Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Recap...

The weekend is over and its back to the daily grind of things…..BOO!!! Why can’t I be a princess (I mean other than in my head) so I can just do princess things all the time, like sleeping in a castle waiting for some hot guy to kiss me, or biting into an apple and falling asleep, and waiting for some hot guy to kiss me….hmm, I am sensing a trend here….I need more sleep….LOL!!

We bailed on our movie plans and stayed in again, watching some things we got from Netflix. The boy always cringes when it comes to my movie selections, but in the end we always end up laughing at the cheeseball flick I’ve selected. We ended up watching a very bad 80’s movie called “The Class of 1984”.
Basic premise; new teacher comes to a school run by a crazy gang of punk rockers, who will win!! It was super crazy and worth the hour of my life I lost from being entertained from it!!  We also got the first season of Weeds, and I am loving it.  Its a very clever show.  Any other Weeds fans out there?

Went to a new Canjun restaurant that was super yummy. The dessert was rather, eh…but the food very much made up for that.

(Oyster Po'Boy)

(Blackened Chicken Pasta)

(Blackberry Cobbler, with the most amazing Vanilla bean ice cream!!)

(Bread Pudding in the STRONGEST Bourbon sauce EVER!! I swear I was getting tipsy just from the fumes)

Then this morning we found out they not only charged us for our food, but someone else’s, so depending on how this issue is handled, will determine if we go back.

Made a stop into Target (my mecca!!) and they were giving out free cotton candy...SCORE!!  Does anyone else love Target as much as me?  They are starting to bring out their summer dresses, and my poor checkbook is already hurting.


(Please disregard the HORRIBLE shirt he is wearing, this is a very heated subject amongst us!!)

I vote that everywhere start giving out free cotton candy, I would have no problem waiting at the post office, if I know cotton candy was in the works...Just Sayin!

Also, thinking its time someone had a date with a pair of clippers, the other day bringing him in, there literally was a whole tree stuck in his fur, but we love him anyways.


  1. LOL @ the "Chick Magnet" t-shirt. It's better than my fiance's (then boyfriend's) "God's Gift to Women" one! UGH! I was so glad he finally got rid of that thing. Or maybe it was me who eventually got rid of it? *whistles* LOL

  2. I love this! ha ha ha. Ok. First of all the restraunt's food looks delicious! Is that Bread pudding? I love bread pudding, but what's up with the liquid it's sitting in? Is that normal? Also hope they credit you back for that meal that they charged you for extra.

    Anyway. I love Target. I need to go there more often. Cotton Candy? Heck yes.

    And the chick magnet shirt is AWESOME! ha ha ha ha. Sorry you hate it, but it cracks me up. :) ha.

  3. I think I love Target just as much as you do! I love getting there really early before the rest of the shoppers and going through every single aisle...it's so magical there, lol!

  4. I am a Weeds fanatic! That show cracks me up. You've got me craving some spicy Cajun food after seeing those photos...

  5. I love the cover of that film! And I think it sounds pretty good!
    I love Weeds! But after watching the whole series Nancy really annoys me!
    But it is so funny!

  6. Goregous couple! I can stay in target for hours and I love there clearance section. love your blog, the food looks delic!


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