Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Can I be honest, of course I can be honest, it’s my blog!!!

People get on my nerves. Now there are various reasons that people irk me, make my skin crawl, drive me crazy and make me roll my eyes so far back, I fear one day they might get stuck that way.

I can’t stand lazy people, whiny people, ungrateful people, thoughtless people, needy people….OH LORDY,  I could go on for ages, so I better stop. I just want it known…People get on my nerves…LOL!!

Okay, enough of my crazy ranting….on to my wonderful weekend.

We went to dinner and ate WAY too much dessert for two people…(but it was AMAZING and I am so glad we pigged out!!!

(Love our table drawings, I am thinking those could be worth millions one day)

Saw Monstrous Strawberries… (According to my caculations that fruit cut out like half the fat from all that dessert...LOL)

Saw lots and lots of Hello Kitty candy ….

Stopped myself from buying huge jars of Nutella (I feared it wouldn’t make it to the car)

Saw a very Cheesy, but cute movie...

Spring break is coming up and even though I will be working I still would love to take a mini-vacay, just to get out of austin.  Plus SXSW will be going on and I don't do all those extra people and the crowds.  Is anyone coming to town for SXSW, just curious?


  1. lol people get on my nerves too!! Sounds like you had a great weekend =]

  2. People in general get on my nerves. And I work with the public which just strengthens my dislike for people! LOL sounds like a great weekend!

  3. I want to come to town for SXSW but i cant afford it this year... you should come up to the DFW area for a mini vacation...


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