Monday, November 23, 2009

Are you a Drape or Square?

*NOTE (for anyone who cares) I totally missed the rollar derby try-outs (I am so bummed). It was on the same day I was already booked for a wedding, so I will have to wait until next year.

How many people went to see New Moon over the weekend? Well I was so busy with DollFace stuff (check it here) that I was unable to go and check it out. I’ve heard some horror stories from a few friends, who have already seen it and their visits, included people fighting in the seats, people cutting in lines, lots of yelling and screaming and just pure madness. I am thinking I will wait until thing calm down before trekking my butt down to see it. Hopefully tonight the BF and I will go and see that movie Precious. Every time I see a preview for the movie I almost well up in tears, so I am thinking the movie will be a tearjerker. I will say, that both my mom and sister read the book and stated it was not very good, so I am hoping it’s not an indication of the movie.

So, I told you guys a few days ago when it comes to Christmas shopping I become quite selfish, as I find tons of stuff for myself!! Well, my sister this little gem to me, and excited is not even the word to describe how I felt when I saw this.

A little tid bit about me, I LOVE…LOVE…LOVE John Waters’s films. I have seen just about all of them (even the icky ones) and know all the words to Crybaby (and songs...yes, I am LAME!!) and Hairspray. His movies are so weird and crazy, but I just love them!!! Plus who wouldn’t love a movie with John Depp looking Smoking Hot and Rockabilly….

( I could just eat him up....YUM-O)

Yes, I am swooning now!! After I saw the movie for the first time I knew I was destined to be a “Drape” and spend my days hanging out at Turkey Point, smoking ciggies and making out with Bad Boys. Reality and adulthood sunk in and I am much more like Alison a “Scrape”, part Drape and Square (no ciggies, but lots of making out with bad boys...ha ha).

Just talking about the movie is making me want to watch it, so I know what my Thanksgiving weekend will consist of!

(Best Movie Couple Ever...sorry Edward and Bella)

My favorite character in the movie was Wanda Woodard, a bad ass chick who would take out a man with her left boob!! Plus she had the best clothes, full of tight pencil skirts, winged eyeliner and RED LIPS.

(I totally wanted to be her!!)

I just pray that Hollywood doesn't touch this classic!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Say What...

So, the other night the BF and I were out enjoying a late night dinner. I had the best Panini it was filled with aged white cheddar, applewood bacon, pears and it was slathered with garlic aioli (the condiment of the GODS).

On a random side note, I thought It was kind of funny that the definition for a panini is a "gussied up grilled cheese", maybe thats why I like them so much, they are the rock and roll, trampy grilled cheese sandwhich...LOL!!

Anyhoo, so the BF goes ahead and gets seated and I excuse myself to use the ladies room. Well when I come back to sit down there is this family sitting across from us with a little boy (around 5 or 6). The little boy looks right at me, points and in his biggest voice says “Look Mommy, that lady has big boobies”. Thanks kid for stating the obvious, but how RUDE! I understand little kids are kids, but the parents didn’t even apologize and even kind of laughed it off. Now, I am not a parent, but I just feel like that something should have been said on the lines of “Hey little Timmy its not appropriate to point out a huge rack in public”.

Sometimes it amazes me what people allow their children to do in public. I’ve come across parents letting their children run wild, yelling and screaming in stores, pulling stuff off the racks, all while Mom and Dad continuing their shopping as though little “Damien” is not acting up. Children and the movies are the worst. What sense does it make to bring a 2-year to Killer Sharks from the Planet Neptune, it truly boggles my mind.

Enough about ranting about children and their clueless parents. The weekend is going to be filled with cupcakes, which is always a pleasure for me, so were not doing anything exciting. Next weekend were going to take the long drive to my parents for Thanksgiving and then its time for Christmas shopping. Is it bad that I have done no Christmas shopping? I just hate crowds and then I kind of get a little selfish in the store and end up finding tons of stuff that I WANT…LOL!! Someone asked me if I was going to participate in Black Friday…and I politely slapped them in the face. Why would I want to endure hundreds of wild people screaming and fighting over a 5.00 toaster that they will never use.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and thanks soooooooooo much for all the words of encouragement for my sucky situation! You guys are truly the best!!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


This week has been soooooooooo trying!! A few weeks ago I had received some exciting news, that I had received some extra money to be used toward my education. I was beyond stoked, because I’ve been dreaming of attending culinary school and was told I could use the funding towards their program. I went to the school, meet with the admissions department and was just counting down the days until class started. I wanted to scream on the rooftops about my excitement, but something told me to wait until I finished up my final paperwork. Well as luck would have it, I got an email from my tuition planner that told me that the program in which my money was coming from was not enough to cover my full tuition, well when I scrolled down and saw the amount that was left over, I could literally hear my heart fall out of my chest and shatter in a million tiny pieces.

I can’t explain my disappointment, to be so close to something you could almost touch it and then have it ripped from your reach in a matter of minutes is horrible. To make matters worse, my current job situation makes me sick to my stomach. I am blessed to have a place I can go to everyday and get paid enough to support myself and I appreciate that, but It’s a hard situation and a person can only stay sane for so long.

I usually an upbeat person about life, but right now I feel like I am in a whirl of conflict. I know what I want to do with my life, I've tried to take the proper steps to reach my goals and dreams, but right now I don't feel like I am getting close to the success I've been striving for. Sorry to be such a whinner today, but this is my outlet.

I am bummed, but I am trying to stay positive and find another source to cover the difference. So, we will see!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekend Recap....

So, the concert was an interesting experience. We got there casually late and there was hardly anyone there. The first act went on with about 30 people in the crowd (us being the oldest people there…lol). By time the second act went on, alot more people had shown up and it was time to P-A-R-T-Y. We lucked out and were actually really close to the stage and at one point I narrowly missed Mickey Avalon as he was going down the stage making out with a few girls (which I think I lucked out on, because that is kind of gross).

Well the night was going pretty well until this random guy comes up to me and asks me if he can walk by me to get to the other side (he is pointing to some people, so I assume that is his group). Well we all know at a concert your pretty much smooshed up against each other, but being the nice person I am I move out of the way and let him pass…or so I thought he was going to pass. Do you know this JERK stood directly in front of me, now I am only 5’2 so a SMURF is taller than me. I was beyond livid, that I was actually being nice and this guy was being a *@(#%#$. So I tried to stick it out for a little bit, but after his elbow kept missing my eye, I knew it was time to put my on my angry eyes and say something. So, I politely tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he could move, he turns around (and I notice at this point how drunk he is) and starts yelling at me and telling me to leave him alone. At this point, I am thinking am I in the Twilight Zone, I mean I was being nice and now your yelling at me. What drove me INSANE was he kept saying, “Look Little Girl”, dude I am older than half the people in this club, so give me some RESPECT. So, being the lady I am, I start to push the guy (I know..I know…but anger had set in at this point) well I guess he got the clue, because he finally moved, but 5 minutes later we saw security escorting him out by the neck…. KARMA is GRAND!!

The BF and I knew it was time to leave when two chicks started fighting behind him…I kept thinking this is way too much excitement for me (plus my feet were hurting…old age…LOL!!)

These types of shenanigans is why I stay in the safety of my own home and watch the Golden Girls!!

Also, I had this big piece of news to share on Monday, but I am still waiting on a final confirmation, before I spill the beans, so keep checking for the news. Also, if you have not noticed, I have an amazing blogger button (created by the Super, Fabulous Miss Dot…check out her yummy blog) so feel free to add it and show me some love and I will do the same!

Friday, November 13, 2009


The other day the BF and I were looking through the movie listings to find something to entertain us for the day. I noticed that the Alamo Drafthouse was playing the Never Ending Story. Can I just say when my older brother took me to see that movie almost 20 years ago; it was the most frightening horrifying movie ever. That creepy white dog flying around and that whole scene where he gets stuck on the mud left me with nightmares for days.

(Looking at this picture, still makes me shudder)
The only consoling thing was the thought that some day Atreyu would be my “Baby Daddy” (don’t laugh, you know you thought it too).

I had to pass on seeing that movie; I was concerned that even as an adult I would have many sleepless nights after a viewing of that movie. Tonight we got tickets to see Mickey Avalon, whom I love. This is our second time seeing him in concert, so I know it will be kick ass!! The only downer is I am soooooooooooo sleepy!! I am getting old, I can admit it. Those days of staying up past 10pm are slowly creeping away from me. When I was told the doors were opening at 9am and the show starts at 10pm, I almost died. I can’t stay awake that long, I mean my normal night has me in bed by 9ish after a full night of the Golden Girls (WOW, I am an old lady). I am going to be a trooper and drink lots of Red Bull and try to hang with the young kids tonight (and I will take a pre-nap later today...LOL!!).

I hope everyone has some fun plans for the weekend…and my super awesome news shall be announced on Monday!!

**** EXTRA****

Its been a while since I've had one of these "fun" calls, but thought I would share this little gem I received today:

Me: Thank you for calling Blah Blah this is Miss Kitty how may I help you?

Caller: This is Maggie May, I just want to make it clear that I am really a woman, I just have a man-like voice

Me: "very pregnant pause"

Caller: Do you understand

Me: um, understand what (at this point I am totally confused)

Caller: that I am really a woman

Me: um, sure

Caller: Thats good, because I didn't want us to have any problems when I callback.

Caller: Hangs up

Me: Once again confused as to how these people get my number!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Addictions Pt. 2

I had so much fun doing my last posting about my newfound addictions I thought I would do another one.


I am still trying to stay off the soda and have found a new drink that helps me when I start to Jones. Izze Sparkling drinks. These things are so good, its basically fruit juice mixed with sparkling water. They come in all different flavors, but right now I am digging the Clementine and Blackberry.


Now, I’ve been in LOVE with Bif Naked for years, but it got to the point where I played her CD’s so much they were losing her sparks. I stored them away for several months and the other day one of her songs came on my MP3 player and it was true love all over again. I love Bif so much, because I truly believe if there was ever a soundtrack to my life it would be written by her. Every song she sings, I can relate it to some part of my life. (Plus she is a hot rocker chick, which I love!!)

One of my favorites is called “Everyday”. This song truly speaks to my heart and really helped me during a dark period in my life. The lyrics really speak the truth and tell us to live everyday like it’s our last!


With text messages, Facebook and email people don’t take the time to write anymore. I have a ton of pretty stationary that never gets used, so, I’ve made it my mission to send someone special to me a letter once a week. I know how much I love getting stuff in the mail, so I want to share that joy with others.

***Email me an address if you want me to drop you a note, and I promise with my 100 hours of counseling I am truly over that whole stalking issue I had..LOL ***

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Recap.....

The BF and I tried dim sum at a new place that opened up in town over the weekend. It was fun trying all of the little dishes, some were super yummy and others were quite questionable. I would recommend trying the experince if you have never done it before.

On Saturday I took the plunge and went to get a haircut. I really like my stylist, and she totally gets me when it comes to my hair. I wanted something different and modern and with BANGS...and well I got it.

I am still adjusting to the hair, because its totally different than anything I have ever had. If nothing else I will just go get a good WEAVE...LOL!!

I also have some super super exciting news that I am dying to share. I think next week I will be able to share the info, once I get the confirmation, so STAY TUNED.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Weekend Recap....

I am still alive, been super busy hanging out with my little sister who came to visit over the Halloween weekend. As far as Halloween went, we drove downtown and it was a mad house, so we decided to all stay in and rent some cheesy horror movies. We watched Zombie Strippers, and yes it was an award winning film…LOL (and yes we do have TERRIBLE taste in movies)!!

We did a massive amount of shopping, and my little sister got me the most AWESOME present ever.

Yes..a SNUGGIE. I was trying to see if a belt would make it more work appropriate….didn’t think it worked (and yes I am a huge DORK)!!! I have to admit I love my Snuggie and have been using it all week. I think I know what I am getting everyone for Christmas!