Thursday, February 25, 2010


I came across this picture today and have fallen in love with this hair color. I think I need to rock it as a red head….what do you think?

What is everyone doing this weekend? Right now the BF and I don’t have any plans, which normally means me dragging him to the mall, him complaining every minute we spend in Sephora and Forever 21, him dragging me into Steven Madden, me complaining every minute we are in there, me spotting the Godiva chocolate stand and spending way too much money on chocolates and not wanting to share and us pointing out all the HOT MESSES walking around in the mall….how I love the weekends!!!
Also, I don't know how this occured (okay I do, it comes on after Golden Girls and I was WAY too lazy to find the remote) but I am totally loving the show "The Ghost Whisperer".

(I'm not trying to hate, but I am thinking this is MAJOR Photoshop)

I know I am going to lose cool points for admitting this, but the show has SUCKED me in!! I've loved Jennifer Love Hewitt ever since I saw her in Heartbreakers (such a funny movie!!!) plus her character wears the cutest dresses.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend, I hope to have lots to post about!!!


  1. You should give it a try, I believe it would look nice on you. Go for it! Have a fab weekend.

  2. OMG--Are you a Golden Girls fan? It's one of my favorites. I've been watching it on DVD nonstop lately.

    I find that indoor malls are full of more hot messes than outdoor malls. Which kind were you in?

    That hair color is fun. You should go for it!

    Have a good weekend :)

  3. The red head thing just might work. I'm looking for a new look as well. As far as the weekend goes consider yourself lucky I work all weekend :(

  4. Bookclub meeting for me this weekend.. and i like to people watch too. I really like watching Ghost Whisperer (reminds me a little of Touched By an Angel, ofcourse I liked that too.. oops, am I telling my age?)

  5. I really like the hair color! I say go for it.

  6. Go red! Redheads are awesome!

  7. Haha your weekend sounds so similar to my own with davie. We end up somewhere and usually just make fun of people. It's horrible I know but usually they bring it on themselves.

  8. I love the red hair,you should do it! Im actually thinking of putting pink panels in mine.I really want them.

  9. I think the hair color will look great on you (I thought that pic was you at first glance. I swear!)

    I love Ghost Whisperert too.. not because of Jennifer Love Hewitt but because some of the stories are so heart-warming (though some give me goosebumps all over)!

    I hope you're feeling better from your flu already, or there won't be chocolate for you :(. Have a wonderful day at the mall while I enjoy my singing session with some old colleagues. ;)


  10. That hair color is fierce, you should try it girlie!

    I will be spending the weekend indoors with my little pumpkin relaxing as we are snowed in :)

  11. DO IT!! IT would be so hot. I saw the pic and thought it WAS you for a sec haha I have to work a lot alot alot this weekend but am getting some pics done Sunday! I will keep ya posted. Glad to hear the Birthday was a success :) xx Miss you Erica!!

  12. you a redhead??? hmmm...i think i just might like that...A LOT! i say do it! if you don't love it, you can always dye it back.

    hope you had a fun weekend!


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