Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Recap

This weekend was quite the adventure, Friday and Saturday was spent at home mostly working on DollFace Stuff. We did go eat at this cute little place called the Moon Shine Grill. The food was comfort food and it was so yummy!!

(Pan-Fried Chicken Almondine)

(Pecan Crusted CatFish)

I also went to Spec's this huge liquor store that also sales gourmet food. Lets, just say I almost died. They have a whole baking aisle, and it had all types of amazing stuff. When I saw the labels on these Extracts ( I've never seen chocolate extract)..I knew I had to have them!!!

( Vanilla Powder, this is new to me)

So, Sunday we went to the Tattoo Convention…LAME-O. So we pay $15.00 to get into this thing, and there are like 10 people there. It was so cheesy. I am assuming since it was 3 days, the action packed stuff happened on Friday and Saturday. I wanted to get a new tattoo (a cupcake with the wording BAKE or DIE, around it) but decided to wait. I have a guy who normally does all my ink, so I am thinking I will just go to him.

After leaving the convention we decided to explore downtown Austin. So, we’ve all lived here for years, and we never do anything. Downtown has a ton of cool stuff, we went to the Museum of the Weird, which had a lot of crazy stuff in it. I asked the owner if I die from fright would happen, he told me he would put me on display…LOL!!

Congress is another cool street in Austin, that is chock full of fun stores. The first place we went was this cool kitschy toy store called Monkey See Monkey Do (I totally forgot to take pictures, but you can check out more here) Then we to the amazing candy store called Big Top Candy. The whole place is set up like an old circus, its really neat and you can get old fashion malt shakes and this thing called an egg cream (which sounded really gross).

After that sugar rush it was time for more sugar, so we went across the street to Hey Cupcake, the original cupcake trailer. I did a quick photo session with my friend Kendra…and they came out super cute!

After that we made it Final Destination, it was lame as expected, but the 3D was fun.

I had a ton of pictures, so I just added them to what you waiting for ?

Friday, August 28, 2009


Okay, so you guys know I got to the movies A LOT…Well I am super excited about seeing Final Destination in Real 3D this weekend. Real 3D makes the cheesiest movies so much fun, plus I am dragging my friend and the BF along, so I am hoping to have a fun weekend.

I also think the BF and I will be going to Immersed in Ink, a tattoo convention here in Austin, which should be interesting.

I don’t know the full details yet, but the BF and me are totally Tattoo obsessed. When I first met him, he had none, now the boy is all tatted up (HOT!!!). To me there is nothing better than a cute boy with green eyes and mucho tattoos (hmmm, sounds like I got my perfection!)

I should have lots to talk about on Monday, so have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blackberry's Oh My...

The BF calls me at work excitedly to ask a simple request… “Baby I just heard on the radio that Bell Blue has a new ice cream called Blackberry cobbler and I beg that you get some for dessert tonight”. Now we’ve all established that I am the great GF, so after work I went to our local grocery store and picked up this “magical” ice cream….OMG…this ice cream is the best freaking thing I have ever eaten!! It’s a vanilla ice cream swirled with blackberries and chunks of pie crust. It’s basically yummy in a carton.

While at the store I got the great idea to make a blackberry pound cake with blackberry glaze to go with our yummy ice cream. After a big bowl of homemade chili and some nice rain outside, it was time to partake in our yummy dessert. The BF thoroughly enjoyed it, but I on the other hand, was limited to a small amount, because the cold was killing my tooth. Even though I went to the dentist I don’t go back to get my filling fixed for another 2 weeks. My poor sweet tooth shall suffer!

Also, funny side note after we were done eating I look down at at Loco and almost freak out, OMG is that blood…I swoop him up only to find that some Blackberry syrup has dripped on him….LOL!!

Also, a few months back I posted some info about an amazing pin-up artist who specializes in African-American pin-up’s…well guess who got turned into a hot baking pin-up. I can’t express how much I love how this turned out…..I am thinking I will use it for the DollFace website.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Recap...

So, I went and saw 500 Days of Summer…it was super cute!

I am a sucker for a good love story, but this was totally new and unexpected. Zooey Deschanel was uber cute and has the best wardrobe in this move, along with that her co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt has turned into a major cutie (Remember him from 10 things I hate about you…I loved that movie too) The soundtrack for the movie is also AWESOME and should be purchased ASAP!!

Being the Wonderful GF I am I obliged to attend with the BF a Staind concert. Lets just say it was not the highlight of my weekend. I do these things, because I love him and with that love comes the lack of my hearing, being witness to more women in tube tops and men with mullets than one person should see in one place. The concert consisted of some band I had never heard of, a band named Chevelle and Staind (I was quite surprised at how many songs I actually knew from their playlist). An unexpected surprise came toward the end of the night when the lead singer did an acoustic set about 3 feet in front of us.

The night was interesting to say the least, but it’s not something I will have any desire to partake in anytime soon. The BF was quite startled when he got hit on by a Cougar (wearing an original 1980’s Black Sabbath T-Shirt) and her Cub…

Also, I somehow got tricked into making a wedding cake for an old friend of mine. Yesterday we did a tasting for the cake, which was Guava and Haupia (Hawaiin Coconut cream cake). Now this was my first time making either, and I was pretty proud of how they came out, but I knew I would get some feedback since this cake is supposed to have a certain texture to it. While they were stuffing their faces with my cake, they are telling me how I need to “FIX” it. So, let me get this its terribly wrong, but your going to ask me if you can take the leftovers home….people are so strange. I have a pretty thick skin, so I didn’t take anything personal, I just kind of felt like they had to find reasons to complain. But, I guess it goes hand and hand with this type of business.

Question, does anyone have a good Cream Cheese Buttercream recipe?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Those are Cookies....

How Awesome are these!!!

Can you believe these are cookies (I know they more like a work of art). Well I was able to score an interview with the pastry artist regarding her products and business. Check out her site and the interview I did at DollFace Delights.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


A a friend of mine has been out of town for a few days, and when I saw her today she presented me with some lovely Hello Kitty gifts!!

(These are super cute Strawberry and Hello Kitty Sandwhich Bags)

I've never really discussed this much here, but I am obsessive when it comes to Hello Kitty...and I mean OBESSIVE. I am huge collector of the stuff and before I moved I had a whole room dedicated to nothing but Hello Kitty stuff….

I’ve slowed down a ton, mainly because of space and the fact that I swear I own anything and everything with Hello Kitty on it….from my ice trays, shower head…I even once bought Hello Kitty Maxi Pads (No shame in my HK game…) I’ve had to become selective of the things I add to my collection (Next on my list a Hello Kitty Pink Fender Guitar) and try to think Quality or Quantitiy.

So, that’s where Miss Kitty came from, because everyone who knows me or even meets me is always humored by my love of Hello Kitty. It’s also cool, because whenever people see Hello Kitty stuff they always get me great gifts, which I am always grateful for!!

I've had people make comments (your 28 not 8), but do I care NO...I plan to be a 70 year old blue haired biddy working my hello kitty purse…who says you have to Grow up? I love who I am and the people who are most important to me also love me and would never expect me to change!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Recap...

This weekend was quite interesting... (here is the short verision)

Hung out with BF parents…BF graduated (YAY to my Honey) ... BF parents drove me INSANE…did tons of shopping (YAY to me and Old Navy!!! Not so YAY to Debit Card) Ate lots of bad food…went to movies (OF COURSE)….almost got into fight in movies ( don’t bring your screaming kid in the movie and we won’t have no problems) … almost got shanked in movie theater parking lot… dove home Quick, Fast and in a Hurry … had a flying mattress come toward me on the Highway and almost kill me… finally home…sleepy time…
Oh ya I hired a new assistant….

But I don't think its going to work out...LOL!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


The BF parents are in town for his graduation, so last night we decided to eat at this local Bar-B-Que place. First, let me say I’ve had the worse headache this week and one of my fillings fell out, so my tooth has been KILLING ME. So, bad mood and all I decided to play the proper GF and show up to this “family” outing. We get to the place and the rents decide they want to sit outside on the patio because it was pet friendly and they had their dog with them.

Dude, I wish I had taken a picture; the patio was so rundown, I felt like I was a slave eating in the servant’s quarters. The service outside sucked and then our waiter told us the restaurant had run out of Baby Back Ribs (yes, at a Bar-B-Que joint)

When the food finally arrived, I was already sweating like a fat hog and my aches were just getting worse. All of sudden I hear some rustling behind our table and the dog kind of stands up and starts staring in that direction. This leads me to assume he just saw a bird or a cat (but you know what they say about ASSUMING) until I look over at the BF. He has this horrified I’m about to hurl look and says; “ I just saw a HUGE rat crawl up that wall”.

You can only imagine the look of disgust on my face, I immediately stopped eating (the little bit I had managed to gum up) and I was ready to GO!! I understand you’re on an outside patio, but you’re still connected to the restaurant and to see a RAT…not a mouse… a RAT crawling up the wall, there are not words other than…GROSS!!

After all that hoopla, I made a mad dash to Walgreen’s, picked up some Orajel and Sensodyne (and this awesome green nail polish…I needed something to help with the emotional stress of seeing Mickey Mouse as our bus boy) and plugged into some ZEE AVI

(you must check her out)

and passed out for the night.

Agenda for next week :DENTIST!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Being a marketing student, I am a sucker for good branding material. The other day I was in Sephora (aka. My drug dealers house) and I came across this line of cosmetics by BareEscentuals, called Buxom. I have no words for how cute their packaging is. It’s kind of got this pin-up cartoonish thing going on. I am still deciding on what exactly I want, just looking at the packaging; it makes me want it all.

Another brand that just speaks to me at Sephora is Urban Decay. A few months back I was looking for the perfect green eye shadow and came across their brand.

It was a little expensive but my Fabulous sales Associate Antwone (why are all the sales associates there Gay men, with flawless skin…LOL) sold me and I am glad he did. The next day I went back and bought every palette they offered. They are very high-pigmented cosmetics, which works on my lovely dark skin. Every time I wear it I get compliments on my flashy green eye shadow.

(How Amazing is the artwork on this thing)

Oh ya, one more fun thing Urban Decay has created is a full line flavored body powders. I was talked into to buying the Marshmallow, Honey and Cocoa (nothing better than tasting as sweet as I look…BOOYAH!!) and I like it, because its not that cheap stuff you see in the Adult novelty stores (Oh Shut up, you know you’ve all been in one of those tacky adult stores and touched all the hoo ha’s and doo dads). I love this stuff because it gives my skin a nice shimmer and sparkle.

I swear the only reason I went to college is so I could get a good job and makes lots of money, to feed my makeup habit....well at least the makep habit is true...LOL!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lemon Cupcakes...

Last night I made Lemon Cupcakes w/Strawberry Buttercream and candied lemon slices for the BF to take to his last class (It made me think of 3rd grade when you would take cupcakes to school to celebrate your birthday) and lets just say it was quite the endeavor. I love baking and I remember in the movie Julia/Julie the Julie chick made this comment about how she loves baking after a terrible day of work, because the principle of baking is if you mix the right things the right way, you will get a perfection, and I totally agree!!

Last night was not perfection for me, I decided to be adventurous and make candied lemon slices for the fist time to dress up the cupcakes, and it was a disaster. I set up the sugar and water and let it start boiling, placed my sliced lemon slices in the pan and guess what I got a burnt sticky mess. It was terrible, my whole kitchen smelled like burnt lemons. Then after I had scooped all my batter into the pans and was about to place them in the oven, I looked over and guess what I say…the damn egg whites. I had totally forgot to put them in the cake, so I had to scrape everything out of the pan and remix it.

The only thing that came out with no problems was the Swiss Buttercream….oh lovely Swiss Buttercream how I love thee. That is the best F-ING Frosting EVER! It’s so smooth and creamy and reminds me of ice cream, and is basically heaven in a bowl. If you have never tried this route before, I highly recommend it, as you will never go back to that crappy powder sugar frosting ever again.

It was so late and I was tired and ready to be done, so the cupcakes didn’t quite come out like I had planned. I took few pictures with the kiss-ass camera the BF bought me a few months back, which I am told everyday I never use. (yes, I am a bad GF)

Hopefully with time I can master my photography skills and become as AWESOME as Little Miss Baker….check out her blog here.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Recap...

So, over the weekend I came to the conclusion that my BF might have his own addiction. After all his trash talking about my “Made for TV” stuff, I saw him in full action. Over the weekend we decided to go to the mall to do some shopping, for his graduation. Well we go into Steve Madden and the boy loses his mind. I turn my back and he has 4 pair of shoes already picked out to try on, it was quite funny. After trying on several pair, we left with him getting 2 new pair of shoes, and me getting the laugh of a lifetime. He keeps blaming me that I turned him into a shopping monster…Nice Try Buddy!!

Now, I also did some shopping and got one of the coolest things ever. For weeks I’ve been talking about finding an old Nintendo game system, so we can have some Super Mario Bros all-nighters. Well walking in the mall, one of the kiosks caught my eye. After dodging being sprayed and moisturized from several other kiosks I made my way over to the Holy Grail! Its this game controller that has old school games stored inside of it. It has all the classic, Super Mario, Pac Man and Tetris. I asked the sales guy how many games were in the system and he said 65 and it was only $25.00 well worth it.

We get the game system home, and there are way more than 65 games more like 6500. There are all types of crazy games stored in this thing, but no instructions. We played Mario for about 30 minutes and soon realized how terrible we were (I guess its not like riding a bike) then my ADD kicked in and I was over the game and ready to move on.

Also, went and saw The Perfect Getaway (which we figured out the "Twist" in the first 15 mins) All, I have to say is When did it ever become a good idea to pick up strangers, did I miss that memo? and Julie/Julia ( a good movie but hella 2.5 hours long).

Oh some more exciting news… along with my DollFace venture, I also purchased the domain name I Bleed Pink. I am currently working on a project with some local artist here in Austin to have them commissioned to do their interpretations of Pin-Up’s for T-shirt designs. You all know I love my Pin-Up’s and thing this is a great way to show my love.

Right now everything is in the beginning stages (but you will be the first to see the completed designs) but I hope to have them ready to sell by next month! I plan to keep it all updated on the Dollface blog .

I know your thinking, this chick must be crazy two new businesses in one month, but I have to tell you. When I was growing up, I never thought about being a doctor or lawyer, I just thought about being a CEO of my own company. I can remember being about 5 and having my little desk set up like an office and even carrying around a suitcase (Yes, I was a NERD...still am..who CARES!!) I even begged my mom for a typewriter, so I could write up my letters and such. I have never liked working for anyone, and I knew way back then, I wanted to take this world by STORM and new its time.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Last night I made a Strawberry and Chocolate Birthday cake, it came out pretty Fantastic.

Not much going on school is out for the two weeks (YAY) and I am thinking tonight a friend and I will do dinner and a movie…right now its looking like the " The Collector".

I hope everyone has an Great Weekend. I am working on a few things, so I hope on Monday I have some more exciting news to share.

And I leave you with some nice Eye Candy….