Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where are all the Black Pin-up's

I went on an extensive search today and had no luck at finding African-American Pin-up pictures. I truly belive there are no good quality AA Pin-up art, which is a complete shame. I couldn't even find a Latina or Asian picture. It boggles my mind, that no one has jumped on this idea. I mean I love Pin-ups, but to find one that looks like me would be great. I mean this world is a melting pot of lovely colors and there should be pin-ups who reflect that.

It got me thinking, maybe I should do something about it. Maybe I should snatch on to this untapped market. I came across tons of websites where people are asking the same question I had "Where are the Black Pin-up's at?" This leads me to believe there is a market for this type of art. I'm not talking about that ghetto, trashy Hustler, Video Girl pictures, I am taking about the images of Vargas, Gil, and Ballantyne (Google if you don't what I am talking about). This could be a fun project, that could take my mind off the drama off work, plus I can use all that college learning I am a million dollars in D-E-B-T for!!!

Oh ya, the pictures below are the best that I could find during my search. One looks like a terrible acctress from a 70's porn video and the other as lovely as she is, I swear I saw her in a 50 cent video. This is what I want to change!!!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Damn...its Monday!

Today started out, just like every other stupid Monday. Alarm goes off, Loco jumping all over the bed and me thinking NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I woke up this morning so tired, because I could not fall asleep last night.

The BF and I are currently finishing up our graduate programs, and as students we could not be more different. Whenever he has homework I see him throughout the week, diligently work on his projects finishing with days to spare. I on the other hand, wait till the day its due and give myself a few hours to create some crap that I hope confuses my professor into thinking its quality material. Well last night, I knew 3 weeks ago, I had a paper due, but I got all wrapped up in a Law and Order Marathon (the best show ever) and had to stay up half the night to turn in my paper.

This got me thinking about other things in my life and how I wait until the last minute to do things. I always wait to pee, running down the hallway doing the pee pee dance, I wait until the last minute possible to get up in the morning and then get mad when I am late and don’t get me started on laundry….

I question how I can change this behavior that I have been doing for 27 years of my life. Can I change, should I change???? I guess its worth thinking about, but knowing me I will wait until the last minute and be a 105 on my deathbed to make a change, guess I better just stick to what works for me!!!

So, today I introduce you to another part of my life:


Sunday, April 26, 2009

YAY to Trash TV

Hi, my name is Miss Kitty and I am addicted to trashy reality TV (whew...wiping my brow), now I feel alot better. So another show is on VH1 to feed my addiction…Daisy of Love!!! I am going to be honest; (since I am sharing my deep dark secrets) I have loved Daisy from day one. I tuned in every week to Rock of Love to see what would come out of her mouth, and now the Gods have blessed me with her own show! Even though she came off as dumb as a box of rock candy, I loved her Rock n Roll Style.

So, I am off to grab a big bowl of popcorn and be entertained for an hour! Have a great night!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

R.I.P Dorothy Zbornak

I am so very sad today, I just heard that one of my favorite Golden Girls has passed way, Bea Arthur. I use to watch the Golden Girls growing up with my mom, and still love catching the original "Sex in the City", every chance I get. One of the greats has passed us, so I have to say thanks for all the laughs and "Thank you for being a friend"!!!
Who was your favorite Golden Girl?

Dita Von Teese...Smokin Hot!!

Oh My….I just saw the new collection of lingerie designed by Miss Dita Von Teese for WonderBra….all I can say is AMAZING!!! I loves it a lot. According to her website the line is only available for us in the USA online. I would highly recommend (and by that I mean DO IT NOW!!) you check out our website to see the additional pictures. They are Smoking Hot!

How awesome would it be to set up a photo shoot like hers:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Strawberry Milkshake Oreo's

I have such a sweet tooth, but at the same time I am picky as hell. Well, last year I came across Strawberry Milkshake Oreo's and fell in love. Well the other day the BF and I were at the store grocery shopping (for healthy foods...YUCK-O) and I saw my beloved Oreo's.

The Angel on my shoulder was saying, "leave those alone, your trying to eat healthy" and the Devil was saying " Bitch Please, you better get two, and some ice cream to wash it down". So, what do you guys think I did:

Also while being bored and looking for neat baking ideas, I came across the cutest idea for using my two favorite things CUPCAKES and Strawberry Oreo's:

The above picture is courtsey of Bakerella, who has one of the coolest baking blogs ever. I would highley reccomend you check it out, even if your not big into baking, her pictures are AWESOME!!! (

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss California 2009


I have to be honest, I feel bad for "Miss Cali. 2009". By expressing her opinion she is basically becoming an outcast. I mean what she said might not have been the most PC thing, but it was her own opinion. I mean was it wrong for her to answer honestly?

It worries me that were getting to a point that we are not allowed to have our own opinions, unless it is part of the popular masses. This is just my own thoughts and feelings, I am not saying I agree or disagree with what she said, but what I am saying is I think its wrong to attack someone for being true to what they believe.

I mean I love 80’s rock ballads (HELL YA to Firehouse), does that make me any less of a person??? **Trying to lighten the mood**

What are your thoughts???

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shopping Time!!!

I am an avid baker and try to find reasons to bake all the time. They other day the BF asked me to make him some Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pecans, so I happily obliged. I've have come to the conclusion in my baking adventures that I am a messy cook. From my early beginnings of using my Easy Bake Oven, I can recall my mom saying “Messy Cooks are the best cooks, so you will be the best cook ever”. (Now that I think of this comment, was she being motivating or a smart ass)

Well, in the process of making my cookies, I see the BF come into the kitchen and start laughing. It literally looked like flour had exploded in the kitchen and I was covered in it. Since I had been in my baking groove, I didn’t even notice, until I went to look in the mirror and saw I was Casper the ghost. This lead me to my shopping journey today. I need a new apron. Being a Pin-up in training (P.I.T.) of course I had to find an apron that would feed my domestic goddess. I found two companies online that had me screaming for joy: and

So, being the indecisive person I am known to be, I can not decide. So, help me out and give me some feedback of what you think would be the cutest. Also, if you know of any other companies that sell cute aprons, please let me know!!

Thanks everyone!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Damn...its Monday!

I can’t say that I hate Mondays, but I just prefer Saturdays and Sundays way better. So over the weekend, I did make it out to see Crank 2 (which was CRAP-TASTIC, I loved it!!!!) I decided to wait on the Efron movie after seeing a million tweens spilling out of the theater. I think its better to explore my perversion in private!

Also, I am super ecstatic to have new some followers and wanted to say THANK YOU for taking the time out of your day, to read my rambles. I thought I would start something new to my blog. Each week I plan to introduce a special part of my life. Today I introduce you to my love:

- LOCO -

This little guy knocks my socks off and in my eyes is the cats pajamas. He is so freaking cute, which makes it hard to get mad at him when he is jumping on my stomach at 6am licking my face, to let me know its time to go outside.

** I have no idea what is on his face**

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well this morning I was checking the movie listing and saw that two movies were coming out by two of my favorite white boys of all time:
Just a few tid-bits about Miss Kitty:

1. I have a thing for white boys

2. I love going to the movies (movie theater popcorn is the best thing in the world to me)

3. Zac Efron should be all mine!! (I know he is like 15 or whatever, but for that boy, I would be willing to be on “To Catch a Predator”)

Crank 2 and 17 Again…. Let’s just say my weekend is going to be GOOD!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I ran home for lunch today and guess what met me at the door. I ordered this gift set from a seller on Ebay. I have to just give a SHOUT-OUT to Miss Vickie Secret for her great parfumes. From my first smell I have been an avid lover of parfumes that come from Victoria Secret. So a few weeks back when I went in and saw their new line called
Sexy Little Things Noir™, I knew I just had to have it. It’s an “enchanting blend of sparkling nectarine, sultry amber and exotic cattelaya orchid. Lets just say this is S-E-X in a bottle!!! It totally reminds me of old Hollywood.

Well at the store just for the bottle it was $50.00, so I went to good ole Ebay and found the following for $55.00 (including shipping) :

* 1.7 Eau de Parfum
* 8.4 oz Sexy Little Things Noir™ Scented Body Lotion
* 3.4 oz Sexy Little Things Noir™ Scented Body Powder

This was a steal of a deal (and the very reason that EBAY freaking ROCKS MY SOCKS) so I placed and my bid and it came today. I love the bottle, because it has that old vintage style sprayer. So, now that I am all doused down in Sexy Noir, I feel like doing a sex Burlesque dance. ** …big spender playing in the background….**

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mascara Test Pt. 1

I had to run into CVS today because I’ve been suffering from a hacking cough for the last few days, and needed some cough syrup to knock my booty out tonight. Well I’ve been told that I have a tendency to get distracted whenever I enter a store and tonight was nothing new. I made a u-turn into the make-up aisle and guess what I saw….BUY ONE AND GET ONE FREE OFF ALL MAYBELLINE COSMETICS. After doing a dance, which then caused a huge coughing fit, I decided to get two of their mascaras. My two selections were:
The Colossal Volum' Express® Mascara and NEW XXL Extensions™ XX-TREME LENGTH Microfiber Mascara.

According to Maybelline’s website both products offer things that I should love:

NEW The Colossal Volum' Express® Mascara :

*Creates 9X the volume, instantly.
*Patented MegaBrush + Collagen Formula plump lashes one by one
*Dramatic Volume with no clumps

NEW XXL Extensions™ XX-TREME LENGTH Microfiber Mascara

*Beautifully tamed lashes with length beyond belief.
*Discipline Gel uncrosses unruly lashes
*Ultra-black top coat visibly lengthens lashes up to 85%
*Contact Lens Safe
*Ophthalmologist Tested

I am going to post pictures of my Test and see which of the two is the best. Stay Tuned !!!

Snack Time!!!

So, I was craving a snack and had no idea what I wanted. I was downtown and stopped at the cutest local grocery store here in Austin Royal Blue ( to find something to munch on. Oh Lordy…to my surprise what did I find CHOCO TACOS!!! I have not had one of these in years, so I had to get one. If you don’t know what is CHOCO TACO is, I advise you to rush out to your local grocery store and seek one out. But to tempt you here is the Wiki definition:

"Choco Taco is a kind of dessert food resembling a taco, consisting of a taco shell-like waffle cone, reduced-fat vanilla ice cream, artificially flavored fudge, peanuts, and a milk chocolate coating.[1] The product was invented in Philadelphia in the 1980s by the Jack and Jill Ice Cream Company,[2] but was introduced nationwide by Good Humor-Breyers in 1996 as "America's coolest taco", at the Supermarket Industry Convention in Chicago, Illinois. The "Choco Taco" is marketed under both the Good Humor and Klondike brands, with the Good Humor version marketed as "The Original Ice Cream Taco". Both brands are owned by the same ice cream conglomerate, Good Humor-Breyers, a unit of Unilever, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin."
I love being over-joyed and excited by the smallest things **Mouth full of yummy taco*!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hannah Montana!

Last night I went and saw the Hannah Montana movie, and loved it. I have no shame in my game, in the fact that I love Hannah/Miley!!! I mean it was no award winning movie, but it was exactly what I expected good fun.

The movie did have me thinking about the idea of having two different concepts of yourself. I mean when you go to work or are around certain people, do you feel like you have to be a different person? Just food for thought! Well I am off to get my blonde wig and sparkly halter top and ROCK IT OUT!!!!