Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ke$ha...Blah Blah!!

I am not one to judge, because we are wonderful people in our on right, but I have to say something about this chick. This new “singer” Ke$ha makes my skin crawl. There is nothing attractive or musically talented about this girl. She literally looks like she rolled out of her nearest dumpster and decided to start a music career. ( I mean at least Brit Brit was cute, before she went all crazy...but I still love her!!!)

Since many people know of my distaste of her, I was sent this and it made me laugh!!!

12 Ways To Make A Ke$ha

You can check out more here!


  1. lmaooo this is hilarious because my friend always says "she looks DIRTY!" and you two are right... she does!

  2. Could not agree more! Did you see her perform on American Idol last night? That Blah Blah song is terrible! If she was a contestant, she'd be going home! Hell, she wouldn't have made it past the first round of auditions!

  3. OMG?!!! I am laughing so hard... mainly because I just did a blog post titled similiar and I can't get her 2 songs out my head. Do I think she's talented... not even. Am I a fan... not hardly close. But its addictive and embarassing how these songs stick to me. However, Ke$ha is a hot mess...
    the end... nothing more to say

  4. The faces of meth and the maury povich rebellious teen made me laugh the most. I didn't even know people were that into her. Sad world.

  5. not gonna lie...i loved her tik tok song but this new blah blah crap is horrible!

    and she does look dirty. haha.

  6. Ke$ha's songs make me want to cut off my ears.

    That chart is hilarious, though. I had to send it to a friend.


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