Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap...

So, I am starting this morning out with about 3 hours of sleep under my belt. I would love to say it’s due to some exciting wild night, but the truth is it’s from my new sheets. I bought new bedding for my bed a few weeks ago and finally got around to putting it on, upon realizing they were satin, which was totally a fluke, but I thought they were 15 bucks from Ross "What The Hey"

( I assumed I would feel all hot and sexy like this)

Upon sleeping on these satin sheets I have had the worst couple of days of sleep due to the fact I have slid all over my bed, I swear I saw Loco slide from one end of the bed to the other and every time I put my head on the satin pillow case it slides out from underneath me like a squished banana.

Oh and lets not forget the static electricy I went to turn on my light switch and shocked the heck out of myself!!! I am so FREAKING sleepy its ridiculous (feeling like a slippery wet bar of soap its not a fun experience). These sheets are immediately going into the trashcan and I am ending my days of trying to be a pimp and sleep on silky sheets!!!

This weekend I was on a no shopping ban, since I spent my future’s child Pageant Fund last weekend (holds head down in shame…yes…I know…I know!!!).

I thought it would be best I seclude myself into my home and not leave, knowing I have no will power and would succumb to sneaking into my local gas station just to buy some cheap chap stick to help with my fix. The BF tricked me with a pancake breakfast and thought we could do some window-shopping. Window-shopping, I have never heard of this concept of going into a store and …what…NOT BUYING ANYTHING. To my surprise I made it out of several stores purchase free. (this doesn’t mean I have not made a mental list and won’t be back next weekend to pick up that insanely cute cake stand I saw…SHHH!!!)

We didn’t make it to Dragon this weekend (but we did manage to drive all the way to the cinema, stand in line and realize we hate people and drive away…I did get popcorn though…LOL!) but were going to go see something tonight, because were starting to turn into reclusive people and fear we will be the next Unabomber’s!!

Oooh…most insane thing happened to me this weekend. Now if you read my little blog you will now I am obsessed with prison shows, Law and Order SUV and crap like that, so my mind is always thinking on the lines of other people being criminals...LOL. So, I am walking Loco in my hood and notice this car is kind of checking me out (I mean I was looking pretty cute…but DAMN) but then I notice they turn around kind of get next to me and slow down, at this point I am freaking out and I notice they have pulled over right in front of the exit to my complex. At this point I slow my walking pace as I search for the biggest rock I can find (because I am totally going to go He-man on this person, and will not be kidnapped without a fight). To make the creepy factor even better I see the people in the car sticking their heads out and I now they are waiting for me, I start slowing down and this guy gets out of the car and starts coming toward me. I am PANICKING at this point (thinking OMG, I am going to be kidnapped and be on the next episode of CSI).

The guy starts saying something but he can’t speak that great of English, but I notice a lady and two kids behind him(My crazy brain is in overdrive thinking...these people are SICK). Basically from his broken English I get that he is interested in breeding my dog with his dog (if they guy only knew he was about to be plummeted with a rock). I am still trying to figure out what is going on and make up something and try to walk off as fast as I can.

So the moral of my story…I am on a NO WATCH any type of crime stories for a while…LOL!!!


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  2. LOL!! Who would want to kidnap you?? You crack me up you crazy crazy kid.

  3. window shopping is just redonk. i don't even acknowledge that kind of statement. haha.

    oh and your kidnapping story...i would've been the same way. i'm a paranoid little thing.

  4. Sorry for your lack of sleep! That sucks. I know not to get satin sheets now.


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