Monday, August 3, 2009

I had such and AWESOME weekend. Friday night was spent baking and crafting like a mad woman (and the help of two amazing people).

(My little sweat shop)

I decided for the contest I would do:

Vanilla Entry: Vanilla Cake infused with fresh Peach Puree and a Fresh Peach Buttercream

Freestyle Entry: Banana cake swirled with Nutella and a Nutella Buttercream and a little candy banana on top

Well, intially for the Nutella cupcakes, I planned to make chocolate monkeys for the cupcakes, but the BF and I had a chocolate meltdown and things didn't work out as I had planned. So, I started browsing the web and came up with a new game plan. We made custom cupcake wrappers, to personalize my cupcakes. They came out super cute ( and it might lead to something else after seeing the finshed product) and were exactley what I wanted for my cupcakes.

Saturday we were up super early finalizing up everything and off we went. We got to the event location and things were really hustling around, I couldn't believe all the people I saw walking in with their own cupcake entries. I got so nervous, because these entries looked great. Well the event started and their was a ton of people there (I heard at one point, over 1000 people were in attendance) and alot of waiting. After much waiting we got the results...I won!!! I ended up winning:

Best Amateur Freestyle and Best Amatuer!!

(Photo Courtsey of John of Austin)

Can you F-ing believe it, I was so stoked, because they were a ton of great entries. I got a medal and a cute trophy, and I did an awesome dance!!
I took a ton of pictures, and I thought it would be easier to just post them on my Flickr page, so check them out here.


  1. Congratulations! I bet you are so honored to have won since so many people entered. I'm not surprised though, your cupcakes look delicious! I showed my boyfriend a picture of the peach ones, and he said he wanted to date you. I guess that really IS the way to a man's heart lol.

  2. Your custome cupcake wrappers were so freakin' cute! I saw you at the Smackdown, possibly talked to you...I talked to so many! I was the crazed woman emcee'ing downstairs. Loved your cupcakes!!

  3. Congratulations!! I love the custom monkey wrappers they are adorable!

  4. Wow! Congrats! They're pretty and I bet they taste rad!

  5. WAY TO GO...they looked so delish!

  6. Thanks a bunch for the comment….. I know what you mean....just start a little at a time. I have had MANY MANY bumps along the way... please believe. loll :-)

    BTW I am so loving your style and all things pink...your inner Martha is "amaaaazziiinnng!" (I sang that

  7. As Dumb as I may sound...I always envisioned myself tall and lean (but curvy) running long strides (how dorky) and being all I decided that while I was walking I would run for 30 seconds or a minute and then walk ( I was following the Couch to 5K plan I got off the net.).
    I just kept on doing it and it was HARD at first and I honestly felt stupid running I looked fat (this is me being honest)….but it gets easier and I felt so much better after..a sense of accomplishment after. It’s still hard and sometimes I don’t feel all warm and fuzzy…but I see my strides getting longer and I’m not so winded…I actually ran a full 25 minutes for the 1st time last week. I remember when I could only go 30 seconds …I looked at the machine like it was wrong...LOL


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