Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Recap....

I had really good intentions during Spring Break,

• to do lots of Spring cleaning,

• organize my closet (or at least pick up the clothes off the floor)

• make some sense of my spare bedroom (or at least pick up the clothes off the floor….hmm, I am sensing a trend here…LOL)

• utilize my big fancy camera and taking some pictures that don’t come off my phone.

But, guess what I spent most of my time doing, and got REALLY REALLY GOOD at…


I used my whole week to catch up on sleeping and getting addicted to Youtube videos (DAMN, you IPAD and IPHONE for making it so easy to watch a video of a cat playing a keyboard). I actually didn’t take any pictures all weekend , and now my stress free week is over and its back to the daily grind .

We did go and see "Paul", it was funny, went on a late night burger run (I heart you FIVE GUY's) and actually got to spend time quality together for a full week.  As far as posts goes it was kind of lame, but honestly it was one of the best weeks EVER!!


  1. girl i went to five guys this weekend too...AMAZING lol

  2. Keyboard cat watching is not wasted time AT ALL!!! I <3 Keyboard cat forever!

  3. those five guys burgers.... are the bomb

  4. I want to see Paul so bad! :)

  5. don't feel bad...i'm a firm believer in all holidays from school should be used for sleeping - lol - glad you got some rest, you've been working hard


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