Friday, March 25, 2011

Its Friday!!

Its Friday, Its Friday, I so escited, so escited (score if you know the referenc..., and if you don't DAMN DUDE, you been living under a rock)  .
( I love sneaking random pics at work...LOL!)

Its Friday, Its Friday, I so escited, so escited (score if you know the reference…LOL) .

Well it’s Friday and I am so looking forward to the weekend. I have an interview on Saturday at a cake studio for my externship, I got some plans to get my spare bedroom all organized and create a creative space where I can start working on some things that have been stored in the old noggin!! I think were going to go and see “Suckerpunch”, which is either going to be mind blowing AMAZING, or make me want to leave ninja kicking!!

My main goal is to go into this weekend with the mindset of being motivated, creative and inspired to make things Happen!!!


  1. its funny how u meet people like urself over the internet and not in person, me and the hubby r also seeing suckerpunch....all my friends think its gonna be dumb :(
    wish we could double date :/

  2. I have had major motivation issues lately, and then just last night I got a huge surge of energy and started knocking down my to-do list like nobody's business. It was great. I hope your weekend is productive and fun!


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