Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gem Sweata...

I've been a little busy bee, and been slacking in the posting capacity. The BF and I went to the Erotic Carnival and it was a ton of fun. We got to watch some of our favorite burlesque performers put on an awesome show, which is always a pleasure. I took a bunch of pictures which you can view at the DollFace Myspace. ( I am way too lazy to post all those pics here...LOL!!)

(See my excitement for the show!!)

A few days ago I was super suprised by the BF. I was in the middle of completing a cake order when I asked him to run to the store to pick up a few things for me. He comes back juggling a ton of bags and out of the corner of my eye I notice a big box. I start putting up the grocery items and get to the bag with the box and almost died. If you have been following me you know I am totally obessed with MADE FOR TV items. Well one of the items I had been watching for was the Perfect Brownie Pan.....well guess what my darling got me!!

My little sister is visiting for a few days, so I am looking forward to a fun-filled weekend. I am a little bummed, my sailor suit has not arrived as of today, so I don't know what I am going to do for Halloween. Maybe I will make a trip to Goodwill and get myself a Gem Sweater....LOL!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Costumes!

I received an email this morning with a picture of the cutest Halloween Costume… a costume that was created just for me….wait for it….wait for it… it was a

Hello Kitty Pin-up Costume! I almost died when I saw this costume and thanked the Costume gods for creating something that had to be created just for me. Well I went on a search to find this lovely costume, and guess what, my favorite store was selling them. I cruised over to the Target website and low and behold the costume was there, I clicked on the button to order it and Damn it to Heck, they didn't have my size.

I’ve been searching all morning to find this costume and have had no luck. I did find some other cute Hello Kitty Costumes.

Once again they are all made for girls with no boobs, hips or thighs…which counts me out!!!!!

Now I am sitting here with a major sad face….

oh why oh why, must I be blessed with this amazing Curvaceous body...LOL!!! No worries, I’ve got my sailor thing going on, so it will be all good.

This weekend the BF and I got invites to some fun events going down.

I don’t know which ones were going to check out (its so cold here, I just want to snuggle up in some warm PJ’s and crawl under the covers) but I promise to take lots of pictures to share.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Should I Whip It?

A few weeks ago I went and saw the movie “Whip It” and fell in love. It had a great story and was just really funny. Have you ever seen a great movie and thought how awesome would it be to live that story? Well I came across something the other day that might just give me that opportunity.

The Texas Roller Derby League is holding try-outs, and I am highly considering trying out. I have not skated since my JR. High days, but I was pretty Bad-Ass in my white skates with the hot pink laces and matching pom pom’s. The BF doesn’t want me to do it; he is scared I might get hurt….but you only live once. I mean how many cool points would I earn, just to be able to say I tried out, and if nothing else it would make great blog material...LOL!!

What do you guys think??

(Photo from Boopsie.Daisy)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bite Fest 2009

Last weekend was spent vending at the 2009 Bite Fest in San Antonio. Let’s just say this was a very “interesting” event. This chick had the cutest hat on and she told me her hubby made it for her….how cool is that.

The big performer for the night was fetish model Masumi Max who did a “burlesque” show and even ate fire. It was insane!!! I am going to be honest, her show was alot more strippy than burlesque.

This girl came dressed as a sexy zebra....strange choice to make sexy, but it was pretty cool.

This guy was hanging himself...yes hanging himself and it was the weirdest craziest thing I've ever encountered. How do you find out your into something like. Are you sitting at home, thinking damn my life is boring, how about I swing my self around by my skin.

This was a local band called "Saturday Night Shockers". A group of smoldering vamps!

I will be honest, I am not sure what this chick was doing. She was swinging these balls around the whole night. It was just making me dizzy.

Its me, putting on my best DollFace Face!

This was "Shivers and Quivers" the creepiest clowns I've ever seen. To make matters worse, the girl clown kept talking in this weird baby voice and saying everything was AWESOME.

It was truly a night to remember. I can honestly say I have seen my fair share of fishnets and butt cheeks to last me a lifetime…LOL! The BF and I go to a ton of Burlesque events, but this one was slightly different it had a very dark and gothic feel to the event, it was nice to go out of our element and try something different.

I did meet some cool people and might have a few hookups for the business.

Also, I got my Halloween Costume. I saw this girl wearing it and was sooooooooo cute. It doesn't look as slutty on, the skirt is alot longer.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Addictions....

Along with my new addiction for Boojiboo aprons, I’ve found a few new things that I am seriously addicted to.

1. Priscilla Renea - I came across her song “Dollhouse” and feel in major LUV, I had to find out more about this chick. She will release her CD in December 2009, but I was able to get my hands on an EP and I loved every song on it. I think my MP3 player is tired of me repeating it over and over again. I won’t lie when it comes to music I am very much a music snob and though I like some main stream music (woo hoo Miley Cyrus…don’t hate!!!) I am more indie and folksy (Brandi Carlile is my total lesbian girl crush…LOL!!) Miss Priscilla has a very different sound!!

Check our the video here

(The video is a candy color of yummy!!)

2. Topo Chico - So, I am trying to lose a little bit a weight, but I am Coke Crack head. I’ve tried to give it up, but at 3am I am craving that sweet sugary goodness. Well someone told me to try Topo Chico a drink found pretty easily here in Austin.

It’s a Mexican Mineral water and it is the bees knees. I do miss the taste of coke, but with the Topo Chico I get my carbonated fix, but its just good ole’ natural water. Upon one of my Wiki searches I found that they do have it in other flavors, so I am dying to try them.

3. Target’s Xhilaration Sleeveless Knit Tank Dresses

A few weeks ago I was in Forever 21 and saw the cutest dresses. Now I should have known better, but I decided to venture out of my element, of only buying accessories out of this store and try on the dress. Lets just say if you have Boobs, this place is not for you. I was so very sad, because the dress was so cute.

Well last weekend I was in Target and saw some simlar dresses and thought they were cute. I got my courage to come back and try them on, and I was SHOCKED. I was actually able to go a size smaller than I’ve been wearing. In amazement I grabbed every style and color they had and bought them all. Miss Kitty very happy….debit card very very very sad!!!

Don’t the dresses look real similar!

So Suck it stupid Forever 21 (okay I don’t really mean that, because their accessories do kick booty, so just suck it to the clothing section. )

4. Tyson McAdoo – His artwoork is outrageously awesome!!! I’ve seen his work around, but never knew who did it. Well after some searching I found out and I am just loving everything he does.

(View more at his site here)

I think I am going to buy a ton of his prints to plaster all over my house!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So, I know your reading the title and thinking what the hell is BoojiBoo…. Well click here and find out for yourself!!!

Let's just say I am ADDICTED!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leslie Cochran....

So Austin’s motto is “Keep Austin Weird”. Well I was skimming the Austin Statesman and came across an article about one of our local icons. Leslie Cochran is kind of an unofficially mascot here in Austin. He has a page on Wikipedia, has been reviewed on Yelp, and you even buy his stickers in the local shops.

He is kind of like an Austin Landmark, everyone has a Leslie story. I remember my first Leslie sighting I was shocked, surprised and amazed. This man was walking around in a satin bikini top and booty shorts with the cheeks hanging out. This made me really understand Austin as a city!!

(click pictures to get an UPFRONT view...LOL)
Well they found him in vegetative state over the weekend and currently he is in ICU. They don’t know if he is going to make it, but he has brought a lot of laughter and entertainment to the streets to Austin.

Austin American Statesman Article
**Pics, from Yelp and Flickr*

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Recap....

YAWN…what a busy weekend!!! I can’t explain how much I love being busy.

Next weekend the BF and I are attending two more shows, which should be total blast. The one on Saturday I will be actually Vending at, basically a mini bake sale. I am super excited and also a bit scared. I mean what if I make a ton of stuff and no one one buys anything…the agony!!

But I am going to give it my all and put on my brave face and make some cute stuff. I bought a ton of Halloween stuff over the weekend to use, so I think I can come up with something cute. I saw this on Flickr today by Little Sweeties Cupcakes

How cute are those cupackes...I mean Zombie Hello Kitty Cupcakes...LOVES THEM!! They are some real creative people out there when it comes to baking!!

Another important thing on the agenda is what to wear for Halloween. Over the weekend we tried a few costumes and the BF is thinking either Michael Jackson

But I think he would be much cuter as Mario

These are my two options I am thinking about doing...

marie antoinette


I just don't want to look all slutty and hootchie!! I hate how girls think Halloween is a free for all to look like a street walker, but to each its own. Is anyone else dressing up?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Breast Cancer Cupcakes

When I saw these on Flickr I had to share!!

I came across the most unique cupcakes today on Flicker. They are BOOBIE Cupcakes from Amanda, With Sugar On Top. She made them for a Breast Cancer benefit and she said they were a “TIT…oops “Hit”…LOL

You got to Whip It....

I’ve been under the weather the last few days, which seems to be a regular occurrence for me lately. I decided I needed to start taking vitamins to build up this puny immune system I have. I found some adult gummies vitamins (because I am 7 and who doesn’t like gummies) and hope this will with me being sick all the time.

Being sick is no bueno for me. I sleep all day being unproductive walking around in my Hello Kitty house slippers looking like a hot mess. The BF decided to take me out yesterday and we went and saw Whip it. It was such a cute movie, and it takes place in Austin, so it was cool pointing out some of the fun places we see all the time.

If I am feeling better by this weekend, we plan to go to the championship Texas Roller Derby game on Saturday. It’s sad that I’ve been living in Austin for almost 2 years and have never gone to a derby game, so better late than never.

Also, some interesting news, a few days ago I cupcake order from a Girl Scout Leader, while talking with her for a few minutes, we got on the subject of my days as a Girl Scouts. My mom was the leader and it was always good fun! I can remember this one camping trip (I know sometimes it hard for me to imagine myself camping too) where everyone eats way too many Smores and if you have seen that scene from Stand by Me with the blue berry pie…ewww!!! Well the leader asked me if I would be interested in speaking with the girls about my time as a Girl Scout and DollFace Delights…how cool is that. I am pretty excited to meet with the girls, so wish me luck!!

I am still waiting to get my full album of photos to share, but she is slowly trickling some to me as she edits them. Here is my favorite so far!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Okay, so I got this email today from this chick on Flickr. I joined this group where I could post a few pictures and she actually had the nerve to send me this email.

Its been brought to my attention that several of your products are named the same as products found at Sugar Mamas bakeshop. Having spent time there myself, i am personally aware of their range and product names.

I also saw your review on yelp of their bakeshop - i personally think your review was fairly childish, but what really concerned me was the fact that you would publicly speak in a negative fashion about a fellow Austin business. And if you dont want it to be known you are the same person, perhaps you should change your avatar photo to be different.

I try to be as fair as I can managing this group, but at the end of the day, it is still mine to manage as I wish. Needless to say, the proprietor of Sugar Mamas is now a close friend of mine, and as a friend, i am uncomfortable with how you have chosen to both badmouth and emulate her business. As such, I think id prefer not to have you a part of the group.

I dont wish to start any arguments or fights, but wanted to explain myself before i just removed you without reason.

I wish you good luck with your business.

Jess @ Sugadeaux Cupcakes

Now some background, the review I left was more than a year ago and here is what I wrote:

“I was so disappointed from this place. I tried the Monroe and the Betty page and they were both rather yucky. The cake on the Monroe was really dry and the frosting on the Betty page had the worst after taste. If you’re going to waste your money on cupcakes, go down to Polkadots!”

If you read my Yelp reviews you would see that I have left reviews for several other bakeries good and bad. Actually if you want you can check out my Yelp profile here and see what I have written.

Here is my response back to her email:

Wow, I am quite shocked at the treatment I have received for being an open and honest person. Regarding my review on Sugar Mama’s bakery it was nothing personal, if you looked at the date it was posted over a year ago and prior to and following have since reviewed other bakeries and given honest reviews. You will even make note that I posted a comment about stopping into Sugar Mama’s when I thought you were coming to visit.

As far as your comment about my Yelp profile, I have the same picture and profile, because I am not ashamed to voice my opinion. My review of their bakery was not childish it was me being honest and straightforward at that time. Also, if you read through the reviews, you will notice that not everyone likes Sugar Mama’s; did you send them all a message? I would think that with tons of other bakeries in Austin and the world, not everyone is going to like the same thing. I think it’s a shame that you would ridicule me for being mean to your friend and as you stated my review was childish, but your behavior is childish because you have kicked me out of your group for simply communicating my opinion (almost a year ago!!!!).

As far as me bashing other Austin business, that is crazy, in the past if I have made a negative comment, the owner of the business has done the Adult thing and contacted me to ensure that next time I go to their establishment my visit will be much better, Sugar Mama’s didn’t do that, so they must not have a problem with my review, unlike you, who is only a third party.

I want it to be made clear that I am not Bad mouthing anyone nor am I trying to emulate another business. There are tons of businesses out there that have similar product lines; I doubt that Coke is receiving an email from Pepsi as I have received. I think if I was the owner of Sugar Mama’s I would be quite embarrassed that someone who says they are my friend would send such an email, starting unnecessary conflict.

You stated you didn’t want to start a fight or argument, but your actions speak much louder than words. Austin has some awesome bakeries and I’ve never heard of anything like this among them. I am friends with several people who do the same thing and we support each other rather than take action as you have.

I thank you for opening my eyes and showing me that just because someone makes something sweet, doesn’t mean they are a sweet person.

Have a great day
Erica B.

I am still in shock that I received this email and had to vent... The weird thing about this whole thing is, my Yelp account is under a different email, so I am a little confused as to how they found it......creepy.

Oh well, Zombieland was funny, going to see Whip it later this week...koh FYI keep your menu's and ideas away from me, I might try to emulate you.....LOL!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Betty Page!!

The Betty Page Tribute Event was Amazing. They did live burlesque and also showed little move clips throught the show. The event was held at the Alamo Drafthouse which is an Austin fixture for cool events. Your able to get actual food and beer while you watch your AWESOME is that!!

I made some Betty Page cupcakes with matching cupcake toppers and snuck them into the venue...everyone LOVED them!! I decided they came out so well, so I added them to the DollFace check it out!

( A few before pictures...I think I need a new camera they all came out so blurry)

Austin City Limits is occuring right now in Austin, so I am avoiding downtown....because Miss Kitty, tons of people and heat equals JAILTIME...LOL . Living in Austin has given me the opportunity to go to some great live music shows, but I prefer to go to the smaller venues. I think the BF and I are going to do my favorite thing this weekend...MOVIES... I am stoked to see derby girls (WHIP IT) and Zombies (ZOMBIELAND) !!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!