Friday, July 31, 2009


First things I received an email containing info about the new "As Seen on TV" item I must add to my collection...wait for it..wait for it...Snuggies for DOGS (are you as excited as I am).

The thought of me and my dogs wearing matching snuggies, I have no words, only a single tear of JOY!! (I totally feel a photo opt coming on!) .

( I am thinking we could recreate this photo)

(Update on Mango J. - Right now its still unclear as to how much damage has been done. My mom said he is walking as needed, but for the most part still resting alot. I am hoping and praying that he makes a full recovery, but were just taking it day by day right I am thinking if I get him a snuggie he has not choice but to get better!!)

So, my sister just got me started watching the show Mad Men, so when I came across this site I had to share. It lets you Mad Men yourself, click here to try it out. I think I look super cute.

Next is anyone else super STOKED that the cast of Saved by the Bell is going to be on the cover of People Magazine!!

That show was so AWESOME and taught me alot of important life lessons (snickering...) To this day the thought of using Caffeine Pills scares the hell out of me!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am going to be baking my booty off tonight for the Cupcake Smackdown on Saturday, I do plan on taking tons of pictures of the event, so hopefully I will have a ton to share(and I promise not to be lazy and not post them), it would also be rather bad ass if I won, so keep your fingers crossed!!

So, I leave you with another one of my lovely customer phone calls:

Me: So, I will get that form mailed out too you today.

Caller: So, um how long will it take for me to receive it?

Me: Well we send it out regular mail, so I can’t confirm an actual timeframe, but it will be put in the box today to be mailed out.

Caller: So I should get it by Monday?

Me: (confused look on my face) as I stated Sir, I can’t confirm an actual receipt date.

Caller: So maybe 3 days….

Me: (Seriously, Guy) Sir, I can’t give you a time frame, I would Guesstimate, with the weekend and all sometime next week, but that’s just my guess (thinking, because last time I checked I don’t work for the United States Postal Service)

Caller: Oh okay, well I will check my box for it on Tuesday and call you if its not there.

Me: (head banging on desk at this point). Have a good day sir…and Burn in Hell…Just kidding!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

As Seen on TV...

The other night flipping through the channels I came across The Home Shopping Network (HSN). I don’t normally watch things like this, because I am going to be quite honest it feeds into a problem I have. I have been diagnosed (by the BF) with an incurable disease known, as “I must own crap from TV-ITIS”. Symptoms usually flair up anytime one of those “As seen on TV” commercials appear, and it all goes from down hill from there. I am a Sucker, I can say it openly. I see something on TV and I get sucked in and the next thing I know I am like I MUST HAVE YOU. With treatment (cutting up my credit cards) I have been able to stop myself from getting sicker. The following items have been known to cause instant reactions:

The Bumpit - umm..who doesn't love walking around looking like a Texas beauty queen... I DO...I DO!!

(Bumpits can make me this perfect..SOLD!!)

SmoothAway - So, let me get this right, all I have to do is rub and rub with the sandpaper like material and all my hair will disappear like MAGIC....This is beyond genius.

The Snuggie - Do I even need words to describe the AWESOMENESS of this product? (people its not a bath robe turned backwards, tons of research and scientific date went into creating a blakent that would allow me to stay warm and still talk on the phone.) Also, keep this on the hush hush, but I have been informed by my dealer they now come in Cheetah print....SAY WHAT.

Perfect Brownie Baking Pan - bakes each piece separately so they are flakey and crispy on the outside, but rich and gooey on the inside. ( I don't care what the BF says this one actually makes sense and I am getting it)

If you too suffer from this disease, its okay, with Shock Treatment (finding out the what the shipping and handling charges are going to be) you can live a full and healthy life…Just like me!

(You can say it...I am working my Bumpit)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Austin Cupcake Smackdown 1.0...

With everything that has been going on, I totally forgot that I had entered the Austin Cupcake Smackdown 1.0.

I’ve entered the Vanilla and Free-Style category and as of Wednesday 9:51 a.m., I have no idea what I am going to make. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know. The way it works is with Vanilla it can be any frosting, as long as its Vanilla cake and the Free-Style is just whatever you can think of.

I am excited and nervous all at the same, I recently read there are supposed to be over 30 amateur bakers set to compete in the smackdown.

Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mango J...

Last night my parents called me to tell me my dog Mango had been attacked. From what I was told some loose dog came up to him and grabbed him by the neck and tossed him around. The vet had him wrapped up in bandages and drugged up, and my parents were trying to make him comfortable.

*This is from yesterday...see his little bandages*
Well this morning he is not walking, eating or drinking and things are not looking good. I called my mom to check up on him, and she started crying and telling me he just looked really sad in his little basket and was just lying there. Even my other dog Onrey didn’t want to leave his side.

I can’t explain how I feel right now; I have had Mango since 2000. I bought him with my ex-husband and that was our child. When I moved out of my house into an apartment, I was forced to give up 2 of my three dogs, and lucky for me my wonderful parents took them. I was married to someone in the military, so he was deployed A LOT and my dogs were my friends, my children and my companions, during the many years of being alone.

In the last year, so much has changed in my life and this is just another devastating piece of the puzzle. I am trying to be positive about the situation and praying he will recovery, but I’ve accepted and made peace with him having to be put asleep.
I will also love my Mango J.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Recap...

When it comes to friends, I am really picky. I don’t just let anyone in my personal bubble and I feel its better to have quality friends versus a massive quantity of friends. Well my girlfriends are the absolute best. Every time we go out we have a ton of fun, make a lot noise and always have really good drinks!!!

Thursday I went to this cool pub call the GingerMan with my girlies. I am not a big beer drinker (I hate that gassy bloated feeling it gives you), but I had this neat called Wyders Pear Cider, and it actually turned out to be really yummy.

Friday the girls and I went to dinner and then did a movie. We went to see the Orphan, which I can only describe as hysterical. There was nothing scary about this movie, it was one of those movies that you talk really loud in and laugh your butt off. At one point we were laughing so hard, I knew we were going to get kicked out, but the plot and storyline were so dumb!!

On Saturday the BF and I out to dinner to TGI Friday’s, and I had the most awesome drink. It was called a Tropical Berry MoJito Shaker (I am wiping drool away, just thinking about it).

After dinner we went to see the Ugly Truth, which was cute.

Totally what you expected. I will say that Gerald Butler was very ugly in this movie…from now on I will only visualize him as the guy in 300 (YUM-O)!!

This weekend was really low-key, as I am still trying to recoup from my VACAY. I’ve been so lazy (and don’t judge) but I still have not unpacked my car…I know… I know, but I plan on doing it today. It’s just hard to get motivated after doing nothing. Plus classes are about to end and I had to work on a stupid group project. I am doing my program fully online, so I think it’s so ASININE (my new work of the week) to assign group projects. I keep thinking to myself only a few more classes, the BF graduates next month on the 15th (YAY…BABY!!)

Also, I received an email confirming my first order of wedding cupcakes. I making over 200, so I am already feeling the stress!!

PS... I have something super exicting to share with everyone. I am finalizing everything, but I can't wait to show you guys!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I’m Baaaack...

Hey Everyone….I’m Baaaack! I had a blast visiting my parents and of course have a ton of stuff to share with you guys! So, the drive to my parent’s house is about 12 hours, that’s 12 hours sitting in the car hoping that I can keep my sanity. After my MP3 gave out, I was forced to listen to the radio and boy was that fun. I found that Okalahoma has a whole station dedicated to Indian music (Not Native America…but from India). It was actually really neat, because it was like a pop station, but it was all Indian artists. I also came across the dumbest country song ever. The song was called “Rocking the Beer Gut”, by Trailer Choir. A sample of the lyrics:

Rockin' the beer gut well it's just some extra love around her waist

Rockin' the beer gut she's more than hot, she's everything and with the blue jeans a little tight around her butt

Pretty little girl's rockin' the beer gut

I got pulled over about 3 hours outside of my hometown, by a SMOKIN HOT, Highway State Trooper (Got to love a man in uniform). I was doing 89 in a 75 (yes, I am a speeder) and also was driving in the left lane (which I was informed is only for passing….So that’s what those signs mean…oops my bad!) So, after much batting of the lashes, I was left with just a warning (and no phone number..).

Some of the highlights of my visits with were celebrating my mother’s birthday at Red Lobster…For some reason my mother feels like Red Lobster is a “fancy” restaurant you always go on special occasions. While out shopping with my mother, she realized too late that she had two different shoes on, which caused me to almost pee my pants from laughing so hard, I love my mother!!

(Gotta Love them Cheddar Bay Biscuits)

On my way back, I stopped at this cutest little Amish bakery and got the BF a Raspberry and Blackberry Pie, and almost got into a fight with a homeless person. See, I was tired and ready to go home when I saw this homeless guy at the intersection. He had some really funny signs so I thought I would be nice and give me a dollar. Well after handing him the dollar I noticed he got this huge grin on his face, and I noticed I was missing a $100.00 out of my wallet. I had accidentally given him the wrong bill and I was faced with the dilemma of getting it back. I am not going to lie, I pulled over, got out and snatched the bill from the guy, running as quickly as I could back to my car… I mean lets be real, was I actually going to be able to reason with a homeless person…So God please FORGIVE me!

"The Bill"

Well, I plan to post a few more picture…but wanted to share another some of my funny adventures.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vacation Time...

So, tomorrow I am off to my parent’s house and I still have a million things to do before I leave. I can’t blame anyone but myself, always waiting until the last minute to get things accomplished. To make things better, I've been sick with a cold for the last week and nothing seems to be helping. I've been drugged up on Nightquil and Cold pills, but all they do is make me feel like a walking Zombie...damn my week immune system!!!

Last night I did check number 1 off my list and went to get an oil change (I am driving to get there…no planes for this lady…) and the guy tells me that all 4 of my tires need to be replaced. The BF tells me the guy is just trying to scare me into buying new tires, and I have nothing to worry about. I guess I am just worried, because I am driving all alone (not even Mr. Loco is going with me) and just don’t want to be flying down the highway (I have my own speed limit of 80 and above at all times) and have a blowout. So, all of you out there say a PRAYER, CHANT, SPELL…or whatever floats your boat, to make sure I arrive safely.

I am not packing anything, I have so much laundry that needs to be done, I figure once its clean I will have something in there to wear…Plus who am I impressing, the COWS??? I am super stoked about seeing the family, were super close and always have a blast when were all together….were like a loud Italian family, only were black…LOL!!!

I promise to take tons of pictures and will blog lots when I get back! Hope everyone has a good weekend…Miss me while I am gone!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cake Balls...

I Love coming up with recipes out of no where. Well the other day someone at work mentioned that were craving German Chocolate cake (even though I don’t care for most of the people in my office, nothing wrong with being nice…what goes around comes around) which gave me an idea. After seeing Bakerella’s website I’ve been dying to try her cake balls. I came up with my own German Chocolate Cake Balls, and OMG….they were FREAKING AWESOME!!! I had to stop the BF from eating the whole pan (and every day since they’ve been eaten, he has asked me to make more) because they were so yummy!!

They were super simple to make….it was a chocolate fudge cake ball dipped in caramel pecan/coconut frosting then re-dipped in chocolate. I can’t wait to make up more flavors.

Also, my mother requested a Pineapple Upside Down Cake for her birthday, which I've never made or even tasted....wish me luck!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Recap...

This weekend was another low-key one, its so freaking HOT here it makes it hard to leave your house. I finished watching my True Blood DVD’s, and I am aching for more. I am also almost halfway through the first book, which is just as good. We did go to the movies twice this weekend and saw I Love You, Beth Cooper and Bruno.

I Love You, Beth Cooper was exactly what you would expect, a low rent teen comedy. It had its funny moments, but I think the most enjoyable part for me was the popcorn. Bruno was a freaking crazy ride, I think during the entire movie I had either my mouth or eyes covered. The only word I can use to describe the movie is SHOCKING!!

This week I am planning a trip back home to Missouri to visit my parents and sisters. I am super stoked about going, but not doing the long drive to get there. I love going home and being spoiled by everyone. I try to go home at least twice a year, so this will be my first visit for the New Year. Its my mom’s birthday on the 19th so I have to get her a gift and I am thinking of making something sweet to take home with me. The problem is what do you get the person who has it all…I mean I am her daughter…LOL!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I Love Law and Order Suv, and the two characters Stabler and Olivia totally make the show for me. Well I've had a crush on actor Christopher Meloni since the HBO series Oz. When I came across this picture this morning of him on the set of the new season of Law and Order, I was thinking HOT DAMN!!

Image via WENN

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bored at Work...

I had to share this story with you guys about the worst customer service experience EVER!! So, one of the girls in my office, ordered flowers from this local flower shop for another employee who is leaving on a long trip. The flowers arrived brown and wilted and hanging on for dear life. The gift giver was beyond pissed and called the flower shop to voice her concern and demand a refund. The shop owner explained to her they can replace the flowers, but she will be responsible for sending the flowers back. First of all that is the most Asinine thing I’ve ever heard of!!!! They really expect a person to yank back the flowers they just gave someone as a GIFT….um Okay. Second, on thier website it clearly states that they will refund or replace if their is not a 100% GUARANTEE and it doesn't say anything about returning the flowers.

So, things got worse, because the flower shop actually called the recipient of the flowers to see if they were happy with what they received (basically calling the gift giver a liar). At this point the gift giver is screaming at the top of her lungs at the owner about the whole situation, and I swear the owner was acting like she didn’t understand English (she had her on speakerphone for our enjoyment). The shop decided to come and pick up the flowers (I can only imagine who they will try to give them too next) leaving the recipient with nothing and the gift giver anger and embarrassment .

All I could think was what piss poor customer service!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Recap...

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I got to do a bit of shopping and baking, my two favorite things over the weekend, but I totally missed out on the fireworks. It was so hot, and my lazy butt refused to leave the sanctuary of my air-conditioned home, so I just stayed in. The funny thing is even though its “illegal” to shoot fireworks in city limits, people were blazing it up all night.

On Friday on the way to do some shopping, the BF and I were talking about our favorite crazy 80’s movies. Am I the only person on the planet who has seen “Killer Clowns from Outer Space”.

I freaking love this movie, I mean you have clowns landing on earth in a space craft that looks like a circus tent, shooting people with cotton candy guns and sucking out their blood with large pixie straws. Its trash-tastic 80's camp at its finest. When I found out the BF had not seen it, I immediately added it to the Netflix, so he could share in its Awesomeness.

Oooh, I can't wait until it arrives, so I can be scared and laugh all at the sime time! 80's movies are the best. I like newer movies, but there is nothing better than watching a low budget 80's movies. Some of my top 80's horror film's include:

1. Toxic Avenger
2. Critters
3. Childs Play
4. Nightmare on Elm Street ( I loved how Freddy would kill you then make a joke afterwards...Priceless!)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Peanut Butter Cookies pt II

Eurkea...I think I found it. After a massive search, asking a few dozen people I finally found the perfect Peanut Butter Cookie recipe. After stocking up on supplies (and going to the mall for some much needed shopping) I ran home to whip up a batch of these bad boys. Low and behold they came out PERFECT. They are exactley what I remember as a kid! Today has been a good day!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Peanut Butter Cookies

I am on the hunt for the perfect Peanut Butter Cookie recipe. I made two batches of cookies last week from two different recipes and I was disappointed with both. The first one came from Martha Stewart and toasted Oats was part of the ingredient list. After almost burning down my apartment and half the oats in the process, the cookies came out YUCK-O!! The second recipe I got from All-recipes and they were decent but not soft and chewy like I remember as a kid. If anyone has a Peanut Butter Cookie recipe they would like to share please email me with it. I have been craving a good PB cookie for days need and need your HELP!!

Also, is anyone else being forced to come into work tomorrow? We’ve been given a half day, which means by time I get up drive all the way downtown and read Perez Hilton it will be time for me to go home.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I ♥ Nutella

So, yesterday a friend and I went to lunch at this place called Blue Café. They have the best Spinach and Prosciutto pizza. So, after eating the waitress asks us if we want dessert and goes over what they have, she mentioned Nutella Crepes and I made the comment I’ve never had Nutella…well that’s where it went downhill. The sweet waitress brought me over a spoon with a mound of Nutella on it, I looked at it and thought oh Chocolate…boy was I was wrong. Nutella is hazelnut crack!!

( I fear this will be me by the weekend!!!)

My friend started laughing at me and made the comment, “ You must have been living under a rock, if you have never tried Nutella”. Well I will openly admit know, I have been living a life of gray and darkness and this wonderful creation Nutella has brought me into the light. OMG….where has this stuff been all my life. After leaving the café we walked to our little corner store, and low and behold they had little mini packets of Nutella, so I snatched up a bunch of them and then something else caught my eye. A piece of candy called a Happy Hippo, so I grabbed 2 of those also.

Later that night after dinner I remembered they were in my purse and I was dying to try them. Oh My Hello Kitty, I have no words to explain the AWESOMENESS of this candy!! The candy is a crispy wafer that has a cocoa and milk creme paste inside and the bottom of the wafer is dipped in a frosting/meringue mixture and is crumbly...its just freaking YUM-O!!
At this point I started to panic because I only had two and I knew at any moment the BF was going to ask for a bite, well my inner Gollum came out and I found myself holding on to my “Precious”.

Well being the lady I am I went ahead and shared my wonderful find, but I did do the finger bite…(you know where you place your fingers at the stopping point of their bite…LOL) So, now that I am a full blown Nutella and Happy Hippo addict I had to find someway to get my fix…and thank you all mighty Amazon!!! I should expect my shipment any day now. YAY!!

I've also come across a ton of recipes using Nutella, so I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me! My first order of business will be to try these cookies. Its the little things that make me Happy!!