Tuesday, May 31, 2011


( I have no idea why my legs look like I am a professional kick boxer, I promise they are not that bruised looking in person)

The last couple of weekends we have been in embarking in PRJOECT SPRING CLEANING 2011. Through this project I have learned the following:

1. The boy has the most AMAZING organizational skills.

2. I have MAJOR hoarding tendencies. I laugh at those people on that show, but when I almost had a melt down regarding a hello kitty calendar being thrown away from 2007, I knew I was in TROUBLE.

3. The boy must really LOVE me to go through all my crap.

I am hoping by this upcoming weekend we will be done and we can finally enjoy our weekends again. I did get to sleep in, which was a great, but then I stayed up way to late watching dumb TV (I've come to the realization I am addicted to COPS, and Saved by the Bell still comes on TV, who knew..LOL), so its basically a terrible cycle I have created for myself.

The rest of our long weekend consisted of going to the mall and meeting a HUGE celebrity…

Seeing the Hangover, part II and being SHOCKED and HORRIFED. The movie had its funny moments, but for the most part they spent more time making me cringe than laughing. I am still on the fence if this will be added to the DVD collection. During one scene the boy and I actually looked at each other in pure GROSSMENT (yes I totally made up that word)  at what we were seeing.

Eating yummy tacos from a local hot spot and cathing up on some Netflix movies.  The best thing was actually getting to spend quality time with my love.  Even though we see each other everyday, with our crazy schedules weekends are our saving grace.

Check back tommorow for the winner of the giveway! (which means you still have time to email me your submission Erica@ibleedpink.com)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Its Flower Time...

I think I have found my flowers ….

(after seeing this color mix, I am thinking we should change our wedding colors)

The company that makes them had this info listed on their site:

“Accents and Petals specializes in creating flowers, floral bouquets, wedding bouquets, and more from paper, various wood shavings, and recycled items! Our mission is to decrease our waste by creating permanently beautiful fixtures you won’t want to throw away!

The look and concept of the bouquets are so pretty and I love the fact that its something I can keep FOREVER.  I have contacted the seller, so keep your fingers crossed all will go according to plan. It will be nice to mark another thing off my ever growing list.

Also, make sure you have emailed me if want to enter the GIVEWAWAY, especially if you want to win some amazing junk!  Check out details here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Recap...

This weekend went by obnoxiously fast and we hardly left the house. We tried a new food trailer called “Man bites Dog” and they had some amazing hot dogs. The boy being always adventures got a Greek dog (which was surprisingly very yummy) and my plain Jane self got a ketchup and mustard dog, but it was YUM-O. They had the softest buns; I  literally could have just eaten a ton of those.

The renegade craft fair was in town so we stopped by and guess who had the cutest booth there….Twinkie Chan. If you don’t know who she is check out her blog here. She makes the cutest accessories and I jumped at the chance to own one. I ended up getting a cupcake you can wear in your hair and it’s ADOR-able!!

The rest of the weekend included:

Pancakes at midnight, Yummy tacos, l0unging in bed watching Disney’s “Tangled” (which was uber cute), and FINALLY finishing my horrid closet. 

I also got my glitter and plan on working on my shoes this upcoming weekend, plus I have another wedding DIY in store....YAY!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The World is Ending....

So word on the street (you can read about it here) the world is ending on Saturday.  I am a little upset about this, because I had a ton of stuff on my bucket list to complete, plus I kind of wanted to get married and try Eggplant Parmesan. 

Well since it's almost over first things first... 

Good Bye Everyone!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Recap...

I still can’t believe the amazing weather we got this weekend. It was so nice and breezy, not to warm, just perfection!! Friday went out with my favorite ladies from class for drinks, always a laugh out loud good time. We were stoked that we all passed our finals with A’s, so what better way to celebrate then TEQUILA…LOL!

Saturday was my dress fitting and it went great. The dress was beyond my expectations; it has such a simple elegance I can’t wait until it’s completely finished.

I would post pictures, but the boy reads my blog and I want him to be SURPRISED! Also we went shoe shopping and I SCORED. We ran into payless and they have a wedding line, well I tried on a few things didn’t find anything I liked and all of the sudden the boy is like what about these, they were PERFECT. The style is almost identical to the Kate Spade show minus the boy on the top, and guess what they were 10 bucks….I FREAKING NOW!! Well I bought another pair of cute shoes and since they were doing BOGO I got those bad boys for 5 bucks!! My glitter should be in today, so I am hoping to have a DIY this weekend for you guys. I can’t even explain my excitement.

We went and saw “Thor” another just okay movie. Now my movie rant…why the HELL-O Kitty do people pay 10 bucks for a movie ticket to sit and talk the WHOLE DAMN movie. OMG, people that is not fun, cute or appreciated to hear your annoying conversation the whole movie, its AGGRAVATING!! Hey I got an idea if you want to talk, STAY HOME…its FREE!! I’ve gotten to the point were I don’t even enjoy going to the movies anymore because people IRK me so much. The rudeness is just too much to take, oh and I can’t forget when his cell phone went off 4 times, BLARING some crazy song.  Now stepping off my soap box...

Spent the rest of the weekend doing major Spring cleaning…the boy had the kitchen and I tackled my ridiculous CRAZY closet. I have WAY too much crap for one person and my poor little closet is taking a beating for it!! Plus it’s so HARD for me to get rid of stuff, even if I never wear it. Does anyone else have that problem or suggestions.  I will put it in the giveaway pile, and then talk myself into keeping it...I'm such a HOARDER...LOL!

Friday, May 13, 2011


I’m going this Saturday for my 1st dress fitting and I am so NERVOUS. Being a very anal type A person, it’s hard for me to let go of control and letting someone have free reign of something concerning my life, well thats all new to me. Without knowing what my dress is going to look like, I haven’t been able to really start looking for accessories, because I want to make sure everything coordinates and meshes really well.

One thing that has been constant is my obession with having GLITTER shoes.  I've been searching online and different stores to find a perfect glitter heel, that is major in the sparkle and bling department.  During my search I came across these Kate Spade shoes and feel in love.

Then I saw the price and my heart was broken into a billion little pieces.  I know its my wedding, but I just can't see paying $300 for a pair of shoes for one day. I kept searching and found another pair on Ebay and got super excited, as they were within a price range I could order 2 or 3 pair if I wanted. 

But guess what, they are SOLD OUT...yes sold out, how DARE they!!  I am letting my imagination run wild and consider that their must be some drag convention going on where a glitter heel was a requirement, so its okay!!

Well my bestie Google (he still can't believe I use to kick it with Yahoo, I know..young and stupid!) finally gave me the most AMAZING solution to my problem!!  DIY, duh Erica!!  I came across a wedding website where this bride made her own glitter shoes from a pair of heels she found from Goodwill, are you ready to be blown away.

How amazing are these shoes she made. With the help of my other BFF Amazon I was able to find the glitter  n our wedding colors.

So After my dress fitting, I plan to start hunting for the perfect pair of shoes to Gliffterfi! 

I am hoping for a fun filled weekend and not one filled with tears because my dress is horrible and I am subjected to wear a burlap sack to my wedding...LOL!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Recap (GIVEAWAY TIME!!)

I am kind of frustrated right now!  I ordered some stuff last week and according to the USPS website and delivery confirmation the package was delivered to me on Friday at 5:00pm.  Well USPS no package was delivered, so you and your stupid system LIE!!  I had to file a claim on Saturday and its been a big headache, and as of this morning..NADA has been accomplished or delivered.  So the moral of this little story is don’t waste your money on delivery confirmation, because as stated above it LIES!!

On to the other part of my weekend, we had our high tea at school and it was AMAZING!!  We had to serve our guest, but after they left we totally pigged out on all the leftovers and it was SO GOOD!!  I am still dreaming about the mini strawberry shortcakes we made. 

Culinary school has its flaws, but when we accomplish things like this, it makes me truly understand why I am there!

We didn’t eat anywhere new, went and saw "Fast and the Furious" (which was eh…just okay, well in my book anyways).  Then I pretty much laid on the couch thinking about all the projects I could be accomplishing…LOL!! 

So it’s pretty INSANE to me that I have hit over 300 followers.  I know there are tons of blogs out there who are surpassing those numbers, but for me this was never meant to be a place to just get followers.  It’s really cool that so many people are interested in my little world (or just super NOSEY…LOL).  To say a little thank you, its GIVEAWAY time!!  I figure since your obviously coming back, because you love me, why not do a giveaway that represents ME!  So the prize that is up for grabs will be:

  1. 1 MAC BLUSH or LIPSTICK (you get to choose item and color)
  2.  Hello Kitty Prize
  3. Wilton Prize

I don’t normally do the whole giveaway thing, but I really want to thank everyone for making my day!!  I am going to make things simple, enter via email.  Send me an email with the subject line “I WANT FREE CRAP” to Erica@ibleedpink.com, include your name, and if you have a blog include that so I can check it out!

 Winner announced on May 27, 2010 (but knowing me, it may be a day or two after that, so don't hold it against me...just keeping it real with my laziness!!)

PS -  Loco got a stuffed twin this weekend...cracks me up!!

Friday, May 6, 2011


It’s Friday…

Got to sleep in for an extra hour, WOO HOO

Now enjoying the breakfast of Champs…


I am stoked this week flew by for me, because this lack of sleep thing is totally catching up with me!!  At the moment I can't even think straight to think about plans for this weekend, but just knowing I get to turn off my alarm is making me the happiest girl EVER.  

Tonight in class were doing a high tea, and we made a ton of sweet and savory, (I fire roasted my first red pepper last night) so its going to be a good night. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful sleep filled Weekend!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend Recap....

Thanks for all the kind words about my “Stand Up” moment. Can I just say that coming into work things were a WHOLE lot better!!  It just confirmed my last statement, that I will continue to take action when things start to bother me.

Over the weekend I did something super fun….I wore a WIG…So if you have been following me you know my obsession with becoming a red head. A few weeks ago we  stopped in a beauty supply store and I found my solution. Can I just say how much I LOVE IT. Its super bright and crazy and totally me!!! I had to make a few snips and alterations, but the final product came out perfect. 

(I believe I have found my new OBESSION!!)

As for the rest of our weekend, we had plans to go and see “Fast and the Furious”, well that never happened. I swear the whole city of Austin had the same plan and all of the shows were either SOLD OUT or jammed packed to capacity….maybe this upcoming weekend his dreams can be fullfilled.  So instead of the movies we found ourselves at Wal-mart grocery shopping...you know we live the glamorous life!  Have you ever noticed the craziest people come out to do their grocery shopping at night....Its always a good time!

We also tried out a new local place called the Galaxy Cafe and had some super yummy food!  I am pretty much sold on any place that has caramelized onions on their menu. 

I did a post a few weekends ago, and made comment about the terrible shirt the boy was wearing. You can check it out if you need a reminder here.  Well to spite me he has started a little collection.  These few gems are from this weekend...

(oh ya he is growing a beard too...YAY ME!)

I also enjoyed a freshly groomed dog, caramel rice cakes with peanut butter and bananas (thank you love...but it doesn't make up for the above), new music.  I came across this group on youtube about a week ago and you guys know I LOVE to share my music obessions.  They are so different and so fun....I was hooked quick...fast and in a hurry!