Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween...

I wanted to wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween!!
( I know he is counting the days until I  have children, so he doesn't have to endure this any longer...LOL!)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


It makes no sense that its not even 9:30 am and I already feel like I want to pull out my hair...

animated gif maker

Today started out a good day, until I got in my car and started to drive to work. I SWEAR Austin has some of the WORSE drivers ever!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Recap...

The plan was to go to this really fun Halloween event....

So I pulled out the blush....


put on a brand new dress....


then fell alseep on the couch, woke up with smeared blush and lipstick realizing it was WAY too late to make it to our event.(and that I am turning into an old lady!!)
So instead we went and had yummy tacos and saw some creative pumpkins.  Sometimes sleep overpowers excitement in my book...LOL


Friday, October 22, 2010


Achoo…. Literally that is what I have been doing for the last 3 hours. I woke up this morning fine, got to work and all of sudden my eyes starting watering, I can’t stop sneezing and my nose is runny….STUPID Allergies, and obviously these are like ninja Allergies because they kind of snuck up on me and nunchucked me in the face. (Side Story…my older brother went through this stage where he wanted to be Bruce Lee, he had all the weapons and outfits (but never actually learned how to do any Kung Fu), I always thought it was funny a black Bruce lee…LOL!!)

I hope they don’t get worse over the weekend.

This weekend I just want to sleep, I want to sleep for hours and only get up to exchange my ice cream cartons. Knowing us that won’t happen, because I will drag the BF on some adventure and capture it for your viewing pleasure. Talking about capturing moments, can I just say it drives my BF CRAZY with all the pictures I take. What drives me crazy is the fact that I’ve been doing this for months and he still complains about it, but I love taking pictures, its always fun to look back and see what you looked like then or what your were doing…(So, I guess he will just have to GET OVER IT!!)

Plus, I love looking at blogs where people document their lives in pictures. So I leave with a fun picture I took of Loco….

(Yes he runs a pretty tight ship!!)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random thoughts of the day...

I thought it might be fun to share 10 random facts about myself….

(Side Note - yes, I like taking pictures of my face in the car...LOL)

1. I can openly admit I am selfish and spoiled ( I blame my parents for having my sister 7 years apart from me…by the time she was born I was already use to living a life of luxury and not ready to hang up my tiara. The good thing is she was not blessed with my horrible trait and is one of the sweetest people I know, even when I refuse to share my candy!!

2. I watch way too many cop, crime, prison and jail shows, which has made me HIGHLY paranoid of EVERYONE!!

3. I don’t cuss; I just personally think its very un-lady like. (Now, don’t get me wrong everyone once in awhile I will use the phrase “Bitch, Please”, but you would never catch me saying the F word)

4. I am a terrible dancer. I love to dance, but I have no rhythm and usually just end up flinging my arms around, looking like a crazy person. (But I still have a GREAT time doing it)

5. I am addicted to Teen Nick…I live for shows like I-Carley and Degrassi.

6. I have a bad habit of getting super excited about things and then quickly losing interest in them. (ie..Sewing...LOL)

7. I grew up in a very small town, graduated with only 32 people in my class and there were only 2 black people in my whole high school. This has allowed me very open about diversity and not so quick to make everything a black and white thing, because honestly sometimes it’s a Grey issue.

8. I really really want PINK hair!!

9. I am very indecisive and even though I hate being bossed around, I like direction. (Even if I decide to go the other way).

10. I truly believe that True Love exists, and usually comes to you when your not even looking.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Per my last post I intended to start my weekend on a good note…hmm…well…things don’t always go as planned. On Saturday I had to work for a few hours, which threw off my whole weekend sleep schedule (which is about 39 hours…LOL). I was basically in a bad mood from waking up, brushing my teeth, putting on clothes (which I couldn’t find anything cute to wear), coming to work, looking at the people I have to work with, leaving, having lunch…blah blah.. I even tried to come home and take a nap and it just made me feel even crappier. One thing I can say as much as a monster as I was acting the BF was trying to do everything in his power to make my day better, but I was not trying to have any of that.

So let’s scratch Saturday…

Now on to Sunday, decided I still had some of my weekend left and I was going to make the best of it. I woke up feeling much better, found something very cute to wear, and loved that the sun was shining and giving me a beautiful day to enjoy.



The BF and I hoped into the car and took a drive to a little Bar-B-Que place called “The Salt Lick” .

It was fun (besides someone’s road rage…side eye!!) just to be in the car and try something different. We had a pretty good meal and decided to see a movie in that side of town, so we killed some time and stopped in Goodwill. Now I have a question, I see tons of blogs of people finding great finds at their Goodwill, but I swear we have the most expensive Goodwill’s ever. I can not imagine paying 10.00 for a pair of used Target flats, that I can actually go to Target and pay 12.00 brand new for….I don’t get it.

We high tailed it out of that expensive thrift store and hit up my favorite store Target. The BF bought me the prettiest dress (which made my day all the better) and I found the perfect Halloween dress up idea. We made it to the movie to see “Catfish”, the creepiest, saddest movie ever.

(I have no idea why I am doing the Duckface...LOL)

I don’t want to spoil the plot (but you can totally wiki it here, if you’re curious). It just made me really think about the people you communicate via social network sites.

We finished our wonderful night by having fried dough for dinner.. (were addicted!!)

All in all, things didn’t start off the greatest, but we totally eneded on a sweet note....LOL!! Someone made a good suggestion to help with my quest for positivity of making note of 5 things I am thankful/blessed each day. So here goes:

1. Blessed and Thankful to have the wonderful family I was given.

2. Blessed and Thankful to be given this opportunity to attend culinary school in less than 3 weeks (EEK!!)

3. Blessed and Thankful that I have actually meet some genuine real people through my blog, that give me the greatest advice and motivation!!

4. Blessed and Thankful I have the ability to turn the radio off everytime that horrible “Like a G6” song comes on!!! (Sorry people that song works my nerves)

5. Blessed and Thankful that tonight I will have a warm and safe place to lay my head.

I might not do this everyday, but I am thinking to keep my mind in a good place I will do it quite often. What are you Blessed/Thankful for?

Friday, October 15, 2010


New Image

Lately I’ve been feeling a wave of negativity around me and that is no BUENO!! A lot of the blame comes from my half empty theory on life and I really need to change that, because its really not doing anything for me.

I am going to take baby steps and this weekend I am going to try and put more positive energy into my thoughts and actions.

Lets see how that goes!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Recap...

This weekend ACL was going on, so we strayed away from downtown as much as possible. When I was leaving work there were a Zillion people walking all over the place and I knew I wanted nothing to do with that.

**WARNING** - The relationship I have built with my I-Phone has made me an  even bigger camera whore, so please be prepared!!

Instead we had enjoyed the beautiful weather still lingering …


Munched on salty fries (is it me or is there nothing better than HOT…SALTY FRIES!!!)

Tried another doughnut from Gordoughs (This one was called “Grandma’s Pie” , it had caramel, pecans, bananas and buttercream, it literally made my eyes roll in the back of my head)

(Yes there is a doughnut somewhere under there)

And talked tons about our future plans, which includes more graduations for the both of us, (yes were OVERACHIEVERS) and a possible Move (WOO HOO). 

I love our weekends!!

Oh, I had to share these amazing photos I found while browsing the web. 

These literally make my heart melt into a million pieces.  You can check out more of these AMAZING photos at the photographer's blog here.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Thought of the Day!

Another one of my famous random thoughts...

The other day I was watching the newest season of the “Bad Girls Club” and was actually appalled. Now, I know this show is supposed to be full of drama and wild antics but same of the behavior I saw on this last episode got me thinking. The two main girls, Christine and Lea, decide to go on this frenzy of attacking another roommate because they wanted the girl out of the house. I know its all in the name of good TV, but I was shocked at their antics towards this girl. Yelling and spitting on her, throwing everything under the sun at her, just because….no reason, other than to consider themselves “Bad Girls”.

I really felt that these two broads were acting DIGUSTING. (I will give credit to the girl they were attacking, because she held her ground and didn’t let them get to her. It was clear that these girls were feeding off her fear, but she was able to break them by not showing any. )

How can you go about spitting on someone and then in your next move consider yourself a lady. I think many women have a misconception of what a true lady is, now don’t get me wrong I watch all of the TRASHY TV shows too, but I am not taking any etiquette lessons from Snookie.

I am old enough to understand the concept of reality from “unreality” , but many people can’t separate that. They think its okay to go out and drink to the point of falling all over the place, underoos showing, to leave with some random guy you decide to find out his name after the deed is already done.

I am my no means Mother Theresa, but I try to hold myself to some pretty high standards. I just want to be seen as the BEST possible version of myself and try to take direction from positive role models.

I know someday I want to be a mother and role model and want my actions to be held in a positive light.  We all make mistakes, (yes, this is coming from the SAME girl who stuck gum on the rail...I KNOW...I KNOW!!) but I think we can LEARN from our own and others and mistakes, and become people we are proud to look at in the mirror each day.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend Recap....

I went on a road trip, which consisted of

A 10 hour car ride with a furry friend on my lap….


Amish Pies…….

Tons and Tons of Silly IPhone Photos….


Eating more rock candy than one person should….


Being grossed out by "interesting" foods…..


Participating in my 2nd college graduation with my mother and sister (my mother was also receiving her Master’s degree and my younger sister got her bachelors degree….ya we ROCK)


Paying tribute to my lost friend and seeing another one that I have known since 2nd grade (and FINALLY meeting her kiddos, which I just realized I didn't any pictures of.....BOO!!!) 

It's always fun going home and being around my family and its always a sad and depressing day when I have to leave.