Thursday, August 13, 2009


Being a marketing student, I am a sucker for good branding material. The other day I was in Sephora (aka. My drug dealers house) and I came across this line of cosmetics by BareEscentuals, called Buxom. I have no words for how cute their packaging is. It’s kind of got this pin-up cartoonish thing going on. I am still deciding on what exactly I want, just looking at the packaging; it makes me want it all.

Another brand that just speaks to me at Sephora is Urban Decay. A few months back I was looking for the perfect green eye shadow and came across their brand.

It was a little expensive but my Fabulous sales Associate Antwone (why are all the sales associates there Gay men, with flawless skin…LOL) sold me and I am glad he did. The next day I went back and bought every palette they offered. They are very high-pigmented cosmetics, which works on my lovely dark skin. Every time I wear it I get compliments on my flashy green eye shadow.

(How Amazing is the artwork on this thing)

Oh ya, one more fun thing Urban Decay has created is a full line flavored body powders. I was talked into to buying the Marshmallow, Honey and Cocoa (nothing better than tasting as sweet as I look…BOOYAH!!) and I like it, because its not that cheap stuff you see in the Adult novelty stores (Oh Shut up, you know you’ve all been in one of those tacky adult stores and touched all the hoo ha’s and doo dads). I love this stuff because it gives my skin a nice shimmer and sparkle.

I swear the only reason I went to college is so I could get a good job and makes lots of money, to feed my makeup habit....well at least the makep habit is true...LOL!!


  1. That green eye shadow looks great on you. You pull it off very well. And the other colors in that palette are fun. Unfortunately I have very pale skin and would look like a cheap hooker if I tried to wear anything that bright.

    Isn't Sephora grand? I haven't been in there in months because I'm trying not to spend.

    Enjoy all of your products!

  2. OK so first off bareescentuals freaking rules, i have all their shit..swirl tap buff and just FYI the lip shit sort of pumps your lips up but it does kinda sting! also i dunno about the green eyeshadow, it probably looks better in real life b/c u look a little bit like you are ready to kick someone's ass in the photo LOL also i didn't know u were in marketing! my husband does internet marketing for a major food corp! good luck!

  3. I could get really caught up in places like that too. I LOVE Urban Decay. If I had the money, I would be tempted to purchase every single item they released because it's always fantastic. For example; that eyeshadow you're wearing. That's so pretty, and you totally rock it.

  4. We dont have Urban Decay here in Australia...that I know of anyway :(
    Those eye shadows look stunning, and the packaging artwork is amazing!
    Oooh that flavoured body powder would be awesome to they come in cupcake flavour? Wanna send me some? lol

  5. Loves Sephora..please try Buxom mascara....its awesome
    Urban decay I loke too...have to have thier primer at all times!!

  6. I frickin' love makeup and Sephora.

  7. You look good!! ah I wish I could wear bright colors! Green eye make up makes me look like I'm ill lol

  8. The smog color would be totally me! Loving the green! I wore green for 3 years at college gymnastics meets for my school color. I loved it! Sephora is so fancy too! I can't afford their stuff but wish I could so bad :)


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