Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WAAAAAAA Wednesday!!

Its not even noon and I have dealt with nothing but MEAN, RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL People!!

People can be so rude sometimes and it amazes me. I think it takes WAY more energy to be rude and ugly, then it does to put a smile on your face…. Just Saying!!

But looking at pretties that I need in my closet are making it all better…

Ahh...all is better now (oh and Cher blasting on Pandora doesn't hurt either!!)


  1. omg those animal print shoes are hot!!! where did you get them? love your fashion sense. and look at the bright side, two more days till the weekend =)

  2. I agree about the rudeness. You are so right. I used to be friends with someone who carried a chip on her shoulder. Someone would be kind to her and she would blow them off. Or if someone made one mistake she would let them have a piece of her mind. It gets exhausting. Anyway...

    I love that your taste in clothes is so 1950's pin up. :)

    You're awesome!

  3. i swoon over those leopard pumps!!! you NEED those on your feet.

  4. i recognize those second pumps from forever21 but where are the first ones from? the stripes are too cute!

  5. I've had those leopard shoes! Ive had them for maybe 6 months and have only wore them once! I have a thing with not trying on shoes at the store and come home to realize they are either too big or too small :[


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