Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Its going to be a good day...

I have to get better about not letting the small stuff get to me and ruin my day. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Recap...

Three day weekends are the best...

We actually got up super early and went grocery shopping, which I am slowly starting to dread. Why are groceries so damn expensive? We've been really watching what we eat and tryinig to buy nothing but healthy stuff and that makes it even worse.  Its really sad to say in America its cheaper to get processed junk than fresh food. 

We treated ourselves to an early movie and saw “Contraband” with Mark Walberg (who will always be Markey Mark in my heart…I totally still have the funky bunch on cassette tape, yes people cassette tape).  It was really good, despite the guy sitting a few seats down from us, who got up a MILLION times. (DUDE, if you can't hold your pee pee, maybe you should't get a big gulp.)   I kind of (aka REALLY REALLY wanted to) wanted to see "Beauty and the Beast" in 3D.  I love that movie pieces and though it would be so much fun to see it remastered, but the husband was like no way am I paying 20 bucks for movie tickets for a movie you have at home on DVD....BOO to BOYS!!

Then we spent way to much time in Target, my home away from home.   Now that they have their Valentines Day stuff out I pretty much want EVERYTHING, which is not good for my bank or account (or marriage...LOL). 
 Came home and gave someone a bath...after they had thrown up all our bed.  What I love is how he threw up, ran away, then came back and then had the nerve to beg for a treat...LOL!! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Recap (Husband Birthday Edition...)

We celebrated the husband’s birthday this weekend and it was such a low key glorious day. I made him a special breakfast to start the day with, which included egg whites, turkey sausage and sweet potatoes pancakes.

We lounged around watching movies and he LOVED his gift…. BeachBody’s “Insanity”.

We ended the night by going to a Brazilian steakhouse, which was a very unique experience. Basically you get a card that you flip over to show its green side and before you know it you’re bombarded with meat. The hubs was in MEAT HEAVEN!! Meat was coming from all different directions and it was so good. Once your ready for them to stop, you just flip your card over to the red side and that lets them know not to bother you. It was a really fun night, but I think I can go the rest of the month not eating another piece of meat…LOL!

Another wonderful birthday for the Love of my life!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 2012...

I really wanted to have this well thought out post to start of 2012, but I don’t.  Life is good right now and I am only hoping in 2012 it will get better.   I have an amazing family, my career goals are getting to where I want them to be and I scored a HELLO KITTY microwave over the weekend….what the HECK could be any better?

New Years Eve was kind of dull for us.  I had to be at work at 5 am so late night partying was totally out of the question.  We stopped by some friends house for a few mins and were in bed by 9...only to be awaken at midnight by cops and fireworks. (YAY US!!) 

This weekend is the Hubs birthday and I am planning something low key and nice for him.  We might shake things up and go to a late night movie (WATCH OUT). As I've gotten older I sometimes think I am missing out on all this extra night life, but when I actually partake I am usually disgusted and ready to go home within the first 5 mins.  Call me lame, but I enjoy being in the saftey and comfort of my own home!