Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Recap...

So, over the weekend I came to the conclusion that my BF might have his own addiction. After all his trash talking about my “Made for TV” stuff, I saw him in full action. Over the weekend we decided to go to the mall to do some shopping, for his graduation. Well we go into Steve Madden and the boy loses his mind. I turn my back and he has 4 pair of shoes already picked out to try on, it was quite funny. After trying on several pair, we left with him getting 2 new pair of shoes, and me getting the laugh of a lifetime. He keeps blaming me that I turned him into a shopping monster…Nice Try Buddy!!

Now, I also did some shopping and got one of the coolest things ever. For weeks I’ve been talking about finding an old Nintendo game system, so we can have some Super Mario Bros all-nighters. Well walking in the mall, one of the kiosks caught my eye. After dodging being sprayed and moisturized from several other kiosks I made my way over to the Holy Grail! Its this game controller that has old school games stored inside of it. It has all the classic, Super Mario, Pac Man and Tetris. I asked the sales guy how many games were in the system and he said 65 and it was only $25.00 well worth it.

We get the game system home, and there are way more than 65 games more like 6500. There are all types of crazy games stored in this thing, but no instructions. We played Mario for about 30 minutes and soon realized how terrible we were (I guess its not like riding a bike) then my ADD kicked in and I was over the game and ready to move on.

Also, went and saw The Perfect Getaway (which we figured out the "Twist" in the first 15 mins) All, I have to say is When did it ever become a good idea to pick up strangers, did I miss that memo? and Julie/Julia ( a good movie but hella 2.5 hours long).

Oh some more exciting news… along with my DollFace venture, I also purchased the domain name I Bleed Pink. I am currently working on a project with some local artist here in Austin to have them commissioned to do their interpretations of Pin-Up’s for T-shirt designs. You all know I love my Pin-Up’s and thing this is a great way to show my love.

Right now everything is in the beginning stages (but you will be the first to see the completed designs) but I hope to have them ready to sell by next month! I plan to keep it all updated on the Dollface blog .

I know your thinking, this chick must be crazy two new businesses in one month, but I have to tell you. When I was growing up, I never thought about being a doctor or lawyer, I just thought about being a CEO of my own company. I can remember being about 5 and having my little desk set up like an office and even carrying around a suitcase (Yes, I was a NERD...still am..who CARES!!) I even begged my mom for a typewriter, so I could write up my letters and such. I have never liked working for anyone, and I knew way back then, I wanted to take this world by STORM and new its time.


  1. You go to the movies a lot! I used to do that but now I NEVER go thanks to Peanut. HAHA.

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  3. Ya, were all about some movie time. I guess because were anti social and hate going out to clubs, we do the movie thing!

  4. You're a born businesswoman! I think you'll kick ass at every single venture you attempt. You seem like a very driven person.


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