Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Take a look...its in a book....

When I do have free time one of my favorite things to do is read. I absolutely LOVE books and have shared this passion since I was a little kid. When I was younger my mother would take us to the library every week and I can remember being smaller than the stacks of books I would carry out. To this day the librarians in my hometown still know our whole family, because we are such big readers.
It boggles my mind when people say "Oh I don't like reading" (side eye to the BF) There is just something magical about getting lost in a story, creating your own movie in your head and falling in love with the characters and story.

I usually read easy breezy chic lit books (I do enough hard reading for school). I think it started with reading Helen Fielding’s “Bridget Jones Diary”, and then I was on a search to find similar authors. In my search I fell head over heels in love with three particular authors. I own every book they have written, because they are just fun stories to enjoy.

(Her books are so much better than the movie was!!!!)

I wouldn't be able to tell you a favorite from any of these authors, because all of their books are great to me. If your looking for something light-hearted and easy, I highly recommend checking out a selection on their lists.

Now for all you "Twilight" and "Tru Blood" lovers out there, here is something for you. I came across this series of books almost 3 years ago (way before the Vampire craze was cool…Dare to be original!!) and have not put them down. I purely picked up the first one because I thought the book cover was cute (yes, I do judge books by their cover) but the stories were so funny It was easy to be addicted. The only way to describe this series is Elle Woods becomes the Vampire queen...LOL

I was a little peeved, because they changed the cover style a few books back from this

to this

( I would like to bop who ever was in charge of this move!!!)

The author MaryJanice Davidson writes a lot of “sci-fi romance” books. Her stories include werewolves, mermaids and androids just to name a few. I have a few of the other series, but none of them have captured me like the undead series.

If you do read any of them, please let me know what you think. I would also love to know what your reading I am always eager to add new authors to my ever growing reading list!!


  1. The last book I read was PUSH by Sapphire, before that it had been a long while. I have to get bac to reading. I love it.

  2. I'm reading The Time Travelers wife (late I know). It's pretty good, they bone down a lot. ha.

  3. Oh also my boyfriend reads to me. He reads a lot more than I do. The TTW is the first book I've picked up in years. He's been reading Fight Club to me and he's picked up a couple of Chuck Ps other stuff.

  4. hey miss kitty, thanks for stopping by my blog! your blog is, i must say, adorable. i feel we have a lot in commong. :) - i read about 3 books a week (i'm unemployed) and find myself just absolutely devouring pretty much everything i've read so far! i actually have a whole book recommendation page on my blog cause i read so much and want to share the love.
    any way, have a super fabulous day!

  5. I have definitely been wanting to read Confessions of a Shopaholic!

  6. i have read the entire shopaholic series and i LOVE it! i was disappointed in the movie though i though isla fisher was perfect for the lead.

    right now i'm re-reading something blue. they're working on a movie for the prequel called something borrowed. i can't wait!

  7. Another book (and Twilight!) fan over here!! :D

    I LOVE to read since I was a little girl too. It used to be fiction (romance) then slowly it became more of the non-fiction age, self-help, etc. Everywhere I go, I carry a book in my bag. I read in the bathroom too!

    Yes you guessed it, I was pointing my finger right at you when I mentioned HELLO KITTY in my blog. HAHA. Your prize of getting it right? A HELLO KITTY red packet flying your way! haha.

    Pls email your address to ;)


  8. I love Jane Green!

    I'm reading Patrick Gale (British writer) now, although as a writer, you can become sick of reading and you just want to read trashy magazines heheh

  9. ughhh I wish I had more time to read Erica!! This is like teasing me haha great pics though! I will add them to my summer time list :) Miss you lots. Hope Dollface is rocking everyone's socks! xx

  10. Love for you my fellow bookworm!i recognise all of those books from when I worked in the library... that was such an amazing job, it was always so exciting when the new stock/titles came in!

    And I too was like that when I was younger (getting tons of books from the library)... I miss the simpleness of those days! x


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  12. I usually only read Trashy tabloids lol (what classy broad I am ehhh) but the last book I read was PUSH, because I wanted to know the story before I went to go see the movie :) I liked the book better...thanks for commenting my blog, my daughter is super cute and I HATE HATE drama..let alone GUY drama..I mean at what point do they put ther "big boy pants on" and start acting like aduls..grrrr... and girl tell me why him calling me a cupcake was a compliment!! im like Oh yeah!!!! lol

  13. yesss book worms for the win!

    when i'm not mingling in makeup, i like to read too! i agree with you on the chick books though... i'll save the boring stuff for school :P

    cute blog by the way.. now following!!

    xx tiffany


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