Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Recap.....

I have one more class until graduation and I’ve become the laziest student ever. I spent Friday night working feverishly on my assignment that was due on Saturday. Now, it would have made sense to do a little bit during the week, but what is the fun in that…I like living on the edge being wild and dangerous…(yes, that is sad that is my danger moment...LOL)

But I did stop to make some delicious homemade Pizza. Since were watching what we eat I figured it would be safer for me to make the pizza, so I had a good idea of what was going in it. I used Turkey Italian Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni and it was better than delivery!!

Saturday was all mine, went shopping (Thank you TAX REFUND) and the BF and I saw “When in Rome”. It was cute and just what I needed on a low key Saturday night. Now I am preparing for this weekend and the “Event”. On Saturday when we were at the mall I found this dress at Fover21 that I thought would be perfect for the Event. Well it was one of those purchases that made sense in the store and then I got it home and was thinking “WHAT THE HELL"

I tried to put some accessories together with the dress and it looked better, but I went ahead and ordered dress number 1 (The leopard one) from the Pin Up website.

17 days until birthday time and I am still on the fence about our trip to Vegas. The BF is just waiting for the green light to make all the reservations, but I am still trying to get my anxiety straight. About a week ago I went to the Doctor and was given a prescrption to Xanex. Its a pretty low dose, but even when I take more than one pill I am still feeling really anxious. When we went to the mall It took me 20 mins to get the nerve to just enter the elevator while the BF held the door open. The other thing that stressed me out was the amount of people going in and out of the elevator. I wanted to try it alone (with the BF) but all these people with baby strollers kept popping out of no soon became to much for me and I punked out. My concern is if I can get into a stupid elevator how can I do a plane ride. I called the doctor this afternoon to see about getting something else, so hopefully we can get this fixed.

Well I am not feeling so bueno, so the BF and I are going to hang out and watch some cheesy 80's movies...I love those nights!!


  1. OK, first, homemade pizza = awesome. Second -- you got the leopard print dress? AWESOME! Third -- crazy with the anxiety! I hope you're able to overcome it to you can make it to Vegas! It's way too fun to miss! :)

  2. aw lovely,i hope you can overcome your sounds horrible for you to have to go through :( it seems a shame to have to rely on pills,but i had a similar situation where i felt that tablets were the only thing that was gonna help for my OCD.i wish i could offer some awesome advice,but i guess it's just to take your time with things,and not beat yourself up over your anxiety.sending you hugs anyway sweetie...
    and if that pizza were vegan i maybe would have peed myself,looked so delicious!!!!xxxx

  3. xoxo - hope you get over the anxiety...xoxo


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