Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Recap....

We should have known better than to try and just stop in and get tickets to and event, during SXSW here in Austin. The Burlesque event was sold out, so sadly I missed out, maybe next year. So, I did what I do best…SHOP!!!

I hit up Target and they had the cutest Hello Kitty cosmetics line, so of course I HAD to get one of everything…LOL!!

I also picked up these Revlon Limited Edition nail polishes that smell fruity when they dry.

(Don't you love that pastel purple)

Does anyone else remember these as a kid? Now I just have to find me a pair of Jelly Sandals and I am ready for summer. The last couple of days it’s been so nice here in Austin, I love these warm Spring days.

Another highlight of my weekend was the package that arrived in the mail. A few weeks ago I entered a contest on “A Brilliant Brunette’s blog. This girl does the most amazing makeup looks. Well I totally won!! Look at this amazing prize I received. It’s called a UNII Palette.

“The UNII palette magnetically stores multiple brands of makeup pans, whether it's Mac, Stila, Bobbi Brown and more! Now, all your favorite brands can be stored neatly in the UNII Palette. Say goodbye to makeup clutter!”

The concept of this palette is so cool to me, and they also come in several different colors. Its really slim, so you can put all of your items in it and throw it into your purse. All of the stuff that Mark sells would fit great into this thing, so I am going to fill it up...LOL!!

Well I am off to watch a movie with the BF and try to adjust to this stupid Daylight Savings Time!!


  1. I want to get to a burlesque show too. Sad u missed it. That pallete is a GREAT IDEA! good gift

  2. omg great idea about the Mark refills fitting into the uni palette.


  3. ooh I am in LOVE with those Hello Kitty cases, looks like I'm gonna have to make a trip to target soon!


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