Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Please come back...

So I saw this show on Demand and watched all the episodes available.  Can I  just say LOVE LOVE it!!  Its so funny and cute.  But I am sad that it hasn't come back on yet.  

Come back....I MISS YOU!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baking Time...

Its getting chilly here and for me nothing is better than a warm dessert and a hot mug filled with tea. Yesterday I tasted the most amazing cupcake and when I got home I had to figure out the recipe…which I did!! ( I felt like a mad scientist in my kitchen breaking down the recipe)

Sweet Potatoe Cupcakes with Cinnamon Vanilla Bean Meringue...Toasted of Course!

Who knew Sweet Potatoes would make the most amazing moist cupcakes EVER. Their even better the next day!!
Things like this make me truly know I am following the right path!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life Recap...

Long time no write….

Things are crazy busy right now!! I am in my last couple of my weeks of my externship and I’m really ready to MOVE ON!! I’ve learned a lot from the place I am working at, but the biggest thing I have learned it’s not the type of work I want to do in my pastry career. Their main business is custom cakes and honestly that’s not where my passion lies. I want to be a pastry chef, not just a cake decorator or cupcake baker, but overall I think it’s really given me a clear picture of my career path.

In other news, I am getting married in exactly 1 month today!!!!

The time has flown by and I am anxiously counting down the days, hours and minutes until we say “I do”. As far as wedding planning goes, were pretty much done, I have my final dress fitting at the end of the month and the last time I saw the dress it was coming along perfectly.

Random side notes....

I’ve officially become OBESSED and ADDICTED with the show “Criminal Minds”. I could slap myself for just discovering this show. It totally scares me, and is slowly making me a recluse, but I LOVES IT!! If you watch it, how much do you love Garcia...she is my favorite!

I’ve made some fun stuff at the bakery I work at and cake balls are one of my favorites. I know they’ve been around for awhile, but these little bites of cakes are slowly turning into my new crack!!  ( I will admit that I didn't want to look at them for awhile after dipping a few hundred of them)

Amazon is my new “Boo”; I almost died when I found out I could get free two-day shipping. Literally I’ve been up at 2am ordering books and running home with excitement for their delivery.  I swear they sell EVERYTHING too, if your looking for a lung, check out Amazon!!

In the last week I’ve purchased 8 cookbooks and I made these last night from one of the books I got called “Cookiepedia" (if you love cookies, get this book, its got great recipes).

(This was my first time trying Dulce De Leche, which is a caramel made with sweet condensed milk....can I just say I stopped licking the can only when I realized both the boy and the dog were staring at me...SO GOOD!!"
Life is busy, but its good and its only getting better.  Thanks for everyone who has been saying hello and sticking around.  I promise to be a little better about the updates!!