Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Recap....

UGH……I have been working NON-Stop on this dress and its been very stressful.  I swear I picked the HARDEST pattern to start with. I give a major high five to all those people who are good at this.  Sewing is not coming as easy as I would like for it to, but I am determined to get better.  I hope to have the dress ready for the weekend, so I can post some pictures.

I did take another sewing course on Saturday at the Stitch Lab and got some great help. My instructor for this class was Tina Sparkles a super cute seamstress who is also about to release an uber cute sewing book. They are having a book release party at the end of the month and I am thinking about going.  I've really enjoyed taking classes there, the instructors are all so Amazing. 
                                                      (How cute is this book.)

The rest of the weekend was rather boring, since I spent most of my time latched on to my sewing machine.  We went to the mall and walked around talking about people (one of our favorite hobbies),watched "The Wrestler" and "Brooklyn's Finest"on Netflix. "The Wrestler" was actually a really good movie, the other movie reminded me of an episode of Law and Order. ( A REALLY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOng episode of Law and Order...LOL)  and drove around for hours trying to figure out what to eat, just to end up at the same resturant we eat at every weekend.( Does anyone elese play the "No you Pick" game when it comes eating?) 

Friday, August 27, 2010


It’s Friday and it could not have come fast enough. I am taking another sewing class on Saturday, so I can figure out my mistakes from last weekend. Fingers crossed I will have a whole dress completed by this weekend!! I just want to get to the point where I feel comfortable cutting into my vintage patterns. Once I get into my groove I will never wear pants again, I will become an even bigger dress WHORE than I already am!!

Other than the sewing thing, not for sure what else is in store for the rest of the weekend….especially since I am banned from picking movies. 

Talking about movies the other day I got the “The Runaways” from Netflix and thought it was going to be WAY better.

 I have always loved Joan Jett  (imagine an 8 year old Miss Kitty rocking out to “Crimson and Clover” and my personal jam “I Hate Myself for Loving You”) and actually thought K. Stewart did a great job of portraying her, but I felt like the story really only covered Cherie Curry…what about Miss Lita Ford (who sings one of my all time favorite songs “Kiss me Deadly”).

The movie basically proved to me when I start my rock band to go solo and just focus on perfecting my keytar skills.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend…and I leave you with a perfect song to get things going!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do Vampires Suck...or is it my movie choices...

I am on a roll this week with all my posts....HOLLA!!!

So last night I somehow convinced the BF to take me to see this ….(Don't Judge...we all make mistakes, just ask Lindsey Lohan)

I knew within minutes the horrible mistake I had made (imagine that Danielle video times 50), but we stuck it out for various reasons...

For him…

For me…

(Arteries are so overrated!!)

After the movie I was sure I was in store for one of these….

But instead (Whew....)  I've been put on a 3 week BAN from picking out movies...Shoot!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Next American Idol....

Okay, when I saw this HOT MESS I had to share. (Thats just the giving type of person I am!!)

After ingesting all of that "MAGIC"  my brain was filled with questions:

1. What’s up with that CD cover and how do I get in contact with the person who designed it.  (Imagine it...me and Loco, I know AMAZING!!!)

2. Where the HELL did she get these horrible dancers from.  Its such a weird mix, there is the obviously feminine gay guy, but than BAM lets throw in Ronnie and The Situation from "Jersey Shore".

3. Was there a rehearsal for this performance or did they just watch a couple minutes of "Dirty Dancing" beforehand and say we can totally do that lift scene. (side question...why are two burly dudes doing the lift scene....Shakes her head than falls out laughing again!!)

4. Its sad when u STILL sound horrible and they auto tuned you.

5. When u have an extra singer shouldn’t one of you know how to SING…Just saying.

6. Who was in charge of booking the “talent” on this morning show, they are either

a. An VERY VERY bad an employee (they knew they were getting fired and said I am going to SHOW THEM!!)

b. Or the BEST practical joker out there!!

**How do I get on this show, because I can totally beat on some pots and pans and show them how we do it Miss Kitty style!!

7.  I thought club mixes were supposed to make u want to dance, but all I get is the urge to vomit.

This video made me laugh for a good 5 minutes, its literally so horrible they have not invented a word to describe it, but I couldn't keep this little gem a secret!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Recap....

So, we went and saw “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”.

I don’t know how to explain this movie, it was interesting and different, but boring at the same time. The concept was unlike anything I had ever seen, and it had Michael Cera in it, but the plot was a Snooze Fest. (But it could have been the best movie EVER and I just have the WORSE taste) I kept thinking with my 1st grade attention span this movie should be right up my alley, but it was something I wish I had gotten on Netflix.

( I really like this "dress", but I am glad I bought some cute bike shorts to go underneath it, because people would have gotten a lot of show for FREE!!)

We also tried this Japanese restaurant called Yanagi and it was really good. What’s funny is I don’t really like sushi, the most I can do is Kani, which is just rice, seaweed and imitation crab or if I've I am feeling real fancy a California roll (but I usually pick out everything and end up with Kani….LOL)

I had their Beef Bulgogi which was kind of random, because its Korean Bar-B-Que, but I can eat the HELL-O Kitty out of that stuff.

We also had Tempura ice cream that was soooooooooooo good. Imagine a funnel cake wrapped around vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and hot fudge. It was beyond delicious and a million calories, which meant I got to eat the most of it…

Sunday was another sewing day. I decided to venture into my first pattern and got what I thought was going to be an easy project. (I mean it even said EASY on the envelope). I am going to say that this pattern was the anti-Christ of all patterns. I got all of my pieces cut out, but could not figure out how the freaking top of the dress was supposed to go together, not even all mighty Google could help me.

The pattern called for "Princess Seams" and I just couldn't get it together....So if anyone can provide some advice or website to help me out, I would forever greatful!!
I didn’t want to waste my lovely material so I just got creative and improvised…and came up with this.
The skirt shouldn’t have been as complicated as it turned out to be, but I ended up cutting it out WAY too big, then WAY to small, so it was a lot of unnecessary headache, but I was happy in the long run. Also I am addicted to fabric bows. I had saved this tutorial from one of my FAVORITE blogs and now I will be making a ton of these. You can check it out here (and I highly recommend u checking out her  blog out all the time...I LOVE this chic, she is crafty, SUPER funny and a cupcake lover!!) 

I also have another yard of this material (because I loved it so much) and was given the great idea to try an apron out if it.  So we will see!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

S'More Please....

Sometimes when I get a sense of doubt….when that unsure feeling arises….its confirmed when he looks at me at 11pm and positively agrees that going to the store right now for S’Mores supplies is the GREATEST idea ever!!!

Love.... U Rock!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Recap....

I survived Friday the 13th…WOO HOO!!! After the whole cupcake massacre I decided it was best I stay in and not venture out into the scary world again. Just when I thought the curse was broken, I started to make a cake for another baby shower for Sunday. I was moving along, things were looking good, I put my cakes in the oven and then I smelled something burning, I rush over to the oven and my cakes had literally leaked out of the pan and are all over the bottom of my oven….it was an UBER FAIL!!! (but that’s what I get for trying out a new recipe)

To my surprise I didn’t freak out, I ate a ton of the crunchy batter in the pan, and just started over. As my mother would say “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, I could have totally stressed myself out, but just rolled with the major punch to my stomach.  In the long run the cake turned out great and no one got killed in the process.

I had my last sewing class on Sunday and we made skirts. This was my final project and couldn’t believe how much I loved how my skirt came out.  I wish I would have taken a closer picture, so you could see the cute little cherries on it.

I also made these little clips for my tank top. (ya, i was been all Crafty!!)  I hate when my bra strap shows and wanted a cute way to cover it up...so Ta Da...

Later that night I went to the fabric store to get some more supplies, and for some reason anytime I would put my sewing stuff down Loco would find it necessary to lie on it. 

It was so crazy, I guess he doesn't like anything else taking my attention away from him. (Sounds like another boy in my life...SIDE EYE!!!) After I was FINALLY able to get him to move off my fabric I  cranked out this other skirt.

The BF and I went and saw the Expendables and it was as CRAPTASTIC as expected!! Let’s just say it was my ultimate Hot Mess Fantasy.

Other than that I also caught up on some “quality” entertainment…Real Housewives of NJ (Danielle works my nerves, I think she is so DRAMATIC) Jersey Shore (Love my SNOOKI!!!!), Teen Mom (Can I just say how much I HATE Gary, and want to punch Amber in the face for sticking with him)

Friday, August 13, 2010


Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!!

My day has already started picture perfect. I spent last night making cupcakes for a baby shower for today and when I was transporting them to the party the STUPID container I had them in completely fell apart and my cupcakes went flying everywhere. I didn’t know weather to laugh or cry. I then had to run out and find another cake, got to the store and realized my debit card was at home.

This has been a true Friday the 13th for me. I am just waiting to be chopped up into little pieces any moment.

The only thing getting me excited right now is knowing were going to the movies this weekend to see this...

I LOVE LOVE cheesy action movies and this movie is like my “Twilight” . I can’t wait to go and see it.

and after getting an amazing haircut, my darling BF looks more like this...

Instead of this....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!  (And if anyone asks u to go camping tonight...SAY NO...LOL)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Following Through...

Last night I was sitting on the couch looking at my carpet thinking I really should get up and vacuum…did I …NOPE….

I have the best of intentions, I make tons of lists, mark things in my day planner and program things in my phone, but I have the worse problem with following through. I blame my parents and global warming…(it makes me feel better to pass the blame…LOL)

I know eventually I will vacuum (or try to trick Loco into eating everything off the floor), but I wish I knew how to get better with completing things. I have so many projects and plans crammed in my head and I will get the gumption to start something and then slowly fizzle out halfway through.

Does anyone have any suggestions or feedback they can offer for my problem? (Threats don't work...the BF already tried the method...LOL!) 

PS - My new favorite song of the week!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend Recap....

The weekend was so much fun, but I always have a blast when hanging out with my sister.

We did a little mini Tru Blood party for her birthday, which included these Vanilla Cupcakes dyed BLOOD RED with Chocolate Buttercream.

And these (which I made using some labels I created and Cranberry Juice...Watch out Martha!!)

We did a TON of shopping and had frozen yogurt at the cutest shop called "Menchies" 

Then this total CREEPER who worked there started hitting on me (right in front of the BF). The guy was like 100 and kept trying to talk to me, and even when we left the shop to sit outside and eat he actually had the NERVE to come up to our table and start chatting it up. People kill me at what they think is appropriate…to make matters worse the yogurt was not even that good.

We watched some cheesy movies on SYFY one being the “ROCK MONSTER” (no explanation needed, its actually as AWESOME as the title sounds). Then we went and saw “Inception” with the uber dreamy Joseph Gordon Levitt.

The movie was really good, but afterwards the BF was driving us CRAZY with all these conspiracy theories he came up with from the movie…(YES, Major EYE ROLL, we were like DUDE, it’s a MOVIE…Shut up already…Don’t be surprised if you see his theory book on shelves any day now....LOL!!)

I am in my 2nd week of my sewing class and we made pillows, which thought was going to make me pull out all of my hair.  I have come to the conclusion I can't cut a straight line to save my life, but I was STOKED at how my pillow came out.  I ended up giving it to my sister for her room.

Oh ya guess what FINALLY came in the mail....HOLLA!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my younger sister's birthday and she just came into town last night so we could celebrate it up... (JERSEY STYLE!!) !!

 Its funny growing up how much she got on my nerves and how I tried numerous times to talk my parents into getting rid of her....but now many years later I couldn't ask for a better sister or best friend. 

Happy Birthday