Friday, March 19, 2010


First things know I love to share Freebies, so next Tuesday March 23, is Free Pastry Day at Starbucks (you must try their blueberry muffins). Print out this coupon and enjoy!!!

I am glad that today is Friday, this has been the longest week EVER (and I didn’t even go to work on Monday). As far as weekends plans go they are kind of up in the air. If you have not heard SXSW is being held the next few days here in Austin, which means tons and tons of people coming into town for all the live music shows (even Perez is hosting a party here).

I feel like such a Lame-O, because I literally live walking distance from downtown, but hate the crowds and all of the people, which counts me out in participating in a lot of the events. But now that I am on some good meds, LOL…who knows.

Back to the topic of trashy people....Are you just feeling SO bad for Sandra Bullock and what she has to be going through.

Can you imagine having all of your business out on the table for the world to see and to make matters worse, to find out your hubby is cheating on you with this “Hot Mess” (if your going to cheat on me, I expect at least an upgrade!!!)

I know as a celebrity you have to take the territory of being a public figure, but how hard must it be to have your heart break splashed all over the front page of every newspaper, magazine and television show.

Plus I think Sandra did a total down grade by marrying this guy, she should have totally stayed with Ryan Gosling.

So ladies are lesson for today is, you can not change a Bad Boy….that is why they are called Bad Boys!!! These are the type of guys you have fun with they are NOT marriage material!!!!

PS - Don't you totally love the video for "Telephone" with Lady GaGa and Beyonce.

At first I was like, but after watching it a few zillion times its grown on me. I also didn't know Lady GaGa had such a banging body!! I LOVED LOVED Beyonce's hair in the video, it was so Bettie Paige (do you think I could pull off bangs like that?)!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. I just cut my bangs ways super short two days ago. They're not even bettie bangs ha just a short mess. I probably should have gone to have them professionally cut but oh well. You totally pull off the long bangs and the above the eyebrow bangs so I think you could probably pull off the bettie bangs as well.

  2. Go for the bang! Experiments are super fun. :) I found a wig that mimics that look so I'm trying it out to see if I like it. Beyonce wore it well.

  3. Really???! I hated Beyonce's entire wardrobe in that video. And her hair, ugh, it just always looks soooo freakin' plastastic, I can't. I just can't.
    Now , the real reason I wanted to comment...thanks for the Starbucks coupon! You're adorableHuzzah!

  4. Thanks for the coupon!! I used to have a dangerous obsession with coupons - I would literally spend half my Sunday cutting them out to see how much I could save, it was nuts - I had to rehab myself by canceling the Sunday paper, LOL. "Moderation" is key - I will use this one for sure!! And yea, PS If you are cheating with a girl with face tattoos chances are you are downgrading!!!

  5. I think your hair would look super cute like that actually and think you should give it a shot :) SO vintagey!! Maybe get a wig like that and try it out?? you never know!! xx

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