Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tripping for Tuesday...

I am really glad I am the type of person who can brush things off.

Yesterday while walking to work, I totally tripped and fell on the sidewalk. Busted up my poor knee, ripped my tights and made several construction workers fall out laughing. I hobbled my way back to my car, called my supervisor and let her know there was no way I was going to make it up 8 flights up stairs (we know I don’t do elevators) and went home. Flopped on the couch feeling sorry for myself, and then something great happened….I started laughing.

There are bigger things in the world to get upset over and a ruined pair of tights is not one of them!!


  1. Oh goodness, girl. You've GOT to laugh at yourself. I know it probably hurt your pride a little (and of course your poor little knees!), but I think it shows true character when you can shrug things like that away and save the meltdowns for the big stuff.

    I love the mental image of you sitting on the couch feeling all sad, and just busting up laughing all the sudden. So cute. ;-)

  2. I love this post. It really puts things into perspective. I know I've found myself getting upset over the smallest or most insignificant things. But like you said, those small things are nothing when you put it all in perspective.

    I have a blog a and I'd appreciate if you could check it out and follow back if you like what you see.

  3. welome to my life! i am always falling, tripping, banging into time in high school i was walking in the halls and i was going down a slight downgrade when i tumbled forward, tripped and fell. completely ate shit! when the cute boy nearby asked if i was okay, i yelled "SHUT UP!" and walked away. ha!

  4. I'm glad you can laugh at yourself. we've all had those embarrassing moments. i trip, run into walls and screamed bloody murder once when a squirrel jumped out of the bushes and scared me. plus the bright side is you got a day off!

  5. awwww, poor you! you've got to be able to laugh at yourself though...but hope you're feeling better?


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