Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekend Recap.....(Pic Heavy)

My family left last night and I miss them already. As much as they drive me crazy we always have such a good time, and I love spending time with those crazies!!! When they first arrived my mom had to give me all my “Christmas” and “Birthday” gifts and I got an amazing Coach purse (ITS PINK) . My silly sister gave me a Hannah Montana T-shirt, and of course I LOVED IT…LOL!!!

Saturday night they got to attend their first burlesque show and they really enjoyed it. I was doing Dollface stuff and was kind of grounded to my post, but I did get to see a few acts. Here are a few pictures from the night. ( I didn't post any pictures of my family, because my mother would kill me, she wants approve all pictures before they hit the web...LOL!!)

(You can see more Dollface pictures here)

There were so many people at the show and a ton of performers, many from other states (which is kind of random since it was the Texas Burlesque Festival). We were not able to take pictures with personal cameras, but I snatched these from their Facebook page.

After the stress of the show was over we spent the rest of the weekend just having a good time and doing tons and tons of shopping.

( I totally wanted this, buy my sister talked me out of it...something about not being work appropriate)

Sunday night we went and saw "Kick-Ass" and it was so good. I loved the character Hit-Girl, she was like this 9-year old Bad-Ass .

The movie had a ton of violence and offensive language but it was a Good Time for sure!!! I would say if you liked the Kill Bill Series, you will really like this film.

Now that the party is over, its time for me buckle down and finish my final paper. I've been really slacking, but I got my focus goggles on now and I am ready!! A few more weeks and I will be the proud holder of a Master's Degree....WHOA!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Getting things prepared for the 2010 Texas Burlesque is a little preview. (If your in Austin...stop by!)

Plus my family should be in Austin in the next few hours. I am thinking this is going to be an AWESOME weekend! I will take loads and loads of pictures!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap....

My weekend was filled with cleaning and organizing…. (BOO!!!)

Old School Beach Party Films

(and yes it was as cheesy as it looks!!!)

Yucky Yucky Cupcakes from Starbucks (Please don’t let my face fool you, after this was taken this Cupcake was immediately chucked into the trash can….yes, I am a CUPCAKE SNOB)

Shameless camera whoring in the car

Snugglies from my two best guys

Oh and I would never admit this to the BF (him be right....NO WAY) but I think it might be time for a makeup intervetion!!

( All purchased within the last week)

Friday, April 16, 2010


I am so thankful its Friday, because I am so tired of getting up at the crack of dawn to sit at a desk all day and be annoyed by people who work my nerves. This weekend I have to finally buckle down and actually start on my 100 PG paper due next month. Yes, you would think after almost 6 years of school, I would have learned my lesson and be more of an organized and pro-active student, but that’s not how I roll. I get major enjoyment out of putting things on the back burner, freaking out at the last minute and almost pulling out all my hair (it’s the little things in life).…but that’s how I get my best work done.

Also, I have to start to clean like a mad woman, because my mom and sister are coming to visit next week. For some reason whenever I get around my mother I turn into a 5 year old (okay…actually I am always a 5 year old, so maybe like 2 or 3). I love my mother dearly, but she has been blessed with the gift of making me feel like a little kid who doesn’t know anything when were together. I know while she is here she is going to “re-organize” my whole apartment, tear apart my wardrobe and stop me from making crucial shopping purchases. This is how it will play out:

Mom: “ Do you really need those black shoes, don’t you have fifty pairs just like them already in your closet?”.

Me: (in my mind) Yes, But I am getting these and I don’t care what you say

Me: (in reality) hangs head down low and puts shoes back on shelf, slowly walking away with a sad face.

Mom: “See, you’re not going to miss them at all AND you’re going to be saving money”.

Me: (in my mind) ROLLS EYES

Me (in reality) “Yes, Mother what your saying makes perfect sense, I am so glad you’re here to help me SAVE
(GROAN) my money”.

Me: (in my mind) I am totally coming back after she leaves to get those shoes.

The sad thing is I won’t come back to get the shoes, because I will feel totally guilty and concerned that my mom will jump out of the darkness like a Ninja and catch me in the act of disobeying her. (Yes, I come from a family of Ninjas and Pirates)

But we’ve been playing this game for years and even when I am old and gray and she is like a million years old, we will continue to play this game. But, I wouldn’t change anything about it. I am blessed and have a wonderful mother who if I pouted long enough would go back herself and get me whatever makes me happy.

I am also thinking the BF and I will go see “Kick-Ass” this weekend. We saw “Hot Tube Time Machine” the other day and it was really funny. Plus, they played a ton of music from Poison, and lets just say 80’s Glam Rock makes my heart swoon.

(How can you not love a man who wears more blush and lipstick than you)

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Its time to pick teams....

So, of course I was excited about the release of this....

but when I saw the full trailer today and saw my Baby Daddy in it, my excited increased.....


I can't wait! Whose team are you on?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Recap....

Friday was a good day got to leave work early and came home to make cakes for a dinner party. (Chocolate Cake, with Coco pastry cream and Nutella Buttercream…YUM-O) Plus I was able to turn in my paperwork to see if I will be able to start culinary school in the summer (WOOT…WOOT). The BF and I had more yummy seafood and I got to try out my new bright Pink blush.

(You can read about the blush here...and yes I like to be Bright!!)

Saturday we did a little shopping at the mall and I wore my new awesome Sparkly belt I ordered from Japan.

( I kind of look like Snow White...LOL)

We also saw Tyler Perry’s “Why did I get Married Too” . It was pretty good and had a major twist that throws us for a loop towards the end. (I literally dropped my jaw).

We watched several Marilyn Monroe movies “Some Like it Hot” and “Seven year Itch” and I fell even more in love with Miss Monroe. (Even the BF liked them) I also drooled over every outfit she had on, she was one Hot Tomato.

Sunday was filled with on sale Easter candy and Law and Order SUV…What a perfect day!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mood - Crappy!!!

Its not even noon and I am already having one of these days!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Recap....

My weekend was filled with:

Hair Drama - Still really want red hair, but after seeing the stylist from H – E – Double Hockey Sticks, decided to go with something more like this. (I will post an actual picture when I don’t look like such a hot mess)

(J-Hud is so cute!!)

Lots of Seafood - The BF has been on a seafood kick, so we did Red Lobster and Joe’s Crab Shack over the weekend (and it was pretty yummy).

Bad Movies - Saturday night we went and saw "Clash of the Titans", it was just okay….nothing more, nothing less. On Sunday for Easter we watched Stepfather and this wacky Halloween movie called Trick R Treat (were weirdo’s). It was kind of confusing, and we actually had to Wiki it afterward to make sure we were understanding what was going on.

Smaller Clothes - I was excited to find out I could fit a size smaller at Old Navy when I accidentally picked up the wrong size jeans. I have set a goal to try and lose 9lbs by the end of the month, so my lunch looked like this today.

Cupcake Stuff - When I saw this cupcake stuff at Borders I just had to get it. My favorite is the Business Card Holder!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cupcake Meetup....

I decided to do something out of my element last night and actually not be anti-social. I went to the cupcake social and surprisingly had a good time. It was held at a local bakeshop in Austin called Sugar Mama’s Bake Shop (some of you may remember this from a previous posts of mine, also I forgot my camera but found these pics online to give you an idea of what it looks like).

I tried one of the their Jack Lemon Cupcakes and it was yummy, with a nice tart lemon taste

My friend informed me later the group of people was a MeetUp group for people in their 20’s. It was an interesting mixture of people, but a few of the girls were actually really cool and we exchanged info to hang out again sometime. I signed up for Meetups when I first moved to Austin, but never was brave enough to attend any of the events. After this one I might make more of an effort, to check out more events. It seems like it’s a great way to meet new people who have common interests as you. One of the girls was saying she is part of a sewing and knitting group, how fun!!!

I also found out that Johnny Cupcakes is going to be in town in two weeks and I am making it a point to go out and check it out.

If you don’t know about Johnny Cupcakes please check him out. Not only does make the coolest T-shirt, his business story is just incredible. After reading his story I knew I could make Dollface Delights a true success.

The BF and I also went and saw "How to train your dragon", and it was really cute. I think were going to start going to the movies during the week, its just nicer and way less people!!!

One last thing, I've been in the first few weeks of my last graduate class and I am currently working on my Thesis. The topic I am writting about is How Blogging has changed Mass Communications. I am telling you guys this, because many of you guys are bloggers and I could use your help with some research. Let me know if you would be intrested in answering some questions for me. (It would really help me out, and could also involve sometime of a sweet thank you gift!!!)

Has anyone been tricked by Aprils Fool's Joke? ( my first one was when I got my paycheck, but soon realized no thats not a joke thats how much you make...LOL!!)

Check out these funnies :


Also and update on my delivery drama, I FINALLY got my packages yesterday. I received the 2 day and ground at the same time, so I have duplicates of all the crap I ordered. I also got my Sephora stuff and OMC, its lovely. I will post some pictures to share!!!