown sugar and sliced bananas!!  Plus they are super healthy and SO FILLING!!!

What are you loving this Tuesday?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Recap....

I had really good intentions during Spring Break,

• to do lots of Spring cleaning,

• organize my closet (or at least pick up the clothes off the floor)

• make some sense of my spare bedroom (or at least pick up the clothes off the floor….hmm, I am sensing a trend here…LOL)

• utilize my big fancy camera and taking some pictures that don’t come off my phone.

But, guess what I spent most of my time doing, and got REALLY REALLY GOOD at…


I used my whole week to catch up on sleeping and getting addicted to Youtube videos (DAMN, you IPAD and IPHONE for making it so easy to watch a video of a cat playing a keyboard). I actually didn’t take any pictures all weekend , and now my stress free week is over and its back to the daily grind .

We did go and see "Paul", it was funny, went on a late night burger run (I heart you FIVE GUY's) and actually got to spend time quality together for a full week.  As far as posts goes it was kind of lame, but honestly it was one of the best weeks EVER!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tripping for Tuesday...

I am really glad I am the type of person who can brush things off.

Yesterday while walking to work, I totally tripped and fell on the sidewalk. Busted up my poor knee, ripped my tights and made several construction workers fall out laughing. I hobbled my way back to my car, called my supervisor and let her know there was no way I was going to make it up 8 flights up stairs (we know I don’t do elevators) and went home. Flopped on the couch feeling sorry for myself, and then something great happened….I started laughing.

There are bigger things in the world to get upset over and a ruined pair of tights is not one of them!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap...

The start of my weekend was rather cruddy. In class on Friday for our test, we had to do the simplest of things, Bake and decorate a cake. I figured I was smooth sailing, until my cake feel on the floor and I almost had a heart attack.

( I need to work on my shakey handwriting)

I put my big girl pants on, and tried to go with it, fixing my cake the best I could. LOW and BEHOLD, I came out with a 190 out of 200. Even though my cake was kind of jacked up, it was baked to perfection and my frosting was amazing(Per my instructor words). 
Culinary school has really helped me to not freak out so quickly. The old me would have chunked that stupid cake in the trash and went home to sulk, but now when something bad happens, I will just walk away for a few mins and then come back to re-evaluate the situation. I am totally becoming a GROWN-UP (YAY!!)

We didn’t do much the rest of the weekend, mainly recouped from the long week (AKA, lying on the couch watching cartoons) and enjoying the amazing weather!! (AKA, riding in the car with the window down...LOL)


My Netflix que sent us a little gem to watch and it was CRAZY
 I love those 70's Exploitation/Grindhouse films.  They are normally filled with sterotypes and crazy situations, basically a hot mess, but those are my kind of movies.  If you like anything by Quentin Tarantino, you will love these films, he got a ton of his inspiration from them.

I realized I never posted this, but I got into a car accident about two weeks ago. A guy slammed on his breaks, I slammed into him and my poor car took ALL of the damage. The boy and I have been carpooling and he has also taken up bike riding. (I’m so proud of my little exercise fiend) but I am hoping this week my car will be done with repairs and I can get it back. This week is also Spring Break, so I plan to RELAX like crazy and tackle my crazy closet.  It looks like my closet throw up clothes, they are EVERYWHERE...LOL!!

One last thing, I get alot of messages about the make up I wear, and I totally tried to do the whole makeup blog thing, but realized I just don't have the time for it.  Do you guys want me to start listing the products I use in my pics?  Let me know...Feedback.!!

PS -  How much do you love this cover!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whats your Type...

I went to the doctor today to get some test done for my carpel tunnel issues. (OH MY CUPCAKE, those test sucked BOOTY!! They basically shock the hell out of you and then stick you with a bunch of needles; it was a very sickening pain.) During the testing the doctor kept saying to me to relax and not be so tense, those comments got me thinking. I get that comment made to me a lot… A few weeks ago at the dentist I was told I need to learn how to relax more, they could see where I was clenching my teeth from stress and being overly tensed.

I’ve always considered myself a pretty high strung person, its just the way I roll. According to Wikipedia (the most accurate and honest place you can get information…LOL) there are two types of personality types A and B, I am considered an A. (you can read more here)

I found a quiz on Discovery Health to determine my personality type and at a 95% rating I am very much an A.

This basically means the following:

Type A persons tend to measure their success in terms of how many or how much of everything they acquire. They are generally dissatisfied with the world, including themselves. They are quite rigid in thought and conduct and tend to distrust others. In addition, they experience difficulty expressing their emotions, are generally very critical of themselves and others, and are of increased vulnerability to the physical and emotional effects of stress. Persons displaying Type A behaviors do not know how and when to relax - they feel impatient with the pace of most events. They strive to do too much at once and others often get tense and feel threatened in their presence.

I can honestly say I agree with about 100% of this, I am VERY VERY Hard on myself. The boy tells me this all the time, but I can’t help it. I expect perfection from myself and everyone around me, which kind of makes me see why its hard for me to have friends in my life. I expect a lot from people, and do get disappointed when people don’t met the expections I set out for them. (Its the DIVA in me...LOL)

I am also the most impatient person EVER…I say all the time I was born without the patient gene, because I can’t stand WAITING. I want it NOW….LOL!

It’s funny how you never notice something about your self until it’s brought to your attention, I do get stressed very easily and never fully seem relaxed. I am always on edge and honestly don’t fully understand the concept of relaxation, but that’s me and I accept that. Who knew 30 years into life, I would learn something new about myself.

If you want to take the test check it out here, let me know if you’re a Type A or B.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Can I be honest, of course I can be honest, it’s my blog!!!

People get on my nerves. Now there are various reasons that people irk me, make my skin crawl, drive me crazy and make me roll my eyes so far back, I fear one day they might get stuck that way.

I can’t stand lazy people, whiny people, ungrateful people, thoughtless people, needy people….OH LORDY,  I could go on for ages, so I better stop. I just want it known…People get on my nerves…LOL!!

Okay, enough of my crazy ranting….on to my wonderful weekend.

We went to dinner and ate WAY too much dessert for two people…(but it was AMAZING and I am so glad we pigged out!!!

(Love our table drawings, I am thinking those could be worth millions one day)

Saw Monstrous Strawberries… (According to my caculations that fruit cut out like half the fat from all that dessert...LOL)

Saw lots and lots of Hello Kitty candy ….

Stopped myself from buying huge jars of Nutella (I feared it wouldn’t make it to the car)

Saw a very Cheesy, but cute movie...

Spring break is coming up and even though I will be working I still would love to take a mini-vacay, just to get out of austin.  Plus SXSW will be going on and I don't do all those extra people and the crowds.  Is anyone coming to town for SXSW, just curious?

Friday, March 4, 2011


Have you ever had one of those days were you wake up, feeling good, put on a cute outfit, makeup is looking great, hair in place? Well I am having one of those days and I am getting vibes it can only get better….especially since its FREAKING Friday!!! Oh how I love you Friday and your fellow two friends who come after you Saturday and Sunday (Don’t tell, but Saturday is totally my favorite)

So what else’s is new in my world….lets see

I made beignets  a couple of nights ago at home, and then made my self sick from eating a bazillion of them and burning myself, because I was too fat and greedy to wait for them to cool down.

(if you don't know what it is click here)

I went out seeking some cute stuff to jam in my already overstuffed closet and stopped in Forever 21, but quickly left after seeing hot messes like this all over the store. 


I understand as staff your busy….but come on this is ridiculous. Goodwill is run better than this!!!

Speaking of Goodwill I got the cutest red shoes EVER from there for under 10 bucks. (SCORE, I am starting to feel like one my ALL TIME Favorite DIVAS Mrs. Lexy @ BeautyFash, check her blog out here!)

I took some of my weaves out and decided to try short hair again…and each day falling more and more in love with my BIG ASS TEXAS PAGEANT hair ( My dreams are finally coming true…just waiting for the sash, MISS AWESOME 2011)

This picture actually gives a better idea of how short it is.  I don't know how long it will last, but its fun for now!

I also saw a trashy movie with Nic Cage, realized my dog needs a bath (STAT!!) and played the hell out of my new Adele Cd!!