Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blackberry's Oh My...

The BF calls me at work excitedly to ask a simple request… “Baby I just heard on the radio that Bell Blue has a new ice cream called Blackberry cobbler and I beg that you get some for dessert tonight”. Now we’ve all established that I am the great GF, so after work I went to our local grocery store and picked up this “magical” ice cream….OMG…this ice cream is the best freaking thing I have ever eaten!! It’s a vanilla ice cream swirled with blackberries and chunks of pie crust. It’s basically yummy in a carton.

While at the store I got the great idea to make a blackberry pound cake with blackberry glaze to go with our yummy ice cream. After a big bowl of homemade chili and some nice rain outside, it was time to partake in our yummy dessert. The BF thoroughly enjoyed it, but I on the other hand, was limited to a small amount, because the cold was killing my tooth. Even though I went to the dentist I don’t go back to get my filling fixed for another 2 weeks. My poor sweet tooth shall suffer!

Also, funny side note after we were done eating I look down at at Loco and almost freak out, OMG is that blood…I swoop him up only to find that some Blackberry syrup has dripped on him….LOL!!

Also, a few months back I posted some info about an amazing pin-up artist who specializes in African-American pin-up’s…well guess who got turned into a hot baking pin-up. I can’t express how much I love how this turned out…..I am thinking I will use it for the DollFace website.


  1. oh this looks delicious! Yummy

  2. I am obsessed with ice cream and that one looooooks delious!

  3. Good luck with the tooth, i am STILL making appointments at the dentist - like WTF? Lol - hopefully Wed will be the last. Yummy Ice-Cream.

  4. Mmm yum, that does look like a delicious dessert!


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