Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Its Wednesday Time...

My back is killing me, from rolling out stupid puff pastry dough….but OH BABY GEEZUS that dough was finger licking good. I swear the French have a tendency to make things super complex and time consuming, but so yummy!! We made these things called Chausson, which is basically a French Apple Turnover, its made with Puff pastry and a cooked apple filling. (If you have never had puff pastry, imagine butter encased in a flaky crust…its so amazing.)

Oh, can I just say that my excitement for the release of this album is BEYOND WORDS. I love this chick SO MUCH, her music, her style she is a true icon. The boy and I saw her when she came to Austin and it was such an amazing concert. She was so personable, and that voice….whoa that voice.  

Here is a (HORRIBLY) made video of her newest song, I hope you love it as much as me!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Recap....

Last week was HELL….we had three days to create a 60 piece petit four platter and it was insane. We had to come up with everything, the flavor, design (I did a coconut, lime and chocolate theme), and your production schedule along with working with 20 other people in your way and a limited amount of time each day to get everything done. Lets just say I was S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D out!!!

I felt so proud and accomplished when I was the second person to be finished and I ended the class with an A…..HOLLA!! The crappy thing was we didn’t get to eat anything, because another class was going to be using our desserts for something else….and I didn’t get a picture, so BOO to that!!! To celebrate the boy and I did a very late dinner at Denny’s (I LOVE that place…I mean you can get a whole meal for under 5 bucks...LOL).

(You can really see my new tattoo in my nifty DIY flash dance top, that I've been too lazy to take a decent picture of...yes I know...I SUCK)

(Wow, my legs look kind of wonkey...LOL)

The rest of the weekend we stayed in, watched movies ( I caught the worst (which in my world means THE BEST) 80’s horror film called “Bloody Birthday”, its about a group of kids who decide to celebrate their birthday by going on a killing spree… was the biggest HOT MESS ever and I enjoyed every bit of it.  
I did my taxes and got WAY JEALOUS when I saw the boy was getting a bigger chunk of change than me…but I am still getting some moolah back (and some money is better than no money!!) and I think I am going to spend it on Katy Perry tickets.  She is coming to Austin in June, and I plan to have my booty there!

I also plan to FINALLY post our engagement photos...I actually have a good excuse for this one.  They are saved on a disk, which means I have to use a different computer to load them and well we have established I am pretty lazy...LOL, so that has been the delay. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What the HELL-O Kitty....

This week sucks…no time for posting…or sleeping for that matter. I am working on a 3 DAY final for my Petit Four class. 

Promise things will be back to normal next week. 

Until then something to keep you entertained.

(and yes...I am totally rocking a Hello Kitty Snuggie!)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I can’t not explain how excited I was for class last night…wanna know why….wanna..wanna…well we made French Macarons.  Yes, those amazing little bites of heaven!!  They are very detailed oriented when it comes to all the steps to get them perfect (and trust me mine where not perfect by any means) but they were so much fun and tasted great. 

I made Strawberry and filled it with French Buttercream (which can only be described as tears of heaven from the Baking Gods, because it is SO FREAKING AMAZING).  I plan to make MANY MANY more in all types of flavors until I can perfect the process!! (but we won’t mind eating all of the mistakes during the process). 

(Also if you want to see more of the stuff I have made in class, check out my Dollface Delights Flickr page here)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday...

Dear Rick –

I know your birthday was last Friday, but due to school, work and errands I didn’t get to fully shower you in Birthday goodness. I wanted to thank you for allowing me to spend another wonderful year with you. Each day that I am a part of your life I truly understand what happiness is all about.

When we were going through our engagement photos over the weekend I remember coming across my all time favorite photo. The photo that I was totally against and thought would ruin our session. Looking at this photo it shows just how much you really know us, it is truly a true reflection of our relationship…Happiness, Joy and Silliness.

In a few months we will be sharing another special day…and I can’t wait!

Loving you,



Thursday, January 6, 2011

What What...its Wedding Time..

So I had a plan to write about a different topic, but then I became distracted….I have wedding brain. I will be online looking for something and the next thing I know I am searching wedding dresses or flowers… we went to the mall the other day to pick up something and the next thing you know I am having the boy try on suits….ITS CRAZY!!! I am really trying not to be one of those people who allows their weddings to consume their lives….but is slowly happening…LOL! This means you too will have to suffer all my wedding ramblings….bahahaha (evil laugh)

That being said, before we left for Christmas we got the suit we ordered for the boy and it was AWFUL. ( I wish I would have taken a picture, it looked like he was playing dress up in his dads clothes...LOL!) It was way too big and too dark…but its too be expected ordering from Ebay(coming from China) . So we shipped it back and started our search again. Looking through the millions of weddings pictures I have saved I came across a ton of grooms dressed in dress pants and just a vest…and BAM, it dawned on me, this look would be perfect for our small low-key wedding. The boy loves it, I love it, now to find the perfect pieces to make the magic. (Plus its going to be much cheaper than a full suit and he can wear the pieces again).

Here are a few of my favorites…

Also, I am falling head over heels in LOVE for bird cage veils.

I know they are kind of overdone, but I just love them!!

I love looking and getting inspired for our wedding, but I kind of feel like I am behind the curve in wedding plannning.  Granted were getting married in November, but in wedding years that is like 2 days...ha ha...oh well, I am just going to take it a day at a time and try not to drive me Groom crazy (anymore)!!

Something to make you laugh today (and ya, its non-wedding related...)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekend Recap...(New Years 2010 Edition)

I am already to a good start….actually starting a post on a Monday….look out now!!!

It’s the end of 2010 and I have a mix of happiness and sadness. So many wonderful things happened for me last year, culinary school, engagement it was pure bliss and now in 2011 I am hoping for even more. Next month I will be testing out a new age bracket (I’ve decided if this whole 30 thing doesn’t work, I am totally reverting back to 21), and getting married at the end of the year. I am excited, nervous and scared…I guess I am just human.

So onto my fun filled weekend….

I was so proud of myself because I actually made plans to follow through with one of my goals early and “be more social”. A group of people from my class decided to get together and bring in the New Year, well things fell through when we realized some people were too young to get into anywhere and others were too broke to really have a good time. So being the AMAZING person I am (what you didn’t get that memo…well check your inbox!!) I couldn’t let anyone be stuck at home on New Years, so I planned a little impromptu party and I am so glad I did. We had a blast, getting to know each other better, playing games and eating good food.


(I just realized the picture should say 2010, but I am LAZY and don't feel like changing it...LOL!!)
The next morning the boy and I woke up to have breakfast (actually I had dessert with eggs and bacon…LOL) and just kind of enjoyed the day together, since my crazy schedule would be starting again shortly.


We picked out his wedding ring….




And we got a sneak peak of our engagement photos, which I LOVE LOVE!! ( I can't wait until we got the rest so I can share).