Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday I woke up feeling craptastic…sore throat, achy and this weird eye runniness. I decided instead of infecting everyone I would stay home, medicate myself up and try to feel better. I spent the better part of the day in bed watching movies.

I had received “Atonement” and “The Other Boylen” girl on Netflix and checked them out. “Atonement” was kind of slow, but the story was actually good, it made you realize how your actions and those of other people can change your life. I also enjoyed “The Other Boylen” girl, which now that I think of it, kind of had the same point, people’s actions creating drama.

For all of you who don’t check out my DollFace Blog (shame on you…LOL) I’ve been invited to the Dallas Burlesque festival next weekend.

Dollface will not only be vending there, but we've been asked to cater all the desserts for the performers. This weekend will be spent on getting everything ready for the event and our trip to Dallas. I am so stoked, because the Dallas Burlesque community is huge and all of the girls up there are Awesome, plus its been awhile since we’ve gone to a show.

I really want to get something really cute to represent myself and these are my top 3 favorite choices. So…feedback would be great!!!

All of the dresses are from PinupGirlClothing website. They have the best vintage inspired pin up clothes. I told myself I was going to start buying one thing once a month from there to grow my wardrobe. I also love the fact that they have bigger sizes for us curvy girls!!!

Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

PS - One of my bestie bloggie friends Miss (Soon to be Mrs) Rhiannon is doing an amazing project. Its about woman and beauty...and I think you all should take a minute to check it out. The project sounds very cool so check it out here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Say Cheese...

If it’s not obvious I take a ton of pictures. I always have my camera with me so I am able to snap when the occasion arises. The funny thing is with all the pictures I take I never get actual photos made. The most I do is upload them on the computer to share. I’ve even bought tons of frames to motivate me to print them, but as of today I have twenty empty frames on my shelves. (and its been kind of hard to get people to believe the blonde hair blue eyed lady is my mom…LOL)

I finally put some actual effort into my printing project and bought a photo printer. I went with the Canon Selphy CP760.

Its a portable photo printer. I love this thing to pieces. It’s very small and has slots where I can put my SIM card directly into it, so I don’t have to hook it up to my computer, you can even send pictures from your phone via Blue tooth…(which I am still trying to figure out)….Plus it’s PINK!!!

The pictures come out even better than going to the store and getting them printed. Plus if you sign up for a photo editing site, you can add your own frames and print them up. I am on my way to be a printing fool!!!

I started with this:

TA DA...(See how cool they came out...I swear they look much better in person)

I love these photo holders I got from Target today!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Recap...

First of all, Thank you all for the kind words on my last post, you guys truly ROCK MY SOCKS OFF (which is random, because I never wear socks…LOL)

This weekend the BF and I took in a movie (DUH) and saw Legion.

The movie was actually kind of scary and made me go home and put my bible underneath my pillow…LOL!!

Shopping was also on the agenda, and I hit up Forever 21. I never use to shop there, but now I can’t get enough of that store. They have some of the cutest stuff that can actually be dressed up to be work appropriate (and then they have other stuff that is only appropriate on the Red Light District).

Every time I go in there I am motivated to lose weight so I can squeeze my booty into some of those cute dresses they have. I also went to Nordstrom’s (that store always makes me feel all fancy) and got some new MAC stuff. I told the BF I need more girlfriends, because he not fun when it comes to makeup. He can’t understand why I would want to pay $14.00 for a lipstick when I can get it from Wal-Mart…silly silly boys.

The rest of the weekend was spent chillen at my place, the BF watching the game and me standing in my spare bedroom looking at the mess on the floor and walking out. My spare bedroom has been a disaster since I moved into my place. I really need to get it into order, so I can use it as an office, but every time I walk in there it’s like a black whole that sucks out all of my energy. So instead of cleaning I watched this crazy movie on Lifetime called the Pregnancy Pact.

How these girls convinced each other to have babies at 15 is beyond me, my friends couldn’t even get me to stay out past curfew. It was actually kind of sad how disillusioned these girls were regarding pregnancy…I mean after watching MTV’s Teen Mom even at my age I don’t know if I am ready to be a parent (how I’ve kept Loco alive this long…I kid…I kid…) I have many friends that were single parents, and it was hard for them (its still hard for them). I give those girls high-fives everyday!!

Anywho, before I go I have to show guys a sneak peek of something I am working on. More details to come....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Don't Judge...

Say what you want…

but I totally love this song (its my inner Drag Queen coming out once again!!)

Whats your guilty pleasure?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birthday Wishes....

Project Fix Fat Ass Week 1 Update (01-11-10/01/17/10)

Goal – 20lbs
Pounds Lost – 4.5

I’ve been slacking in the exercise department. After I got dishearten from the videos I bought, I’ve made no effort to find a new program. I really need to start exercising so it can kick-start my weight-loss, eating changes won’t do it alone (wow, I sound like an infomercial) But I am happy that I lost 1.5 pounds for the week.

On a brighter note, my birthday is in a few weeks and I’ve been asked several times what I want. Just like my issues with Christmas its always hard to know what I want, but I was smart and started a list a few months back every time I saw something that I wanted.

Hello Kitty Fujifilm Instax Mini

How awesome, not only do you have instant pictures, but its Hello Kitty!! (source)

Bamboo Fun

This little doo hickey would allow me to edit my photos and make them
even more super awesome!! (source)

Pink Lomo Camera

First because its pink, second because I've been obessed with cameras lately
and third I can take photos like this. (source)

(Lets just say someone does not like Bath Time!!!)

Hot Pink Hello Purse

Do I need to say anything further...really!! (source)

Ikea Desk

So, I've been drooling over this desk for months. This pictures sucks but its a frosty black with shiny white and silver butterlies on it. Its classy but girlie at the same time, and a MUST for my office. (source)

John Mayer

Yes, Birthday Gods I would like you to deliver him in all his hotness...but on the real side, he is coming to Austin and tickets for me and my little sister would be


Chest Piece Tattoo

I've seen so many girls with these amazing chest pieces and I've been thinking it might be my next piece. The BF has a kick ass oneso I need to step up my game. (source -unknown)

French Bulldog
I miss having my other two dogs with me (and know my parents love them too much now
to give them back) so I would love to get Loco a little sister. Maybe someday
when I get a house.

So, there it is my list of gifites I would like for my birthday. Also, here is my music love for the week...Check her out!!

Also, hey to my new followers and continue love for my older ones!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Recap.....

Why do weekends go so fast, but work days go so slow? It seemed liked the weekend was over before I got to really enjoy it, so BOO to that!!! The BF took in our weekend movie and saw “The Book of Eli”, it was sooooooooooooooooo boring. I wanted so bad to try and like this movie, but about 30 minutes into the film I was playing the stare at other people game. (people are so weird…LOL)

Old Navy was having a killer sale and I did some major damage. I got a hundred dollars worth of stuff for less than 40 bucks…it was insane and I LOVED it!!

(Old Navy had these glasses in a bunch of colors, I just had to get a pair...and yes, I know this picture looks like a mug shoot as my mother so nicely put it!!)

I also bought my first pair of grown up shoes. See, when it comes to shoes I am cheap…Wal-Mart, Payless I am dandy, now the BF is a different story. When it comes to shoes he turns his nose at my inexpensive shopping choices and sticks to his stores of choice. Steve Madden is his bee’s knees. For me, its hard o wrap my brain around the concept of spending more than $20.00 for a pair of shoes…I know...I know (what would Carrie B. say) After sitting in Steve Madden for what seemed like hours (waiting on someone to try on every shoe in the store) I notice these cute boots. Usually boots don’t fit my fat calves, but they were booties, so I was thinking why not I will try them on. Worse mistake ever, because I loved them and had to have them. Lucky for me the store was also having a sale, so I got the boots for half off, but they were still $80.00. (it took a few minutes for the sales girl to maneuver my debit card from my shaking hands)

(They come in black too and I really want them....but I think I would have a nervous breakdown spending that kind of money on shoes twice...LOL!!

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning out my messy closet. I read something that said color coordinating your clothes can help you stay organized but also save you money (it allows you to see what you already have, versus buying the same thing over and over) It has also made me realize that I own way too many clothes!!! I gave a bunch of them away to Goodwill, but it didn’t even put a dent into my stash. I really need to get better about not spending so much money on clothes (yes…I am snickering too!!)

Oh ya…I had some time for baking too!!

Random side notes AWESOME is this necklace I got off Etsy.

I'm few weeks behind, but I've been convinced to do the 365 project so expect to see more random pictures.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cookies for a Cause...

Dollface Delights will donate 15% of each sale from our cookie sampler box to the Red Cross to help with Haitian Earthquake victims, up until February 28, 2010.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last Saturday I placed an order to Cherry Culture (a pretty cheap cosmetics shop) and FINALLY got my stuff last night. I wanted to try out this NYX brand, so I bought a ton of their lip-glosses and lipsticks (I looked in my purse and I had like 10 lip glosses floating around in there…then I found an apple and knew it was time to clean out my messy purse).

I was in the process of taking pictures of all the stuff, and then thought I am not a beauty blogger (actually I was being lazy and took like 2 pictures and was over that idea). I love eye shadow in a major way, and got two of these Amuse compacts for under 5.00.

This morning when I tried to use the eye shadow I realized why they were so cheap. The shadow is a little weird and doesn’t really show up that great. I think I will just stick to my Urban Decay (best eye shadows EVER!!)

I also ordered a ton of the NYX round lipsticks and after going through everything, realized I ordered the color REA twice. If someone wants it (its going to much of a hassle to send it back…it was only 2.00) let me know and I will send it out. The color is very neutral and I think can work on every skin color (I made the BF let me try it on him, to prove this theory…LOL). I found this picture on line, to give you an idea, so holla and its yours!!

I also have a little tradition for myself for on Tuesdays. Since new music releases on that day, I always try to find one new artist and give them a whirl. I came across this chick Caitlin Crosby after looking through a few related artists of a few of my favorites.

I have listened to the whole album about 20 times, I am loving her music, because it’s really relatable. I think you should check her out.
PS - Make sure to check out the cute giveway Life is Better in Heels hosting!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Project Fix Fat Ass Week 1 Update (01-03-10/01/10/10)

Goal – 20lbs
Pounds Lost – 3

Things have been looking pretty good so far, I was stoked when I got on the scale and saw 3 pounds less. I’ve been eating a lot better and drinking more water than Nemo, which seems to be helping a lot. The calorie king book I bought has really come in handy; it has stopped me from some disastrous meals. On the real side, its amazing the amount of calories you can consume in one meal.

Last Monday I was pumped to do my workout, I got on my cute little outfit, headband and matching sweatbands (I mean if your going to do it…at least be cute about it) and got ready to go. Surprisingly Loco stayed out of the way, as I think he was scared of what was to come. I turned on the video and lets just say it was Horrible. I started with the Biggest Loser” 30 Day Jump-start and what a disappointment. The chick hosting the video had no personality and kept getting tired in the middle of the workout…um, lady your supposed to be motivating my lazy butt, I did about 15 minutes, before I couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up taking the other one back to the store and now I am in the search for a new workout video. A friend of mine suggested the “Flirty Girl” workout videos.

I know you guys have seen the infomercials for these videos; basically it’s stripping to lose weight. Just an FYI for everyone…I am not really the swirl around a pole type of girl, for Profit or Health. I just don’t see me being into this video, so I am open to any other sensible suggestions.

The BF and I took in two movies (and I will openly admit I had my buttery popcorn at both movies….I did get a small though, so I should get some props for that) over the weekend



Youth in Revolt.

First of all I didn’t even know Ethan Hawke was still alive, so that was a shock. "Daybreakers" made me jump a few times, but towards the end I was like really… ”great” ending, but it’s a new twist on the vamp story!! "Youth in Revolt" was cute and funny, I think I could have been just as happy seeing it on Netflix though.

The BF mentioned to me about doing a Vegas trip for my birthday (which is on the 19th of next month…so feel free to start shopping now!!) That was one of the things I wanted to scratch off my list for 2010, so I was pumped.

Here is where the problem comes in for….(start playing sad music…you know the kind they use to always play towards the end of Full house, when you were going to learn a lesson) I suffer from agoraphobia . I not as bad as though people who are scared of leaving their house, but I get high anxiety in situations I can’t control. That being, its been years since I’ve been in an elevator, I get nervous every time I go into the mall ( I have to know where at least one exit is, Ikea used to be the worse...if you have ever been in one those before) sometimes I even get anxiety when I am a passenger in a car and the driver is someone I don’t know or trust (its that fear that I can’t get them to pull over if I need them too). I went to therapy for it, and was told as long as it doesn’t cripple my life, then I am fine. So, far I’ve been able to take the stairs and drive when I want to travel.

But as I get older, I feel like its holding me back, from experiencing so many things…like my trip. Just sitting here typing and thinking about getting into a plane is making me shake, and that’s so upsetting to me. I am going to start looking to maybe some new therapy or medications , because I want to start living my life. I don’t want to always be the person holding the purses, because I am too scared to take that chance. I do feel blessed, because in the past the relationship I was in I was always felt to be a drama queen, like it was all in my head. There was no support regarding the issue and it was so frustrasting. Now, I have someone who is always there to hold my hand in my time of panic and calm me BF has never made me feel like I am crazy, he just wants me to be safe...and sane...and I am thankful everyday for that.

Well I will keep you guys updated on all of my issues and thanks for reading.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday...

Today is a very special day….its my honey Birthday.

I wish I could express how lucky I am to have this guy in my life. Not only is he my BF, but he is also my BFF. I am so blessed because he goes out of his way to make me laugh and feel special every day. We totally get each other, and have way more ups than downs. I am lucky to say this Hello Kitty has found her Dear Daniel!!

Happy Birthday Baby….I Love you!