Friday, March 26, 2010


1. Its Friday

2. I am caught up with all my homework and discussions for the week (Woot..Woot)

3. I think the BF is taking me to see “How to Train a Dragon” tonight!

4. I scored the prettiest lipstick color for $1.99 last night

5. I had Cajun shrimp for dinner last night

6. I managed to make it to work on time this morning, and still look pretty cute!!!

7. I got invited to a cupcake social next week

8. I ordered these from Sephora (which I know has GREAT shipping and Customer Service) so I should be getting them next week

9. I got my shipment of bras yesterday and they didn’t cost my weight in gold (FYI, Big Boobs are not cheap!!! No this is not the missing package, that one is still in delivery outerspace!!)

10. I came across my “Hope” CD and forgot how much I love her!!! (Her new CD comes out Summer 2010…doing the happy dance)

BONUS - Last night at Walmart I saw the worldest greatest mullet and it made me laugh. I kept thinking that Mexican guy has an awesome mullet, which turned into MEXICAN MULLET MAN (try saying that 3 times) the greatest super hero alive!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

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  1. oh my goodnes i cannot wait to see dragon in imax 3D. eeek.
    i love the pink, you are gorgeous my dear. <3

  2. Ah I think Davie and I are going to see How to Train Your Dragon also. At least I hope so. He said we were going to anyways. ha. It looks ridiculously funny.

  3. Cupcake social? I don't even know what that is and I'm jealous!!!!:)

  4. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog ñ_ñ



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