Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Blog...

So, I started a separate blog that will be strictly about my trials and tribulations of starting this new business. You can check it out here. Based off some of the comments I thought it would be a neat idea to chronicle this whole process, as it might be useful for others out there thinking about or doing the same thing. Plus its place that I can BLAB…BLAB…BLAB!!

Once the site is complete, there will be another blog that will be strictly for business purposes. If you can’t tell I heart blogs!!

Also, I wanted to thank everyone for their TUBULAR (see I found a new word, I am bringing it back old school) words of encouragement, you guys are so G-R-E-A-T!!

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  1. Oh man, I missed the last blog post and the big announcement! This is such a cool idea! I've got to admit, I am dead set on buying some cupcakes from you someday now that I've seen what you are capable of. I know this will do well and make you lots of money. When you become a famous cupcake chef/rock star, remember your blog readers!


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