Friday, April 1, 2011


(I LOVE LOVE these shoes)

Things to accomplish this weekend:

1. Figure out a mini Honeymoon location. We’ve decided right after the wedding to do something small and wait until next year to get all out. Right now my vote are:

a. Mini – Chicago or St. Louis


The boy wants to go somewhere tropical, but we will see who wins!!

I would love to hear suggestions on things to do on a Honeymoon (get your minds out the gutter…LOL) I just don’t want us to end up going out of town to stay in bed all day watching Law and Order SUV. (Even though thats my Show!!)

2. Take my little fur ball to the vet. (Side Story – My mom sent me new sheets, black…the day after I put them on the bed I woke up to find it COVERED with dog fur. I couldn’t believe he even had fur left on his body. At this point I don’t think the sheets can even be saved, the “Perks” of letting a little fur bot sleep with you.)

3. RELAX, RELAX and um….RELAX. I love having time off from my crazy busy schedule and enjoying this beautiful spring weather and of course EATING GOOD FOOD!!

I  am also going to convince my SWEET, HANDSOME and LOVING, guy to buy me some pretty dress (wink..wink)


  1. Those shoes are super cute. You guys should go to maybe Mexico or the Caribbean. Perfect for a Honeymoon! :)

  2. Blessings......

    Anywhere that titillate the senses and inspire adventure and romance will do, the sky is the limit.

    Nice shoes...
    Enjoy yourselves and congratulations.


  3. If you go to Chicago, make sure to go eat at Heaven on Seven! It has some of the BEST cajun food I've had outside of Louisiana. I've given you an award on my blog, go check it out!

  4. Look into Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. You can find great deals on all inclusive resorts.

  5. OMG YOUR SHOES! U look amazing~ as always :)

  6. First of I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes. (note the triple love = this love is fuh realz)

    Second, why oh why is Disneyworld NOT on my weekend to do list?! We need to trade lists. Stat.

  7. I have been to Chicago and St. Louis within the last 12 months.Chicago always gets my vote. Tons of things to do for a couple. The Hyatt or SherAton on Water St(my favoriteeeee) are extremely nice. There is a bar/movie theatre/bowling alley across the street called Lucky strik/AMC it is the business! I go alone with hubby and have taken my children. St Louis wasp ok, I enjoyed it but Chicago is so pedestrian friendly and beautiful at night. Hope this helped you


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