Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday I woke up feeling craptastic…sore throat, achy and this weird eye runniness. I decided instead of infecting everyone I would stay home, medicate myself up and try to feel better. I spent the better part of the day in bed watching movies.

I had received “Atonement” and “The Other Boylen” girl on Netflix and checked them out. “Atonement” was kind of slow, but the story was actually good, it made you realize how your actions and those of other people can change your life. I also enjoyed “The Other Boylen” girl, which now that I think of it, kind of had the same point, people’s actions creating drama.

For all of you who don’t check out my DollFace Blog (shame on you…LOL) I’ve been invited to the Dallas Burlesque festival next weekend.

Dollface will not only be vending there, but we've been asked to cater all the desserts for the performers. This weekend will be spent on getting everything ready for the event and our trip to Dallas. I am so stoked, because the Dallas Burlesque community is huge and all of the girls up there are Awesome, plus its been awhile since we’ve gone to a show.

I really want to get something really cute to represent myself and these are my top 3 favorite choices. So…feedback would be great!!!

All of the dresses are from PinupGirlClothing website. They have the best vintage inspired pin up clothes. I told myself I was going to start buying one thing once a month from there to grow my wardrobe. I also love the fact that they have bigger sizes for us curvy girls!!!

Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

PS - One of my bestie bloggie friends Miss (Soon to be Mrs) Rhiannon is doing an amazing project. Its about woman and beauty...and I think you all should take a minute to check it out. The project sounds very cool so check it out here.


  1. I think the first one is a must! The leopard print dress is completely perfect for pin up and stands out. Can I steal your style please? :-)

  2. Congrats on being invited and asked to cater.
    I love love love it!

  3. Congrats Erica!! and thanks for the link to the dresses! I have been looking for a site like this :) yay!! and thanks for the link!! I hope to get some fab friends of yours to partake!! xx Happy Weekend love!

  4. Yes to ALL... I mean... I am one of those shoppers that buys it all... and then wheres the one that makes me feel the sexiest... but that's me... if budget is a concern... I like the middle one... cause you can accesorize the hell out of it ;)

  5. All of those dresses are cute. The third is my favorite, though. I've never been to a burlesque show and have always wanted to go.

    Congrats on the catering gig! Good luck!

    Hope you're feeling better. I'm completely with you about "Atonement." Good movie, but a bit slow. I joke to my friends that the movie teaches you why you should never use the "c" word. Bad things could happen...

    Oh, and you really should see "Two Moon Junction." Freaking hilarious.

  6. I read The Other Boleyn Girl in book club before we watched the movie. It was totally so much better than the movie (as most usually are). Check it out, the drama that Anne gets herself into and Marry's love with William is like magnified times ten!

  7. First dress is all you girl! I am so excited that your get to cater the burleque event! How Fabulous! I wanna hear all about it. I have been looking into some burlesque classes here in town to keep my free time busy and my husband freaky!!
    Have a BLAST!!!

  8. I am obsessed with the pin up clothing store.

  9. Congrats on being invited and asked to cater.

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  10. Cute blog. I'm going to follow.

    Check out my blog : )

  11. I'm really digging the first dress.

  12. get the first one! fo sho! i love leopard. never gets old to me.

    have fun!

  13. Hi there! I see you over at Hey Gorgeous (isn't here project fabulous!) all the time, and thought I'd drop by. Congrats a scoring a terrific gig for Dollface...those are some seriously cute many days is the for each day!

  14. pin up girl clothing has lovely stuff, I need to shut my eyes, and cough up some cash to buy a bunch of their stuff.

    I liked atonement, it made me quite sad though.

  15. keira knightly is like so fat in atonement, right, like WTH! just kidding. i really liked the other boleyn girl, it showed how F'ed up shit was then. i read the book too, it was pretty good!

  16. Dunno if you've made your final choice yet but I'm all over that first dress. Rowr!!


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