Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Why is Monday already….UGH!!!

The weekend flew by and so did all the money in my wallet!!! I got a new digital camera (WHICH I LOVE!!!) It’s a Sony W330 and it’s the most beautiful thing ever.

The quality of pictures is almost up there with my Sony A200, which is a DSLR. I was driving the BF crazy all weekend snapping even more pictures than I normally do. I got the camera at Target for a pretty good price, plus I was able to sell my old cameral on Ebay so I made up some of the costs. Here are some pictures we took with the camera.



Over the weekend I also found another new love, but first a little back-story. I have a huge makeup collection. Since I am not a makeup blogger I don’t feel it’s really relevant to talk about it, but since my blog is my blog and I am pretty random I can pretty much talk about what I want (SO THERE!!). A few months ago I came across this picture of this lovely dark skin girl wearing blush, and I was like whoa….blush on a black girl…what is this madness. I mean I always thought blush was for lighter skin, so I was never brave enough to venture into that realm. Well I put on my big girl face and went out to test this new theory and bought some blush and this is where my love affair started. I am slowly becoming a blush addict, and want to stand on capital hill and tell all you lovely chocolate and mocha colored girls, DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE BLUSH!!! Well I was in CVS stalking their makeup racks and came across this blush by Sally Hansen in the color Poppy (I am wearing it in the pictures above). It’s AWESOME!!! Its reminds me of Orgasm by Nars, but I can actually say I like it better, plus the price tag is like a $17.00 difference. One day I will have to take a picture of my blush drawer (yes, I said drawer…LOL)

On a funny or maybe sad note, the BF stopped into this thrift store on Sunday and totally saw someone get caught shoplifting from there. The person who caught them was actually pretty cool and told them as long as they put back everything he would just let them go. I don’t imagine too many people would have gone that route, I think that lady would have been shackled up if were in the hands of someone else. I felt really bad for the lady, I mean if your stealing from a thrift shop are you really that hard up for clothes? The BF said maybe she is just a thief….LOL!!! I guess I just try to see the good in everyone.

Shockingly we have not gone to the movies in 2 WEEKS….so no updates in that particular…but randomly I think these things are beyond yummy, and are slowly becoming a new addiction to be added to my list!!!


  1. Those pictures look great--the lighting is nice. Do you mind me asking how much that camera cost?

    And is that a McDonald's parfait? Those things are SOOOOO good. Kind of works for a dessert substitute. Or maybe not, but they're still tasty.

  2. That camera takes super clear pictures! I love the tattoo going down ur arm!

  3. So cute! Look at you. That camera is gorgeous! love the colour :)

  4. I just recently bought a new cam online too, can't wait to get it. Tis the season for new

    Ok I know you aren't a beauty blogger but please do the haul post. I love me some hauls and love everyone sharing what they got so I can go splurge on what I dnt need because I am addicted, but hey we all got some addiction.

  5. I LOVE the fruit parfaits at mcDonald's. I haven't had one in ages since I am boycotting ANYTHING that isn't fresh, but they remind me of summer!

  6. You are soooo gorgeous! And I too would love to see your blush collection!

    And the shoplifter... I have never understood stealing. I can't afford new stuff lately, but I think most of us have been brought up to think: if you havn't got the money, you can't have it. Tis a shame for someone to feel they have to steal.

  7. your new camera is super cute! as are YOU!!! i just love your smile. it's infectious.

    you do know that, right? ;)

  8. Like ManoloChoolou, I want to ask how much did you buy the camera at? The lightings look great.. just like a DSLR! You look really cute in these pics (your tattoo.. cool!).

    I can't go out without a little blusher on my cheeks. I'll look like a walking dead with that pale looking face. :p

    Yes, I do custom order! Glad to know Kitty reached your hands safely. AND now I have something as well?!! Awwww.... thank you girl. My turn to do a little dance! HA.


  9. you are to freekin adorable!
    i think you are just gorgeous my friend.
    thanks for such nice really means alot. <3


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