Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whats your Type...

I went to the doctor today to get some test done for my carpel tunnel issues. (OH MY CUPCAKE, those test sucked BOOTY!! They basically shock the hell out of you and then stick you with a bunch of needles; it was a very sickening pain.) During the testing the doctor kept saying to me to relax and not be so tense, those comments got me thinking. I get that comment made to me a lot… A few weeks ago at the dentist I was told I need to learn how to relax more, they could see where I was clenching my teeth from stress and being overly tensed.

I’ve always considered myself a pretty high strung person, its just the way I roll. According to Wikipedia (the most accurate and honest place you can get information…LOL) there are two types of personality types A and B, I am considered an A. (you can read more here)

I found a quiz on Discovery Health to determine my personality type and at a 95% rating I am very much an A.

This basically means the following:

Type A persons tend to measure their success in terms of how many or how much of everything they acquire. They are generally dissatisfied with the world, including themselves. They are quite rigid in thought and conduct and tend to distrust others. In addition, they experience difficulty expressing their emotions, are generally very critical of themselves and others, and are of increased vulnerability to the physical and emotional effects of stress. Persons displaying Type A behaviors do not know how and when to relax - they feel impatient with the pace of most events. They strive to do too much at once and others often get tense and feel threatened in their presence.

I can honestly say I agree with about 100% of this, I am VERY VERY Hard on myself. The boy tells me this all the time, but I can’t help it. I expect perfection from myself and everyone around me, which kind of makes me see why its hard for me to have friends in my life. I expect a lot from people, and do get disappointed when people don’t met the expections I set out for them. (Its the DIVA in me...LOL)

I am also the most impatient person EVER…I say all the time I was born without the patient gene, because I can’t stand WAITING. I want it NOW….LOL!

It’s funny how you never notice something about your self until it’s brought to your attention, I do get stressed very easily and never fully seem relaxed. I am always on edge and honestly don’t fully understand the concept of relaxation, but that’s me and I accept that. Who knew 30 years into life, I would learn something new about myself.

If you want to take the test check it out here, let me know if you’re a Type A or B.

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  1. You should try meditation sometime :)


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