Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fashion Inspiration....

I’m on a blog roll this week…. Woo Hoo!! (I promise I am trying to get better) Anyhoo, the other day I was enjoying some Teen Nick when this show True Jackson, V.P came on. The concept is kind of out there, a teen girl is made Vice President at a fashion company, but hey it’s written for a demographic that might believe it. The thing that caught my attention were the super cute outfits for the main character, True. (I think I love that name too)

Since she works in an office setting, they seem to dress her in fun, modern but still age appropriate outfits. I think a lot of the stuff could still work for an old granny like me. I really love the mixing of colors, who would have thunk it…Red, White, Blue and YELLOW (that’s crazy talk!!) but it works!!

(Click on pic to get a better view)

Honestly, when it comes to my taste in clothing I don’t find many TV personalities inspiring. (I think there are enough Kim Kardashian’s walking around). So its always refreshing when you come across something that gets your creative fashion juices flowing. Another person I always took note from, was Niecy Nash (minus Reno 911…LOL)

(Doesn't she look AH-MAZING!!)

So who or what inspires your fashion.  I am always looking for ideas to get me looking decent!!


  1. Dont laugh, but all of the Cosby's (from claire to rudy) were super stylish...check them out!

  2. I typically blog every Sunday about people who get my fashion juices flowing, but a few off the top of my head are Bill Kaulitz, Hanna Beth (not the old scene queen crap, but the effortless awesome she can pull off), and Emma Watson.

  3. although its a guilty pleasure i love the ladies dress styles on the show Pretty Little Liars!

  4. I am not very fashionable. I wish I was. I Love vintage fashion but don't have the first clue of how to put outfits together. :( Sad day. You are adorable though. Great fashion inspirations.

  5. WOW!!! Mrs Nash looks FAB!!!


  6. Oh my goodness look at those curves! Beautiful.


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