Thursday, March 25, 2010

Delivery Drama...

Now that my blood pressure has finally gone down, I can post about this. I won’t use the name of the actual company, because as of right now they are trying to fix the problem (EYE ROLL).

So picture this a beautiful young career woman (5 points if you get this!!) decides to place an order online on the 5th of March (for crap I really didn’t need) and like the lady I am waited patiently (which means everyday when the BF came over I would knock him over ripping through everything in his arms looking for my package….I have stuff sent to his place because I don’t want it left at my door to be stolen).

Each day nothing from them arrived, so about the 15th I was like what is the deal, I notice on FedEx’s website that the package says still in transit and delivered to USPS. What I found out is this company will use FedEx for a portion of the delivery and then its taken to your local post office to be delivered to your address. So, I contact FedEx and they basically say once its out of our hands we can’t track it any further. So I say a prayer splash some holy water on me and contact the Post Office (you know those people can be straight demons) and surprisingly I got Mike who must have been having a good day, because he was super helpful. He basically said the service that this company used is the slowest cheapest service EVER (so basically my box is on the back of a turtle, slowly making its way to be delivered) and he couldn't even see anything in the system showing my package had even arrived at the post office.

I speak with a rep at the company and she is like well we did our part, delivery companies lose stuff all the time (if this chick could have only seen the look on my face when she said that….I am thinking is this Broad for real).

So I get my composure together and I am like can you please resend my package and I expect it to be resent a different way to ensure I get it. “Melissa” advises me she will resend it FedEx ground and at the latest I should get it in four days.

That leads us too today the 25th of March…and guess what NO DAMN PACKAGE!!!! I look on the FedEx website and realize this chick resent the package the same way (No wonder it has not arrived, that turtle has not even come out if his shell) So of course I have to make another phone call and get “Jessica”. I explain to “Jessica” what has happened and that I want to know where my crap is. “Jessica” starts clicking around, places me on hold (I was cheered up for a few minutes because the hold music was playing "If I could turn back time, and I love me some Cher) for like 20 minutes, to come back and say, “Oh, it looks like your package was resent out the wrong shipping type"….DUH!!!! You had to place me on hold to tell me something I JUST TOLD YOU!!!! At this point I am like Dude, just give me my money back, this is a sign from the shopping gods, that I don’t need this stuff.

As of 8:55 this morning I am “SUPPOSED” to be getting my money back and having the package resent via 2-day delivery, but I will believe it when I see it. So, I am going to sit here and enjoy my nice hot cup of peppermint tea and caramel rice cake and pray that you guys won't see me on Cops because I had to go their headquarters and BURN IT DOWN!!!

On another note I am trying to convince myself to partake on the invite I got to play Pub Trivia. I have a bad habit of making myself very anti-social (mainly because I will pick sleeping vs other people...LOL!!) Trivia night is really big here in Austin, I've encountered it one time when the BF and I were out eating a resturant. Like a gazillion people showed up to play and the questions were actually pretty fun. We played a few games, but realized how dumb we were and left.

I guess we will see if I can bypass falling asleep at 8 and be a cool kid and hang out on a weekday!!


  1. ahhh, you always make me smile!only you can make one of the most frustrating things ever amusing to read!xxx

  2. oooohhhh not good I hat crappy customer service!

  3. Whoa, girl! That's why I can't STAND ordering online. You can never tell what the other end is doing, how they are doing it, or when it's going to get done. I JUST had an online we play the waiting game. GL on your end

  4. I hate waiting for packages too.

    But I love the feeling of opening packages when they arrive. Sort-of that opening presents feeling.

    hahah :)

  5. that donald duck turned pyro pic has got me crackin up! i had a similar situation where they said they already delivered it to my house, but no package. it finally arrived a week later. wtf?

  6. omg, but you definitely making me laugh...I hate waiting for packages too but that's bull the process that it's taking to get to the first and second time.

  7. I'm just like you in the whole picking sleeping over going out with friends. And I'm lazy. I don't like taking of my stretchy little leggings to have to get dressed and put on makeup and go out. blah. Really curious as to what you ordered though :)

  8. OMG!!! That is ridiculous... I have to admit, you handled it with class cause i wouldn't have been so nice on the first call... that is like stealing my money. Oh how I want to know the name of the company. No reason to go through the same thing.


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