Thursday, August 20, 2009


A a friend of mine has been out of town for a few days, and when I saw her today she presented me with some lovely Hello Kitty gifts!!

(These are super cute Strawberry and Hello Kitty Sandwhich Bags)

I've never really discussed this much here, but I am obsessive when it comes to Hello Kitty...and I mean OBESSIVE. I am huge collector of the stuff and before I moved I had a whole room dedicated to nothing but Hello Kitty stuff….

I’ve slowed down a ton, mainly because of space and the fact that I swear I own anything and everything with Hello Kitty on it….from my ice trays, shower head…I even once bought Hello Kitty Maxi Pads (No shame in my HK game…) I’ve had to become selective of the things I add to my collection (Next on my list a Hello Kitty Pink Fender Guitar) and try to think Quality or Quantitiy.

So, that’s where Miss Kitty came from, because everyone who knows me or even meets me is always humored by my love of Hello Kitty. It’s also cool, because whenever people see Hello Kitty stuff they always get me great gifts, which I am always grateful for!!

I've had people make comments (your 28 not 8), but do I care NO...I plan to be a 70 year old blue haired biddy working my hello kitty purse…who says you have to Grow up? I love who I am and the people who are most important to me also love me and would never expect me to change!


  1. so i've always been pretty into the HK (though not as much as you!) and people thought it was weird that i did my girl's nursery in HK but i thought it looked great. she got a hand painted HK piggy bank and sheets, alarm clock, trash can, vaporizer etc. also there is now thankfully a sanrio at the mall of america which is sweet! also p.s. tyra banks is also into HK and she's like 40!


  3. I hear you! I refuse to grow up! I'll be a pink haired granny for sure!
    I love HK too, and like to day dream about visiting the HK dream house...:)

  4. OMG i envy your hello kitty stuffs!! seriously :P

  5. oh man Erica I will be the long-brong wavy extension wearing granny :) Can you picture me you and Jessy all old ladies baking cupcakes together? hehe love it! Send me those questions if you'd like too :)

  6. OH my god! lol Crazy girl! I need to see bigger pictures of this hello kitty shrine! :)


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