Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Weekend, why do you have to come and go so fast. We never spend enough time together before your rushing off and leaving me in despair. I miss so you so very much!!!

This weekend the BF and I were trying to finish up the last bit of work for our first spring classes. I have one final test for this class I am currently in and then in 2 weeks I will begin my LAST (high five for me) for my graduate program. I am excited and scared at the same time. I can’t wait to be done, but unsure of my next steps when it’s all over (fingers, toes and eyes crossed it will be culinary school).

Target has the cutest dresses out for summer (and my addictive personality) required me to get them ALL!! Lately Target has been reading my mind when it comes to dresses, I always leave with at least 3 or 4 of them. This time my shopping adventures left me with these cuties.


We also did our weekend movie and it was the BF’s turn to pick, so I was lucky to see Cop-Out on the big screen. I won’t go into major detail, because I know your thinking what I was thinking…What a lucky girl to have wasted 2 hours of her life, 2 hours that she will never be given back (at least I got popcorn out of the deal).

Oh ya, so this is my first time living in an apartment of any sorts, so being able to hear a pin drop in my neighbors apartments is all new to me. Well over the weekend I am chillen in bed watching some craptastic TV, when all of sudden I hear all this noise coming from behind my bed. I realize its my neighbors fighting, and when I say fighting I hear this guy yelling and banging and this woman screaming and crying. I was freaking out, because it literally sounded like he was hurting her. (and the last time I saw this chick she was preggers and still didn't look like she weighed 90lbs) Well the BF told me to mind my own business and let it be, but I couldn't do that. I couldn't have it on my conscience that someone was being hurt and I could possible help. Well I went ahead and called the police, I felt like that was the right thing to do. The BF keeps saying I need to mind my own business (especially in our "Urban" neighbor). I am sorry, I was not raised to just close my eyes or ears when something is clearly wrong. I guess it goes back to my Kindness speech, and how people have just taken a blind eye to things.
Do you think I was wrong?


  1. You look sooooo cute... Love the dress girlie!

  2. You look so cute! Love the dress with the boots.

    That's horrible about your neighbor. I hope that the woman is okay. I would have called the police, too--don't think it was wrong of you at all.

    Amen to your first paragraph. Why can't we have four day work weeks with three day weekends?

  3. I also had the same experience as you. I also called the police because I just couldn't live with myself if I didn't. You most def. did the right thing.

  4. Here is where I may not make many fans. I would call the police the first time. I had the same thing happen to me. I called the police, he was arrested, cause I believe he had warrants. The cop tells her to not let him back when he returns in 3 months. During that time... she dates my brother and goes on with her life. 3 months comes... he gets out... SHE LETS HIM BACK IN!!! And tells him that my brother slept with her.OMG!!! So he threatens my brother who is built like a brick shithouse (excuse my language) and could pummel this guy in 10 seconds flat. So now every few days I hear him beating the crap out of her. The police won't do anything cause she won't press charges. So now, I call the leasing office, they are keeping a file. So many complaints and she gets evicted. Why should I be late for work because you keep letting him come back and he is determined to beat your ass at 3am?!!!! Sorry, I feel sorry for you the first time... after that... I can't help ya, unless you want to help yourself.

  5. Oooooh, grad school. what are you studying?

  6. You did the right thing by calling. I read too many stories about people who turn a blind eye to crime because it's "None of their business" and that pisses me off because these same people will get all up in your face for swatting your child on the bum and call it abuse...I don't know. I couldn't be passive to something like that because I know I wouldn't want anyone to be passive to me. I'm glad you're not ok with some guy beating up on a (pregnant!) woman. Good job on having compassion in your heart. :)

  7. love the dress girl!

    and don't you dare feel bad for calling the police. you care and not many people do. i probably would've done the same thing.

  8. cool blog and love you tat!

  9. that dress is adorable on you. I've never been a dress girl and my boyfriend nags me about it....Gotta start looking around. I'll start with target!

  10. I guess it was worth venting on that post since I discovered your blog through your comment :)

    It's so pink and pretty made me smile!

    Cute outfit it!!!

  11. first of all, i love the dresses! i'm so addicted to dresses. second of all, you did what you felt was right. you followed your gut instinct, you can never go wrong in doing that. i hope everything turned out okay with the neighbs!


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