Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap...

So, I am starting this morning out with about 3 hours of sleep under my belt. I would love to say it’s due to some exciting wild night, but the truth is it’s from my new sheets. I bought new bedding for my bed a few weeks ago and finally got around to putting it on, upon realizing they were satin, which was totally a fluke, but I thought they were 15 bucks from Ross "What The Hey"

( I assumed I would feel all hot and sexy like this)

Upon sleeping on these satin sheets I have had the worst couple of days of sleep due to the fact I have slid all over my bed, I swear I saw Loco slide from one end of the bed to the other and every time I put my head on the satin pillow case it slides out from underneath me like a squished banana.

Oh and lets not forget the static electricy I went to turn on my light switch and shocked the heck out of myself!!! I am so FREAKING sleepy its ridiculous (feeling like a slippery wet bar of soap its not a fun experience). These sheets are immediately going into the trashcan and I am ending my days of trying to be a pimp and sleep on silky sheets!!!

This weekend I was on a no shopping ban, since I spent my future’s child Pageant Fund last weekend (holds head down in shame…yes…I know…I know!!!).

I thought it would be best I seclude myself into my home and not leave, knowing I have no will power and would succumb to sneaking into my local gas station just to buy some cheap chap stick to help with my fix. The BF tricked me with a pancake breakfast and thought we could do some window-shopping. Window-shopping, I have never heard of this concept of going into a store and …what…NOT BUYING ANYTHING. To my surprise I made it out of several stores purchase free. (this doesn’t mean I have not made a mental list and won’t be back next weekend to pick up that insanely cute cake stand I saw…SHHH!!!)

We didn’t make it to Dragon this weekend (but we did manage to drive all the way to the cinema, stand in line and realize we hate people and drive away…I did get popcorn though…LOL!) but were going to go see something tonight, because were starting to turn into reclusive people and fear we will be the next Unabomber’s!!

Oooh…most insane thing happened to me this weekend. Now if you read my little blog you will now I am obsessed with prison shows, Law and Order SUV and crap like that, so my mind is always thinking on the lines of other people being criminals...LOL. So, I am walking Loco in my hood and notice this car is kind of checking me out (I mean I was looking pretty cute…but DAMN) but then I notice they turn around kind of get next to me and slow down, at this point I am freaking out and I notice they have pulled over right in front of the exit to my complex. At this point I slow my walking pace as I search for the biggest rock I can find (because I am totally going to go He-man on this person, and will not be kidnapped without a fight). To make the creepy factor even better I see the people in the car sticking their heads out and I now they are waiting for me, I start slowing down and this guy gets out of the car and starts coming toward me. I am PANICKING at this point (thinking OMG, I am going to be kidnapped and be on the next episode of CSI).

The guy starts saying something but he can’t speak that great of English, but I notice a lady and two kids behind him(My crazy brain is in overdrive thinking...these people are SICK). Basically from his broken English I get that he is interested in breeding my dog with his dog (if they guy only knew he was about to be plummeted with a rock). I am still trying to figure out what is going on and make up something and try to walk off as fast as I can.

So the moral of my story…I am on a NO WATCH any type of crime stories for a while…LOL!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010


1. Its Friday

2. I am caught up with all my homework and discussions for the week (Woot..Woot)

3. I think the BF is taking me to see “How to Train a Dragon” tonight!

4. I scored the prettiest lipstick color for $1.99 last night

5. I had Cajun shrimp for dinner last night

6. I managed to make it to work on time this morning, and still look pretty cute!!!

7. I got invited to a cupcake social next week

8. I ordered these from Sephora (which I know has GREAT shipping and Customer Service) so I should be getting them next week

9. I got my shipment of bras yesterday and they didn’t cost my weight in gold (FYI, Big Boobs are not cheap!!! No this is not the missing package, that one is still in delivery outerspace!!)

10. I came across my “Hope” CD and forgot how much I love her!!! (Her new CD comes out Summer 2010…doing the happy dance)

BONUS - Last night at Walmart I saw the worldest greatest mullet and it made me laugh. I kept thinking that Mexican guy has an awesome mullet, which turned into MEXICAN MULLET MAN (try saying that 3 times) the greatest super hero alive!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

PS - Click here to check out my Logo on the TX Burlesque Page

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Delivery Drama...

Now that my blood pressure has finally gone down, I can post about this. I won’t use the name of the actual company, because as of right now they are trying to fix the problem (EYE ROLL).

So picture this a beautiful young career woman (5 points if you get this!!) decides to place an order online on the 5th of March (for crap I really didn’t need) and like the lady I am waited patiently (which means everyday when the BF came over I would knock him over ripping through everything in his arms looking for my package….I have stuff sent to his place because I don’t want it left at my door to be stolen).

Each day nothing from them arrived, so about the 15th I was like what is the deal, I notice on FedEx’s website that the package says still in transit and delivered to USPS. What I found out is this company will use FedEx for a portion of the delivery and then its taken to your local post office to be delivered to your address. So, I contact FedEx and they basically say once its out of our hands we can’t track it any further. So I say a prayer splash some holy water on me and contact the Post Office (you know those people can be straight demons) and surprisingly I got Mike who must have been having a good day, because he was super helpful. He basically said the service that this company used is the slowest cheapest service EVER (so basically my box is on the back of a turtle, slowly making its way to be delivered) and he couldn't even see anything in the system showing my package had even arrived at the post office.

I speak with a rep at the company and she is like well we did our part, delivery companies lose stuff all the time (if this chick could have only seen the look on my face when she said that….I am thinking is this Broad for real).

So I get my composure together and I am like can you please resend my package and I expect it to be resent a different way to ensure I get it. “Melissa” advises me she will resend it FedEx ground and at the latest I should get it in four days.

That leads us too today the 25th of March…and guess what NO DAMN PACKAGE!!!! I look on the FedEx website and realize this chick resent the package the same way (No wonder it has not arrived, that turtle has not even come out if his shell) So of course I have to make another phone call and get “Jessica”. I explain to “Jessica” what has happened and that I want to know where my crap is. “Jessica” starts clicking around, places me on hold (I was cheered up for a few minutes because the hold music was playing "If I could turn back time, and I love me some Cher) for like 20 minutes, to come back and say, “Oh, it looks like your package was resent out the wrong shipping type"….DUH!!!! You had to place me on hold to tell me something I JUST TOLD YOU!!!! At this point I am like Dude, just give me my money back, this is a sign from the shopping gods, that I don’t need this stuff.

As of 8:55 this morning I am “SUPPOSED” to be getting my money back and having the package resent via 2-day delivery, but I will believe it when I see it. So, I am going to sit here and enjoy my nice hot cup of peppermint tea and caramel rice cake and pray that you guys won't see me on Cops because I had to go their headquarters and BURN IT DOWN!!!

On another note I am trying to convince myself to partake on the invite I got to play Pub Trivia. I have a bad habit of making myself very anti-social (mainly because I will pick sleeping vs other people...LOL!!) Trivia night is really big here in Austin, I've encountered it one time when the BF and I were out eating a resturant. Like a gazillion people showed up to play and the questions were actually pretty fun. We played a few games, but realized how dumb we were and left.

I guess we will see if I can bypass falling asleep at 8 and be a cool kid and hang out on a weekday!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Why is Monday already….UGH!!!

The weekend flew by and so did all the money in my wallet!!! I got a new digital camera (WHICH I LOVE!!!) It’s a Sony W330 and it’s the most beautiful thing ever.

The quality of pictures is almost up there with my Sony A200, which is a DSLR. I was driving the BF crazy all weekend snapping even more pictures than I normally do. I got the camera at Target for a pretty good price, plus I was able to sell my old cameral on Ebay so I made up some of the costs. Here are some pictures we took with the camera.



Over the weekend I also found another new love, but first a little back-story. I have a huge makeup collection. Since I am not a makeup blogger I don’t feel it’s really relevant to talk about it, but since my blog is my blog and I am pretty random I can pretty much talk about what I want (SO THERE!!). A few months ago I came across this picture of this lovely dark skin girl wearing blush, and I was like whoa….blush on a black girl…what is this madness. I mean I always thought blush was for lighter skin, so I was never brave enough to venture into that realm. Well I put on my big girl face and went out to test this new theory and bought some blush and this is where my love affair started. I am slowly becoming a blush addict, and want to stand on capital hill and tell all you lovely chocolate and mocha colored girls, DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE BLUSH!!! Well I was in CVS stalking their makeup racks and came across this blush by Sally Hansen in the color Poppy (I am wearing it in the pictures above). It’s AWESOME!!! Its reminds me of Orgasm by Nars, but I can actually say I like it better, plus the price tag is like a $17.00 difference. One day I will have to take a picture of my blush drawer (yes, I said drawer…LOL)

On a funny or maybe sad note, the BF stopped into this thrift store on Sunday and totally saw someone get caught shoplifting from there. The person who caught them was actually pretty cool and told them as long as they put back everything he would just let them go. I don’t imagine too many people would have gone that route, I think that lady would have been shackled up if were in the hands of someone else. I felt really bad for the lady, I mean if your stealing from a thrift shop are you really that hard up for clothes? The BF said maybe she is just a thief….LOL!!! I guess I just try to see the good in everyone.

Shockingly we have not gone to the movies in 2 WEEKS….so no updates in that particular…but randomly I think these things are beyond yummy, and are slowly becoming a new addiction to be added to my list!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


First things know I love to share Freebies, so next Tuesday March 23, is Free Pastry Day at Starbucks (you must try their blueberry muffins). Print out this coupon and enjoy!!!

I am glad that today is Friday, this has been the longest week EVER (and I didn’t even go to work on Monday). As far as weekends plans go they are kind of up in the air. If you have not heard SXSW is being held the next few days here in Austin, which means tons and tons of people coming into town for all the live music shows (even Perez is hosting a party here).

I feel like such a Lame-O, because I literally live walking distance from downtown, but hate the crowds and all of the people, which counts me out in participating in a lot of the events. But now that I am on some good meds, LOL…who knows.

Back to the topic of trashy people....Are you just feeling SO bad for Sandra Bullock and what she has to be going through.

Can you imagine having all of your business out on the table for the world to see and to make matters worse, to find out your hubby is cheating on you with this “Hot Mess” (if your going to cheat on me, I expect at least an upgrade!!!)

I know as a celebrity you have to take the territory of being a public figure, but how hard must it be to have your heart break splashed all over the front page of every newspaper, magazine and television show.

Plus I think Sandra did a total down grade by marrying this guy, she should have totally stayed with Ryan Gosling.

So ladies are lesson for today is, you can not change a Bad Boy….that is why they are called Bad Boys!!! These are the type of guys you have fun with they are NOT marriage material!!!!

PS - Don't you totally love the video for "Telephone" with Lady GaGa and Beyonce.

At first I was like, but after watching it a few zillion times its grown on me. I also didn't know Lady GaGa had such a banging body!! I LOVED LOVED Beyonce's hair in the video, it was so Bettie Paige (do you think I could pull off bangs like that?)!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ke$ha...Blah Blah!!

I am not one to judge, because we are wonderful people in our on right, but I have to say something about this chick. This new “singer” Ke$ha makes my skin crawl. There is nothing attractive or musically talented about this girl. She literally looks like she rolled out of her nearest dumpster and decided to start a music career. ( I mean at least Brit Brit was cute, before she went all crazy...but I still love her!!!)

Since many people know of my distaste of her, I was sent this and it made me laugh!!!

12 Ways To Make A Ke$ha

You can check out more here!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Recap....

We should have known better than to try and just stop in and get tickets to and event, during SXSW here in Austin. The Burlesque event was sold out, so sadly I missed out, maybe next year. So, I did what I do best…SHOP!!!

I hit up Target and they had the cutest Hello Kitty cosmetics line, so of course I HAD to get one of everything…LOL!!

I also picked up these Revlon Limited Edition nail polishes that smell fruity when they dry.

(Don't you love that pastel purple)

Does anyone else remember these as a kid? Now I just have to find me a pair of Jelly Sandals and I am ready for summer. The last couple of days it’s been so nice here in Austin, I love these warm Spring days.

Another highlight of my weekend was the package that arrived in the mail. A few weeks ago I entered a contest on “A Brilliant Brunette’s blog. This girl does the most amazing makeup looks. Well I totally won!! Look at this amazing prize I received. It’s called a UNII Palette.

“The UNII palette magnetically stores multiple brands of makeup pans, whether it's Mac, Stila, Bobbi Brown and more! Now, all your favorite brands can be stored neatly in the UNII Palette. Say goodbye to makeup clutter!”

The concept of this palette is so cool to me, and they also come in several different colors. Its really slim, so you can put all of your items in it and throw it into your purse. All of the stuff that Mark sells would fit great into this thing, so I am going to fill it up...LOL!!

Well I am off to watch a movie with the BF and try to adjust to this stupid Daylight Savings Time!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


When we were planning our trip to Vegas, I finally went to the doctor and was prescribed Xanex and Prozac. I decided not to take either, because “I” believed those types of drugs were not for me (and yes I do have a medical degree…I got it from A.C.M.E Medical School, along with Wile E. Coyote).

Well the last couple of days my anxiety has been flaring up pretty bad, especially at work. I work on the 8th floor (and yes I take the stairs EVERYDAY...and still have to wonder where these chunky thighs come from) so towards the end of the day I start to feel real closed in and before I can make it downstairs I am basically having a full-blown panic attack. I decided to start taking the Xanex, since it was the lowest dosage of the two. I don’t know if its working, but I do know it’s making me so tired and lethargic I feel like something from Night of the Living Dead (but a way prettier Zombie than you see in the movies).

The BF and I finally went to see “Alice in Wonderland” last night and I didn’t really like it. For one I was really tired and I felt like the movie was sooooooooooooo boring and didn’t do a good job of keeping my attention (even with the 3D). The story was actually kind of dark and scary and I kep thinking if I had kids I would totally not take them to see this. It also felt like the story made it seem like we came in the middle of it, like it had been going on for a few hours and we just walked in. I know there was a lot of hype surrounding the movie, but it was just not my cup of tea…LOL!

This weekend were supposed to be going to this event called “Pastries and Pasties, a Burlesque Cook-Off”.

It’s the best of both worlds for me, Burlesque and Cupcakes. I really wish I had known about it earlier, this would have been perfect for Dollface, but it will be fun to just be part of the crowd instead of working. I bought this dress that I hope will be here for the event the other day.

I actually have a funny story behind it. It was on clearance online for $9.97 but there were two sizes and I was not sure which one would fit, so I ordered them both. When I was processing the order I totally remembered I had a coupon for $10.00 off my purchase so I basically got one dress for free. I have to see which one fits, but will have an extra dress if anyone is interested in getting it, just send me email ( I can give you size info that way).

I am so glad its Friday, I hope you enjoy your weekend!!!

BTW – Dollface is totally doing the Texas Burlesque Festival!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sewing Beauty...

So, I mentioned my quest to start sewing, it all really stemmed from my purchase from Pinupgirl Clothing. Their clothes are so cute, but a $125.00 for a dress is a bit much, especially when I want everything on their website.

Doing some research I found some patterns that have had me drooling all day. I can barely sit still, I want to make them all (granted I first should rush home and learn how to use my machine…LOL).

Granted I want every pattern on their website (and knowing my addictive personality, I probably will ended up getting them all) but these were my top winners.

(All patterns from Vintage Vogue)

I know AMAZING ( I would totally dress like this everyday if I could)!!

This sewing thing is blowing my mind, it’s going to allow me to create my wardrobe just for me. When it comes to buying clothes I have the hardest time finding something to fit my odd shaped body. I have huge boobs, thick thighs and no butt…LOL!! Plus, when I was being created in the Heavens I guess they must have run out of waists, because I don’t have, oh lets not forget about being short. So, being able to make something to fit me perfectly will be a dream come true.

Now, I am not hating on myself by any means. I learned a long time ago to love myself and everything about me. It always sad I see girls talking trash about themselves, as they say, "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder", and let me say I've checked out your blogs and you guys are all GORGEOUS.

Also, I added Chatbox on the right side of my page that will allow me to respond and post real time messages. I get questions in my comments and thought versus answering them via the comment section I could just respond in my box. Plus I can put random stuff in there too (its like my own little Twitter) and you guys can send me messages or just say Hello!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Recap.....

I’m all done with my finals and I think I did pretty good!

(My Finals-Free Smile)

Now, I will have a small little break until my FINAL class starts. By this being my last class for my program, I am not really sure what to expect. I’ve heard horror stories of papers being due with hundreds of pages due and even having to do tons of research for your thesis. At this point as long as they give me a diploma I would be willing to shake it on a table top…LOL (I kid…I kid)

The weekend was kind of lame, since I had to finish up my school work, so I didn’t get a chance to hit any of the good movies that came out. I really want to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D, so I think the BF and I will go check it out this weekend. Did anyone check it out this weekend…FEEDBACK!!!

You guys now for Holiday I got a sewing machine and I am embarrassed to say it still sitting in the same place in the box (I know...I know!!) I’ve been dying to learn how to really use it and even picked up some vintage patterns on Ebay. This weekend I went to Hancock fabrics and they were having a sell on their patterns so I got 15 patterns for 15.00 (according to my receipt I saved over $200.00…that’s what I call discount shopping!!) so now I am even more motivated to get this sewing thing going on. I am also thinking about signing up for a sewing class in the next month, so that is my goal.

Also, I have some pretty exciting news. Dollface Delights is in the process of working out a deal to do catering for the Texas Burlesque Festival.

The festival is 2 days long and being held in Austin. This would be MAJOR Exposure, so I am super excited. I hope to have things confirmed in the next few days, so I will keep you guys posted.

PS - I wanted to let all my followers know that I check out your blogs daily. You may not see me in your follower list, but I have a HUGE list of daily reads on my Google Reader. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to take an interest in my blog, so I always show my love and check out your blogs …so I just wanted to send you guys a ***VIRTUAL HUG***!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Sorry for the crummy post, but I am working on Finals, so I will be doing hours of this

and eating tons of these

Have a wonderful weekend (and think of me as I am being held captive by my book and computer...LOL)!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Take a look...its in a book....

When I do have free time one of my favorite things to do is read. I absolutely LOVE books and have shared this passion since I was a little kid. When I was younger my mother would take us to the library every week and I can remember being smaller than the stacks of books I would carry out. To this day the librarians in my hometown still know our whole family, because we are such big readers.
It boggles my mind when people say "Oh I don't like reading" (side eye to the BF) There is just something magical about getting lost in a story, creating your own movie in your head and falling in love with the characters and story.

I usually read easy breezy chic lit books (I do enough hard reading for school). I think it started with reading Helen Fielding’s “Bridget Jones Diary”, and then I was on a search to find similar authors. In my search I fell head over heels in love with three particular authors. I own every book they have written, because they are just fun stories to enjoy.

(Her books are so much better than the movie was!!!!)

I wouldn't be able to tell you a favorite from any of these authors, because all of their books are great to me. If your looking for something light-hearted and easy, I highly recommend checking out a selection on their lists.

Now for all you "Twilight" and "Tru Blood" lovers out there, here is something for you. I came across this series of books almost 3 years ago (way before the Vampire craze was cool…Dare to be original!!) and have not put them down. I purely picked up the first one because I thought the book cover was cute (yes, I do judge books by their cover) but the stories were so funny It was easy to be addicted. The only way to describe this series is Elle Woods becomes the Vampire queen...LOL

I was a little peeved, because they changed the cover style a few books back from this

to this

( I would like to bop who ever was in charge of this move!!!)

The author MaryJanice Davidson writes a lot of “sci-fi romance” books. Her stories include werewolves, mermaids and androids just to name a few. I have a few of the other series, but none of them have captured me like the undead series.

If you do read any of them, please let me know what you think. I would also love to know what your reading I am always eager to add new authors to my ever growing reading list!!