Friday, August 14, 2009


The BF parents are in town for his graduation, so last night we decided to eat at this local Bar-B-Que place. First, let me say I’ve had the worse headache this week and one of my fillings fell out, so my tooth has been KILLING ME. So, bad mood and all I decided to play the proper GF and show up to this “family” outing. We get to the place and the rents decide they want to sit outside on the patio because it was pet friendly and they had their dog with them.

Dude, I wish I had taken a picture; the patio was so rundown, I felt like I was a slave eating in the servant’s quarters. The service outside sucked and then our waiter told us the restaurant had run out of Baby Back Ribs (yes, at a Bar-B-Que joint)

When the food finally arrived, I was already sweating like a fat hog and my aches were just getting worse. All of sudden I hear some rustling behind our table and the dog kind of stands up and starts staring in that direction. This leads me to assume he just saw a bird or a cat (but you know what they say about ASSUMING) until I look over at the BF. He has this horrified I’m about to hurl look and says; “ I just saw a HUGE rat crawl up that wall”.

You can only imagine the look of disgust on my face, I immediately stopped eating (the little bit I had managed to gum up) and I was ready to GO!! I understand you’re on an outside patio, but you’re still connected to the restaurant and to see a RAT…not a mouse… a RAT crawling up the wall, there are not words other than…GROSS!!

After all that hoopla, I made a mad dash to Walgreen’s, picked up some Orajel and Sensodyne (and this awesome green nail polish…I needed something to help with the emotional stress of seeing Mickey Mouse as our bus boy) and plugged into some ZEE AVI

(you must check her out)

and passed out for the night.

Agenda for next week :DENTIST!!


  1. Yeah I'm with you, that would really gross me out too. I saw a huge rat running out of a field when I was driving on a country road last week, and it was cute because he was scampering through the grass. Seeing one at a restaurant would not be cute at all though.

  2. That is disgusting! I would have gotten up and left I think!
    I hope your tooth is fixed soon, nothing worse than dental pain!

  3. rats are sick. we found a dead chipmunk in our fuse box a couple of weeks ago and i almost had a nervous breakdown. rodents are fine i just don't want to see them particularly not at or near a restaurant!!

  4. That's fucking gross.


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