Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Recap...

First of all, Thank you all for the kind words on my last post, you guys truly ROCK MY SOCKS OFF (which is random, because I never wear socks…LOL)

This weekend the BF and I took in a movie (DUH) and saw Legion.

The movie was actually kind of scary and made me go home and put my bible underneath my pillow…LOL!!

Shopping was also on the agenda, and I hit up Forever 21. I never use to shop there, but now I can’t get enough of that store. They have some of the cutest stuff that can actually be dressed up to be work appropriate (and then they have other stuff that is only appropriate on the Red Light District).

Every time I go in there I am motivated to lose weight so I can squeeze my booty into some of those cute dresses they have. I also went to Nordstrom’s (that store always makes me feel all fancy) and got some new MAC stuff. I told the BF I need more girlfriends, because he not fun when it comes to makeup. He can’t understand why I would want to pay $14.00 for a lipstick when I can get it from Wal-Mart…silly silly boys.

The rest of the weekend was spent chillen at my place, the BF watching the game and me standing in my spare bedroom looking at the mess on the floor and walking out. My spare bedroom has been a disaster since I moved into my place. I really need to get it into order, so I can use it as an office, but every time I walk in there it’s like a black whole that sucks out all of my energy. So instead of cleaning I watched this crazy movie on Lifetime called the Pregnancy Pact.

How these girls convinced each other to have babies at 15 is beyond me, my friends couldn’t even get me to stay out past curfew. It was actually kind of sad how disillusioned these girls were regarding pregnancy…I mean after watching MTV’s Teen Mom even at my age I don’t know if I am ready to be a parent (how I’ve kept Loco alive this long…I kid…I kid…) I have many friends that were single parents, and it was hard for them (its still hard for them). I give those girls high-fives everyday!!

Anywho, before I go I have to show guys a sneak peek of something I am working on. More details to come....


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  2. Lol...I started watching Legion and couldn't watch it anymore pass that old lady... I knew I would have weird nightmares so I left it and watch something else...The pregnancy pact was a good movie, it makes me think omg, what if my daughter was in that situation when she gets older. What would be my reaction?

  3. I love the ruffle sleeves on the leg shirt!

  4. Cute shirt!

  5. Wow that movie sounds so bizarre! I definitely want to see it!

  6. *gasp* WHAT IS IT?! You can't leave us hanging like that!

    BTW I'm totally with you on the MAC makeup -- I LOVE ME SOME MAC! All of my eyeshadows and lipsticks are MAC :)

    I love the shirt you got, too. Perhaps I'll have to go get one for myself ;)

    I go back and forth on whether or not I want to see "Legions." I feel like I would be terrified. Now that I know YOUR reaction, I KNOW I'll be terrified. Arg. Do I have the guts??

  7. Fun weekend! I agree about Forever21, it's honestly too good. Even if it's just for wander in... too much cheap, cute stuff to look at! Who can pass it up! I heard about that Pregnancy Pact and wish I had seen that movie, that is crazy, crazy. So are you working on the jacket??? I like it!

  8. what if my daughter was in that situation when she gets older. What would be my reaction

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