Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Recap...

This weekend was quite interesting... (here is the short verision)

Hung out with BF parents…BF graduated (YAY to my Honey) ... BF parents drove me INSANE…did tons of shopping (YAY to me and Old Navy!!! Not so YAY to Debit Card) Ate lots of bad food…went to movies (OF COURSE)….almost got into fight in movies ( don’t bring your screaming kid in the movie and we won’t have no problems) … almost got shanked in movie theater parking lot… dove home Quick, Fast and in a Hurry … had a flying mattress come toward me on the Highway and almost kill me… finally home…sleepy time…
Oh ya I hired a new assistant….

But I don't think its going to work out...LOL!!


  1. the weekend sounds interesting, as well as exciting. but the assistant looks quite incompetent!

  2. What a hair raising weekend, I can imagine a mattress coming at you on a highway would be terrifying!

    Hmmm your assistant seems to slacking off a little...

  3. So you and your bf's parents don't get along? Or do you get along just fine but they just get on your nerves? And about the movie theater, people just sitting there while their kids are screaming is totally unacceptable.

  4. Oh my goodness your weekend calls for a bottle of wine this week! Love your new asssiant!

  5. sooo cute! You crack me up with you weekend recap!


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