Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Say Cheese...

If it’s not obvious I take a ton of pictures. I always have my camera with me so I am able to snap when the occasion arises. The funny thing is with all the pictures I take I never get actual photos made. The most I do is upload them on the computer to share. I’ve even bought tons of frames to motivate me to print them, but as of today I have twenty empty frames on my shelves. (and its been kind of hard to get people to believe the blonde hair blue eyed lady is my mom…LOL)

I finally put some actual effort into my printing project and bought a photo printer. I went with the Canon Selphy CP760.

Its a portable photo printer. I love this thing to pieces. It’s very small and has slots where I can put my SIM card directly into it, so I don’t have to hook it up to my computer, you can even send pictures from your phone via Blue tooth…(which I am still trying to figure out)….Plus it’s PINK!!!

The pictures come out even better than going to the store and getting them printed. Plus if you sign up for a photo editing site, you can add your own frames and print them up. I am on my way to be a printing fool!!!

I started with this:

TA DA...(See how cool they came out...I swear they look much better in person)

I love these photo holders I got from Target today!!


  1. That is a very cute printer, but I think the photo holders you got from Target are even cuter!

  2. I agree the photo holders are SO cute!

    I don't print my photos either. IDK I just don't regard them very valuably. Maybe someday. :)

  3. How much did that thing set you back? I want one!

    Cute photo holders.

  4. I want to comment more on the picture. I love it... you two look so cute together.
    I don't print my photos either. I have one real photo on my dest... and it could use a holder. Guess tonight... will pay a visit to target.

  5. OK, that's it -- I need to go to Target with you. Why don't I ever see this cupcake stuff there!?!

  6. I do the same thing with my camera. (before it died on me >:o )
    i have so many photo's and crap that i recently had to start using an external hard drive. And I'm too cheap to buy a mini printer, hah.

  7. Very cool! I'm always taking pictures too- literally ALWAYS. But I do try to go once a month to get them printed because often you forget~! So I feel ya, cute pic and set up!

  8. EVen the printer is PINK!! Ha. Surprisingly your nails are black (same as me!), I would have thought you'll paint them PINK. Heh. I have tons of photos in my handphone and my digital camera and my laptop.. and I never print any out. :P

  9. I LOVE that the printer is PINK! How much did you spend on that little beauty?? I am so-so about printing pics but I'm sure I could get better about it if I had a printer as well. Also love love love the photo holders. Soooo adorable!!!

  10. I agree the photo holders are SO cute!

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