Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birthday Wishes....

Project Fix Fat Ass Week 1 Update (01-11-10/01/17/10)

Goal – 20lbs
Pounds Lost – 4.5

I’ve been slacking in the exercise department. After I got dishearten from the videos I bought, I’ve made no effort to find a new program. I really need to start exercising so it can kick-start my weight-loss, eating changes won’t do it alone (wow, I sound like an infomercial) But I am happy that I lost 1.5 pounds for the week.

On a brighter note, my birthday is in a few weeks and I’ve been asked several times what I want. Just like my issues with Christmas its always hard to know what I want, but I was smart and started a list a few months back every time I saw something that I wanted.

Hello Kitty Fujifilm Instax Mini

How awesome, not only do you have instant pictures, but its Hello Kitty!! (source)

Bamboo Fun

This little doo hickey would allow me to edit my photos and make them
even more super awesome!! (source)

Pink Lomo Camera

First because its pink, second because I've been obessed with cameras lately
and third I can take photos like this. (source)

(Lets just say someone does not like Bath Time!!!)

Hot Pink Hello Purse

Do I need to say anything further...really!! (source)

Ikea Desk

So, I've been drooling over this desk for months. This pictures sucks but its a frosty black with shiny white and silver butterlies on it. Its classy but girlie at the same time, and a MUST for my office. (source)

John Mayer

Yes, Birthday Gods I would like you to deliver him in all his hotness...but on the real side, he is coming to Austin and tickets for me and my little sister would be


Chest Piece Tattoo

I've seen so many girls with these amazing chest pieces and I've been thinking it might be my next piece. The BF has a kick ass oneso I need to step up my game. (source -unknown)

French Bulldog
I miss having my other two dogs with me (and know my parents love them too much now
to give them back) so I would love to get Loco a little sister. Maybe someday
when I get a house.

So, there it is my list of gifites I would like for my birthday. Also, here is my music love for the week...Check her out!!

Also, hey to my new followers and continue love for my older ones!!


  1. Love the Hello Kitty stuff and I wouldn't mind John Mayer himself for my birthday haha ;)

  2. Sweet photo birthday list. You gave this to the boy too, right? Good. P.S. -- when's your birthday?

  3. whoa that chest piece ain't no joke. i'm all about the tats but i don't have the balls to do that so go on girl, get it!

    but the best thing on that list, by far...the frenchie. too cute.

  4. Good birthday wishes! I would take a few of those things for my birthday as well. I just heard Angel Taylor for the first time last week and I love her!

  5. I saw Angel Taylor in concert with Gavin DeGraw and have been in love with her since! Good choices and I love me some Hello Kitty!

  6. i don't have the balls to do that so go on girl, get it!

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