Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve 2010

I hope everyone had a fun and exciting New Year’s Eve. The BF and I hadn’t made any real plans but I wanted to be prepared so I went to the mall to do some shopping. There were a million people there, so I made a beeline to Forever 21 and Nordstrom’s so I could get out of that mad house quick, fast and in a hurry. I’ve been reading a ton of beauty blogs the last few days so I had to get some MAC cosmetics, and the MAC counter at Nordstrom’s was hella busy. I guess everyone wanted to get all pretty for later that night. I picked up way too much stuff and made my way home.

Now Austin is known for its notorious 6th street, so I knew I didn’t want to get stuck in that headache. We decided to do dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and figured we could find somewhere to ring in the New Year after dinner. I thought I did a rather good job of fixing myself into a proper lady…what do you think?

We got to the restaurant around 7ish and I swear the crowds from the mall most have followed us there, because there was a huge wait.

We were told for a table of two we were expecting a 25 to 40 min wait. Now I’ve said this before, I was born with out the patient gene, so I was like we need to find somewhere else to eat. We called a few places but it seemed everywhere had a wait, so I had to suck it up!

(This is my Suck -it up face)

I am glad we stayed, because we had the best meal ever. I know it’s the cheesecake factory, but I had to get their Strawberry Shortcake for dessert, because they use real shortcakes, so it’s YUM-O!!

(And this is I am gonna get Strawberry Short Cake Face)

It was almost 10ish when we finished eating, and it was so cold outside, I decided I just wanted to go home (yes, I am lame). All I can say is I was sleep by 11 (still in my party dress...LOL)….damn I am getting old

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Happy New Years, doll!

  2. Ok miss grown & all dolled up, that's too cute. Glad you enjoyed your NYE & u got your Strawberry Shortcake...ahhhh!!

  3. cool blog miss !
    you r so hottie

  4. Your dress is very cute. Hey don't feel so old you're not the only one who was asleep before midnight.

  5. You look cute - I have a very similar dress in yellow!

    HAPPY 2010!


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