Friday, July 31, 2009


First things I received an email containing info about the new "As Seen on TV" item I must add to my collection...wait for it..wait for it...Snuggies for DOGS (are you as excited as I am).

The thought of me and my dogs wearing matching snuggies, I have no words, only a single tear of JOY!! (I totally feel a photo opt coming on!) .

( I am thinking we could recreate this photo)

(Update on Mango J. - Right now its still unclear as to how much damage has been done. My mom said he is walking as needed, but for the most part still resting alot. I am hoping and praying that he makes a full recovery, but were just taking it day by day right I am thinking if I get him a snuggie he has not choice but to get better!!)

So, my sister just got me started watching the show Mad Men, so when I came across this site I had to share. It lets you Mad Men yourself, click here to try it out. I think I look super cute.

Next is anyone else super STOKED that the cast of Saved by the Bell is going to be on the cover of People Magazine!!

That show was so AWESOME and taught me alot of important life lessons (snickering...) To this day the thought of using Caffeine Pills scares the hell out of me!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am going to be baking my booty off tonight for the Cupcake Smackdown on Saturday, I do plan on taking tons of pictures of the event, so hopefully I will have a ton to share(and I promise not to be lazy and not post them), it would also be rather bad ass if I won, so keep your fingers crossed!!

So, I leave you with another one of my lovely customer phone calls:

Me: So, I will get that form mailed out too you today.

Caller: So, um how long will it take for me to receive it?

Me: Well we send it out regular mail, so I can’t confirm an actual timeframe, but it will be put in the box today to be mailed out.

Caller: So I should get it by Monday?

Me: (confused look on my face) as I stated Sir, I can’t confirm an actual receipt date.

Caller: So maybe 3 days….

Me: (Seriously, Guy) Sir, I can’t give you a time frame, I would Guesstimate, with the weekend and all sometime next week, but that’s just my guess (thinking, because last time I checked I don’t work for the United States Postal Service)

Caller: Oh okay, well I will check my box for it on Tuesday and call you if its not there.

Me: (head banging on desk at this point). Have a good day sir…and Burn in Hell…Just kidding!!


  1. AnonymousJuly 31, 2009

    I LOVE SBTB. I still watch it. BEST SHOW EVER.

  2. 1. thanks for the update on mango! hope she continues to improve.

    2. u also must check out the slanket.
    i know it's more expensive but it's also super awesome and developed by a dude who didn't want to stick his arm out to change the channel with the remote!

    3. where is screech in the SBTB picture? he is too big of a freak to be on it? didn't he like fight danny bonaDOUCHEie in a celebrity smackdown of some kind on fox a while back? *sigh*

  3. what a jerk! I would have hung up on the guy for being so annoying! uhhhh how did the showdown go?!?

  4. oh jessy! my brother, sister, and I know all the words from that part of the show lolol :) BAD caffeine lol


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